Steve Kubby Interviewed by Cannabis Culture Magazine

From the article by By David Malmo-Levine, Cannabis Culture – Monday, March 28 2011:

We will be rolling out the new campaign at the state convention for the Libertarian Party of California on Friday, April 8, 2012. Within Libertarian circles are people who have written me checks of $10,000 or more. I raised the $500,000 to put Prop. 215 on the ballot and I raised $600,000 for my legal defense fund. I can and will raise the $2 million we will need for this campaign.

Meanwhile there are two ways CC readers can get involved. If they send us a check for $100 or more they will be official founding donors of the campaign. If you are a business and would like to become an official sponsor of the initiative, we have a program that will allow you to piggyback on our media coverage.

Read the entire article here.

2 thoughts on “Steve Kubby Interviewed by Cannabis Culture Magazine

  1. LibertarianGirl

    yay for him:) never has the marijuana movement had a better advocate , Id wish he’d move to NV , our med pot folks are being targeted and taking hit after hit…

    p.s Steve Kubby is a hottie:)

  2. Gains

    LG @1:

    One of the cool things about the Ca. Convention is that it is being held in a place where Steve Kubby lives. It is a town that straddles the state line. Marijuana laws are a changing and that is an important facet of the political environment of the state right now. That I can imagine that Mr. Kubby can walk from state to state from his home is a great image for joint action.

    ok… pun intended. I couldn’t help myself…

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