Libertarians say Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton

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“Americans hoping to get real about our national debt just got sucker-punched by Republican Paul Ryan.

“Republicans want to spend $40 trillion over ten years. That averages a staggering $4 trillion per year. As recently as 2000, federal spending was only about $1.8 trillion.

“They also want to increase the federal debt from $15.0 trillion to $23.1 trillion. I hope our children and grandchildren enjoy paying interest on that extra $8.1 trillion.

“People should not judge the quality of this Republican plan by the standard President Obama has set. Everyone knows Obama is a big spender. Democrats rarely campaign on cutting government. What this budget shows is, Republicans are hypocrites. They have no intention of cutting the federal government down to size. In 2021, Paul Ryan still wants the feds to be spending 19.9% of GDP. That’s a higher percentage than during Democrat Bill Clinton’s second term. In 1997, federal spending was 19.5% of GDP, and it dropped to 18.2% by 2000. Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton.

“Another unfortunate but predictable thing about Paul Ryan’s budget is that it continues to mollycoddle the Pentagon. Paul Ryan is the Military-Industrial Complex’s best friend. He apparently can’t find one penny to cut from Obama’s bloated levels of military spending. Only a big-government Republican could come up with language like ‘reinvesting $100 billion in higher military priorities.’

“It’s interesting that when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House from 2001-2006, they did nothing to shrink government, or even slow down government growth. On the contrary, back then, Paul Ryan was busy voting for expensive foreign wars, No Child Left Behind, and the huge 2003 Medicare expansion. More recently he’s voted for the TARP bailouts and even ethanol subsidies.

“We Libertarians propose eliminating federal functions that are not authorized in the Constitution. Furthermore, Libertarians propose ending foreign wars and foreign troop deployments, allowing huge cuts in military spending. Libertarians would cut the federal government down to less than 10% of GDP, and we’d keep cutting once we got there.”

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.


5 thoughts on “Libertarians say Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton

  1. Matt Cholko

    I agree with DWP. However, this is obviously just an intended as an attention grabbing headline, and it is factually correct (as far as government spending goes, anyway).

  2. Robert Capozzi

    I like this analysis, but am not a fan of the term “worse than.”

    How’s about: Hey, Paul Ryan, Can’t You Do Better Than Bill Clinton?

  3. Tom Blanton

    If you think the annual federal budget should be $4.7 trillion 10 years from now while you claim to be cutting spending, you might be a lying GOP sack of crap named Paul Ryan who, like Obama, is more of a fascist than a socialist.

    If you think increasing the national debt by $5 trillion over the next 10 years is the way to reduce debt, you might be a lying GOP sack of crap named Paul Ryan who, like Obama, hates the future generation.

    But who gives a damn as long as I get a healthy deduction for the interest I’m paying on my McMansion and as long as the government programs I like aren’t cut.

  4. Steve Collett

    I agree with Mark Hinkle. Republican leaders say they are for less government, but they are big spenders on defense and support government intrusions like drug prohibition and the Patriot Act.

    The U.S. spent $700 billion on defense in 2010 which was 7 times larger than the next highest country and 43% of all military spending in the world. We could lop $200 billion off defense and still spend 5 times more than the next country. Defense is no sacred cow.

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