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NPR reports: Ron Paul To Join 2012 White House Race Today

Excerpts from two media outlets:


“Ron Paul will move one step closer to a long-shot presidential bid Tuesday, when he announces the formation of an exploratory committee in Iowa.”

from NPR:
Ron Paul To Join 2012 White House Race Today

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the GOP congressman with “libertarian leanings, is expected to announce Tuesday in Des Moines that he’s forming a presidential exploratory committee,” The Des Moines Register writes…

Paul was the 1988 Libertarian Party candidate for president. In 2008, he went after the GOP nomination. His son, Republican Rand Paul, was elected to the Senate from Kentucky last year…


  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 26, 2011

    Radicals, come out immediately, vehemently, LOUDLY against counterrevolutionary, GOP reactionary lover.

  2. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 26, 2011

    Never Again!

  3. Gains Gains April 26, 2011

    It is very exciting to hear that Ron Paul is running again. I will NOT be switching my registration over to vote for him in the primaries. It is a waste of time for Libertarians to do so. We are more valuable to him and the movement as a backstop relative to his efforts. It is far more likely that the GOP will implode before they let him take the nomination and when that happens we need to be healthy.

    I am looking forward to supporting his race again in coalition. The 2008 run got the word Libertarian in front of a lot of people.

  4. Jay Wendt Jay Wendt April 26, 2011

    Ron Paul needs to get a clue, no one wants him to be President. The people proved that in 1988 and 2008. This time, his campaign is clearly centered on his ego and the delusional belief that Ron Paul IS the Libertarian Movement. Hell, he’s too old to be President anyway.

    If any Libertarian were smart, they’d register as a Republican and help Gary Johnson win the GOP nomination.

  5. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 26, 2011

    6 jw, I’m a fan of GJ. I’d say his chances of getting the nomination are actually longer than RP’s, as GJ is pro-choice (as am I) last I checked.

    The GOP has made the issue a litmus test, near as I can tell, so, thanks for your counsel, but I don’t find your idea to be “smart.”

  6. Red Phillips Red Phillips April 26, 2011

    Ron Paul’s campaign honestly is a “long-shot,” but it is poor form for the allegedly neutral Politico to inject that editorial description of the campaign into its story, especially in the first sentence.

  7. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 26, 2011

    8 rp, hear ya, although it’s a defensible assessment, based on polling. I’d say Jimmy McMillan is also a long shot, and that too seems like a fair assessment.

    I’d give RP a 1% shot, GJ a 0.1% shot, and JMcM a 0.01% shot at being the R nominee. That makes no judgment about any of them; personally, I like them each very much. Politically, I like GJ the best of the 3, policy-wise.

  8. JT JT April 26, 2011

    At the start of his second term, Ronald Reagan was about the same age as Ron Paul.

    But what makes anyone think the real goal here is for RP to win the Republican nomination? Let’s not kid ourselves: It wasn’t going to happen in 2008 and it’s not going to happen in 2012. I think he’s smart enough to realize that. So what?

    The point is to expose millions more people to libertarian views, grow the liberty movement, and show the media and the two old parties that it has sharp teeth. A sitting U.S. Representative running for the Republican nomination for President is a good way to do that.

  9. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 26, 2011

    It really is too bad that Ron Paul and Gary Johnson couldn’t be added together and divided by two. As it stands now not much good will come from all this aside from some publicity for libertarian ideas and the usual sneering and derisive treatment from the media.

  10. Red Phillips Red Phillips April 26, 2011

    It is a “defensible assessment,” and it may arguably belong in the story as an assement of a campaign’s chance for success could be part of the overall story. But it belongs in a quote or in the part of the (a) article that is clearly analysis, not in the opening sentence of a news story about the announcement.

  11. Jose C Jose C April 26, 2011

    Ron Paul is the Herald Stassen of our time. And that realization is very sad.

  12. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 26, 2011

    Come on anti-Paul people. Speak up!

  13. David Colborne David Colborne April 26, 2011

    I’m more of a GJ fan than a Ron Paul fan, too, but I agree with those that state that, at least based on the information we have now, they’re both long shots. I’ve already gone on record here as not being a particularly strong Ron Paul fan – ideologically, I don’t hold too much against him, but there’s something about him that just rubs me the wrong way. It helps, at least for me, that GJ seems less willing to humor the *-ther fringe.

    I am somewhat lost on why Ron Paul is running in this cycle, though. It seemed to me that he got as close as he could to catching lightning in a bottle last cycle and he was still wiped off the mat. Since a lot of his appeal was due to his novelty, I think he’s actually got a worse chance this time around than he did last time.

    Of course, both are pale shadows to the sort of candidate that would fully and openly embody the philosophy of the Libertarian Party, but, as a local officer in the LP, I’m kind of obligated to say that. *grin*

  14. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 26, 2011

    All Paul has to do is to stick to his well polished schtick & he gets $35 million defrauded out of libertarian pockets.

  15. John Jay Myers John Jay Myers April 26, 2011

    I really like Ron Paul, always have, always will. Obviously his message is contagious.

    The Libertarian Party did all the exact wrong things at the exact wrong time in 2008.

    As a group we should be supporting Ron Paul, because he has a very libertarian message. This isn’t about parties to me.
    I am not saying support him to the point that you vote in the Republican primaries, I would never do that, because personally I believe that primaries are complete BS.

    It’s important to understand that Ron Paul is not going to win the Republican primary, because Republicans have a party made up of anti-liberty, pro-war, establishment types.

    We should be embracing Ron Pauls message and putting out the vibe that if for some reason he doesn’t happen to win the primary, we are here, we share the libertarian message, we will stand behind those principles, and we will not let you down if you put your faith in us.

    Because who are the Ron Paul people going to support? Romney?

    This is why it is so important that we pick the wright presidential candidate for 2012. ; )

    It is another reason we can not let the “48 Laws of Power” camp continue to run the LNC.

    Our 2012 convention is going to be a lot of fun.

  16. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 26, 2011

    Ron Paul endorsed Baldwin/CP.
    NOT LP or libertarianism.

  17. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 26, 2011

    Yes, most Ronulan Paulnuts will wind up supporting/voting for the republican whoever it turns out to be.
    Most of the rest will wind up supporting/voting for the democrat, whoever it turns out to be.

  18. David Colborne David Colborne April 26, 2011

    @John: Yeah, I like most of Paul’s message. I just wish he hung out with a different crowd. Of course, we need his crowd along with the Johnson-Starchild liberal leaning crowd to come together to make this thing work, so I don’t begrudge him on that. I just came to the LP from a left-leaning direction, so Paul’s not especially attractive for me.

    Your mileage may vary.

    I’ll also note that I’m not uniformly sold on the benefits of an LP presidential campaign, at least beyond the issue of ballot access. At this point, I don’t think the LP is in any condition to push a serious candidate forward, get said candidate sufficient press to do anything meaningful, or otherwise affect a race. Indeed, I think our time and energy would be better served on building up from the ground floor, focusing as much time and energy as possible on winning local races, and only doing what’s absolutely necessary to get 50-state ballot access (or as close as practically possible). That said, I recognize that a presidential campaign is about all the LP gets in some states, so I’m willing to concede there’s some value. I just don’t think the value is as high as other activities, when and where given the option.

    Having said all that, I do think there’s some value in emphasizing the parts of our platform that match up with Paul’s and Johnson’s campaigns, especially when we’re communicating with people associating themselves with those campaigns. It’ll give them something to think about when their chosen candidate flames out in the 2012 primary.

  19. David Colborne David Colborne April 26, 2011

    In fact, now that I think about it, if the local LP chapters used the Paul/Johnson platforms as a launching point to represent themselves as a “local version” of the ideals expressed in those campaigns, it might work.


  20. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 26, 2011

    19 jjm: …”48 Laws of Power” camp

    me: There’s a camp who find that book meaningful? Have they formed a caucus?

  21. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 26, 2011

    “I can win. Thank God.”

    *sigh* Bob, Bob, Bob… what ARE we going to do with you?

  22. AroundtheblockAFT AroundtheblockAFT April 26, 2011

    The GOP establishment will shit on Ron Paul once too often. Many of his supporters would then be open to breaking with the GOP. Shouldn’t the LP be prepared to welcome them to their “natural” home? Heck, with the “right” candidate, the LP could double or triple its vote – still meaningless, you might say, but now in a position to be a consistent spoiler in lots of state and local races. There’s no other way for our ideas to become mainstream.

  23. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 26, 2011

    27 around, I think it’s just as likely the R establishment will ignore RP this time. His anti-war message is not nearly as troubling to them with a D in the WH.

    But, yes, we should of course welcome RP supporters to vote and join us.

    The best way to mainstream our ideas is an iterative process, IMO. If we start to meet them in the middle, we can start to see our ideas put into practice. Then we tug the mainstream in our direction more, as our ideas work.

    Or we can Go Galt, hiding in the Gulch waiting for others to come to us, or collapse of civilization.

  24. AroundtheblockAFT AroundtheblockAFT April 26, 2011

    #28 I know a number of RP supporters and “ignoring him” is shitting on him. They won’t put up with ignoring him, nor will they put up with his delegates being gagged at the national convention.

  25. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman April 26, 2011

    JT @ 10 – in 2008 Ron Paul was as old as Ronald Reagan was when he started his second term. Age is a real problem for Paul, because it brings into question his ability to serve if elected.

    For that reason Gary Johnson is a stronger candidate. But Johnson has been out of office for 8 years and is much less known than Ron Paul.

    I agree with earlier comments that local Libertarian groups need to use the publicity that Ron Paul and Gary Johnson get to increase their own profile. Finally some of our ideas will get publicity in a more respectful manner than 2008.

  26. Sane LP member Sane LP member April 26, 2011

    I hear that giant “Sucking Sound” that is the Ron Paul movement moving assets, MONEY, volunteers, AND primary voters away from the LP– once again. Ugh.
    Does anyone believe in a potential for conspiracy?

  27. Here's a radical idea Here's a radical idea April 26, 2011

    So Gary J and Ron P will fight over the few crumbs that the GOP will give them? They are both knocked out of the nomination fight by April if not earlier.
    Maybe some common sense will prevail and they will get onboard the LP train earlier. If I was a betting person, I would say either would have an excellent chance of winning the LP nomination at the May 2012 national LP convention. At least they would go to the November election. But they best make up their minds before they are closed out of some states who have something called “sore loser ” laws.

  28. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman April 26, 2011

    Sane LP member – the money contributed to Ron Paul (or Gary Johnson) belongs to the people who contributed it, and then to who they contribute it to. It does not belong to The Libertarian Party.

    Without Ron Paul running in 2004, the LP was not able to raise much money or run a viable campaign. The Libertarian Party needs to build from the local community up – we don’t have a candidate for President who can raise the money that Ron Paul raised, or get the attention.

    We will only get more viable candidates when our organizations are more well developed and more successful on a local level.

  29. Jay Wendt Jay Wendt April 26, 2011

    So what if Gary Johnson has been out of the spotlight for 8+ years, as if that’s bad thing. Bush went socialist, America elected a socialist, and big government has led to our country going down the toilet. Maybe, because GJ hasn’t been active, he can actually be a legitimate outsider and be completely disassociated with both Bush and Obama.

    GJ has a fighting chance to win the GOP nom because he is a fmr. Gov and he has a business background. Basically, GJ is the equivalent to a love child between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, with the experience that makes him credible. Ron Paul is just going to make it harder for GJ to effective fight for the nom; and for that, I hope RP rots.

  30. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp April 26, 2011


    I have no dog in the hunt (don’t vote, would set myself on fire before voting for a Republican if I did), but I think you may have it backward.

    Johnson may very well benefit from Paul being in the race. They can both be up on stage bouncing the ideas around. Paul can take flak for being more radical, Johnson can gravy-train on:

    – “He’s a lot like Paul, but not QUITE so extreme.”

    – “Paul’s too old … but Johnson is in his prime and he’s a lot like Paul.”

    – “We haven’t elected a US Representative to the White House in 130 years. Paul’s quixotic. But Johnson’s a lot like Paul, and we elect former governors all the time.”

    If they’re both in the cellar, it doesn’t matter if they hurt each other. But if one of them is going to float to the top, it seems like Johnson might get a push in that direction from Paul being in.

  31. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 26, 2011

    “..float to the top…” UGH! Sounds like a turd in the cesspool of life!

  32. George Whitfield George Whitfield April 26, 2011

    Don’t ever underestimate Ron Paul. Under his folksy demeanor, he is a fighter. I will support him for the Republican nomination as much as I can and they don’t have the wisdom to nominate him, I think RJ Harris as our Libertarian Party nominee can rally many of Ron Paul’s supporters to vote for him in the General Election. Ron Paul is my Plan A and RJ Harris is my Plan B. Of course I would support the Libertarian Party nominee even if it isn’t RJ. But I think Harris is in the position to carry Ron Paul’s momentum and issues into the General Election.

  33. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 26, 2011

    The is no potential LP nominee who can carry Ron Paul’s (or even Gary Johnson’s) momentum forward in to November. Root has the best chance but he may not even get nominated due to his lack of “purity”. Face it… the LP is like the Prohibition Party. It will live on forever but never amount to anything.

  34. Ross Ross April 26, 2011

    It’ll be good to have two credible antiwar, libertarian-leaning Republicans in the debates. That way they’ll be much harder to ignore as “lone nuts” and appear more like a competing faction of the party. I think that’s important.

  35. George Phillies George Phillies April 26, 2011


    Also, if the Palin-Bachman-Angle-Romney team try to shut Paul/Johnson out of their debates, Paul and Johnson can spend a lot of time debating each other. These PJ debates will of course be open to all Republicans, and they will get adequate press coverage to confuse the Republicans no end.

  36. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton April 26, 2011

    Gary Johnson may not be as good as Ron Paul on the issue of interventionism. The neocons and their useful idiots on FOX and talk radio have not been bashing Johnson for years. These things may make him more attractive in the GOP.

    But, he will be the marijuana guy. And I don’t think he’s as good on that issue as Ron Paul.

    The bottom line is that people who like Bachman, Palin, Trump, Romney, McCain, Huckabee, et al, probably won’t really like Johnson so much.

    But, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson will sure spice up the GOP debates.

  37. John Jay Myers John Jay Myers April 26, 2011

    It’s not a matter of purity with Root, it’s the fact that no one who believes in Ron Paul would believe in Wayne, it is that simple.

    Wayne has zero influence among the Ron Paul crowd, and has a long list of saying the exact wrong thing, his latest statements on gitmo, and fair trials, and the mosques, his previous statements about the wars, and the list goes on, one after the other just disasters, disasters he designed because he knew he could get on FOX news by spewing them, unfortunately making us all look bad.

    If we nominate Root in 2012, it would be the end of ever trying to get the anti-war/Ron Paul crowd back into this party.

    It would be twice as bad as Bob Barr, because this time we couldn’t say, “we didn’t know he wasn’t very libertarian”. I actually think Bob Barr is a nice guy, and tries, but he came in with way too much baggage for him to be taken seriously as our candidate.

    It is not purity that keeps Root from being picked by libertarians, it’s the fact that no one trusts him as far as they can throw him.

    The Wayne crowd (the 48 laws of power gang) like to say that this is just the radicals talking. It’s not.

  38. Andy Andy April 26, 2011

    “If we nominate Root in 2012, it would be the end of ever trying to get the anti-war/Ron Paul crowd back into this party.”

    I totally agree with John Jay Meyers here. Most of the Ron Paul supporters who know who Wayne Root is think that he’s too close to being a neo-con and they don’t support him.

    Nominating Wayne Root on the LP Presidential ticket in 2012 is a sure way to turn off a lot of Ron Paul supporters who may potentially vote for us otherwise.

    I’ve talked to a lot of Ron Paul supporters who have told me that they would have voted for the LP Presidential ticket in 2012 if they party hadn’t nominated Barr & Root.

  39. Ron Paul Radical Ron Paul Radical April 26, 2011

    Root’s doubtless already thinking about how to profit from the upcoming Ron Paul wave — but Root is hobbled by trying to simultaneously profit from Fox News/neocon viewers.

    I’ll vote for Paul on whatever party he runs. I’ll shun Root on whatever party he runs.

    (And no, Milnes, whatever money I send to Paul will not otherwise be going to PLAS.)

  40. @47

    Any time the Republican Party can be persuaded to line up and form a circular firing squad is good news for me.

  41. George Phillies George Phillies April 26, 2011

    And if the Democrats copy them, so much the better.

  42. Steven Wilson Steven Wilson April 26, 2011

    Gary Johnson has not proven that he will remain steadfast in his ideals when he engages the DC elephant. Hanging around the wall at Repub flub parties is not mainstream conservo.

    Ron Paul has proven that he will publicly denounce the stupidity of the Party. He corrects people on finance all the time. He may be off about the social contract, but he is on most current issues about finance.

    Gary Johnson might be vain enough to give in on his beliefs if he is given reward for his change. Johnson might be younger than Paul, but he needs time to mature and prove he can fight his own party for what he believes at the Federal level. His liberty compass has not been used and tested at that level.

  43. IMF ‘insider report’ for China as Number One by 2016:

    “It’s a lesson we could learn more cheaply from the sad story of the British, Spanish and other empires. It doesn’t work. You can’t stay on top if your economy doesn’t.

    Equally to the point, here is what this means economically, and for investors.

    Some years ago I was having lunch with the smartest investor I know, London-based hedge-fund manager Crispin Odey. He made the argument that markets are reasonably efficient, most of the time, at setting prices.

    Where they are most likely to fail, though, is in correctly anticipating and pricing big, revolutionary, “paradigm” shifts — whether a rise of disruptive technologies or revolutionary changes in geopolitics. We are living through one now.

    The U.S. Treasury market continues to operate on the assumption that it will always remain the global benchmark of money.

    Business schools still teach students, for example, that the interest rate on the 10-year Treasury bond is the “risk-free rate” on money. And so it has been for more than a century. But that’s all based on the Age of America.

    No wonder so many have been buying gold. If the U.S. dollar ceases to be the world’s sole reserve currency, what will be? The euro would be fine if it acts like the old deutsche mark. If it’s just the Greek drachma in drag … not so much.

    The last time the world’s dominant hegemony lost its ability to run things single handedly was early in the past century. That’s when the U.S. and Germany surpassed Great Britain. It didn’t turn out well.”

  44. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg April 26, 2011

    Early on Milnes said that Ron Paul basically took $35 million from Libertarians. Well, I was a liberal Democrat before Ron Paul, so my donation likely would have gone to Obama, and I would still be a part of the machine. I think that his candidacy, (and Gary Johnson), only helps libertarians, and maybe even Libertarians, if they pick a good candidate themselves.

  45. Eddie Eddie April 26, 2011

    Cynthia Mckinney and Ralph Nader 2012!!

    Let Ron Debate!

  46. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 27, 2011

    Agree with 36 TK. Paul and Johnson could create a symbiotic L-leaning presence in the R field. They will compete for funds, to some extent. Note that Rockwell floated the trial balloon that RP might consider Ed Rollins or Roger Stone to be his strategist. I would expect RP to raise a lot more than GJ, and with a strong strategist, he might do even better. (Stone seems like a poor choice to me, though, from what I’ve seen.) Also, RP is not one to be handled; he wings it most of the time, which caps his appeal.

    GJ will likely largely self-finance a shoestring campaign, hoping to catch fire at some point.
    Stranger things have happened, and we do live in interesting times.

  47. AroundtheblockAFT AroundtheblockAFT April 27, 2011

    If Gary Johnson had the “fire in his belly” to be president, why did he pass up at least two opportunities to run for U.S. Senate after he finished his term as governor? A large segment of GOP (indeed all) voters want their candidate to show accomplishments. [Except if they are
    a favored minority – I’m looking at you Obama and HRC.] RP has shown the fire, GJ hasn’t.
    On the other hand, GJ would be the most qualified LP presidential candidate ever: maybe
    some LP heavy hitters ought to be asking him to seek our nomination?

  48. Anymouse Anymouse April 27, 2011

    LP has too much in-fighting. No wonder you guys never go anywhere. This stinks, I can’t be anything – D, R, L… Seriously though, how did you guys let the Tea Party movement capture what should have been the LP moment in the sun?!? Most of those people are Libertarians without knowing it.

  49. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 27, 2011

    55 around, GJ may not have had the “fire in the belly” until recently. And until BHO, most recent presidents were former governors. Reagan was out of office 5 years, having been a guv.

    GJ has been approached by Ls in the past, is my understanding. The LP would be wise to be open to his coming over to the LP, although he’d probably have too many plumb line “violations” for some, though not me.

    Tonally, I prefer him to RP. And no newsletters in his closet that I’m aware of.

    Apparently, BHO has now released his long-form birth cert., so THAT distraction is out of the way, I trust.

    I have to assume that GJ knows his candidacy is a very long shot, and he’s doing this to make a point. He’s financially “set,” so why not shake things up?

    I suspect that he might have a conversation with Barr, alerting him to the dogmatists who might take the fun out of being the L candidate. Still, 2012 could be a hum-dinger of a year, making climbing Mt. Everest look like a walk in the park. Participating in those unfolding events could prove to be exhilarating.

  50. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 27, 2011

    I lived in New Mexico while he was governor and he was really excellent. I am saddened that his lengthy marriage has ended but at least there was no infidelity or any other ugliness of which I am aware. He would make a good president but he just doesn’t stand a chance. Neither does Ron Paul for that matter so what the hell.

  51. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN April 27, 2011

    @ #56-Anymouse

    Very good point. The same thing happened to the Green Party. This could have been their moment in the sun as well. Hell, it is happening in other countries like Canada, Germany etc etc. Countries where they did not sell out their principles, simply to gain a few crumbs of temporary power.

    As for Ron Paul, love the man. Speaking as an open, left supporting Campaign for Liberty candidate.
    I love him…Right until……..

    He does a Dennis Kucinich and tells folks to get on board and support the corporate plutocracy.

    Which, I say he will do. Just like Kucinich.

    Word of warning Libertarians of every faction.

    That is part of what caused the demise of the United States Green Party. Which had briefly gained major party status in a variety of states.

  52. Brian Brian April 27, 2011

    Gary Johnson is very impressive. He’s like a sane Ron Paul sans the gold obsession and the religious zealotry. A problem I have with a lot of LP folks (and libertarians in general) is their refusal to criticize the CP. I, for one, cannot overlook Paul’s endorsement of Baldwin. As a lefty, of course I am biased. While Baldwin uses the language of a libertarian, he is not, as I understand the ideology, a libertarian. I would classify him as a nationalist. LP/libertarian folks do themselves a disservice when they do not criticize the CP.

  53. George Phillies George Phillies April 27, 2011


    What has happened to the Green Parties in the United States? The national committee appears to be reporting zero income month after month.

  54. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes April 27, 2011

    @60 what you said.
    BTW I did not write 60.

  55. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN April 27, 2011


    Short version of a long story.

    The Green Party decided to try and protect the Democrats by running “safe states”, very weak campaigns.

    This pleased the Democrats who would never support the Green Party with votes, money or volunteer help.

    However, those activists who have contempt for the Democrats (Nader supporters and their allies, like myself) were furious. So we left the GP.

    So, no more volunteers, no more cash support and no more votes.

    Word of warning to the Libertarian Party. As an aside, I have no dog in this fight BUT I viewed Bob Barr and Wayne Root (with his Birther nonsense) to be in the same category.

  56. interesting interesting April 27, 2011

    Green Party is dead in USA.
    Reform Party is beyond dead in the USA.
    Constitution Party can’t find a common brand name from state to state.
    Libertarian Party just slogs along and somehow it is surviving.
    Ready for a new party? Good luck getting it set up in 50 states. Maybe the Tea Party folks will pull it off but they don’t want to be centrally organized. I guess that is what the GOP is for – LOL.

  57. Andy Andy April 27, 2011

    “He’s like a sane Ron Paul sans the gold obsession and the religious zealotry.”

    What religious zealotry are you talking about in reference to Ron Paul? I’ve been following Ron Paul pretty closely since 1996 and I’ve rarely seen or heard him mention religion.

  58. Andy Andy April 27, 2011

    “A problem I have with a lot of LP folks (and libertarians in general) is their refusal to criticize the CP.”

    I’ve criticized the Constitution Party when issues have come up where I disagreed with them.

    “I, for one, cannot overlook Paul’s endorsement of Baldwin.”

    Chuck Baldwin was the only candidate who was on enough state ballots to theoretically win the election that was worth it for Ron Paul to endorse. Bob Barr was not truthworthy and he pissed off the Ron Paul campagin. Barr had an anti-liberty record as a government official and there were reasons to doubt whether his conversion to libertarianism was for real, and even if it was real he certainly was not a hardcore libertarian, plus he ran a lousy campaign. Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were too socialist on economic issues for Ron Paul to endorse them. Then keep in mind that Chuck Baldwin endorsed Ron Paul and campaigned for him.

    “While Baldwin uses the language of a libertarian, he is not, as I understand the ideology, a libertarian.”

    I don’t think that Chuck Baldwin has ever called himself a libertarian. I’d say that he’s a paleo-conservative that has libertarian leanings.

  59. ? Why is this thread on IPR? Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are Republicans. Neither will run on the LP ticket in ’12. The Ron Paul ’08 campaign helped the libertarian and Republican Liberty Caucus movement. It hurt the LP movement.

    Ron Paul Should Stand Aside for Gary Johnson:

    That’s his opinion. Mine is let them both run and let ALL libertarians enjoy them. No (L)ibertarians should waste much time promoting Rs, instead promote Ls!

    I can’t and wouldn’t tell anyone how to spend your money, however throwing money @ a 75 year old who has NO chance to win is completely FOOLISH. I too, enjoyed RP in the debates and hearing the word libertarian on the national stations. I noticed Paul’s campaign was anemic, in that he DIDN’T campaign enough to compete for the nomination. I knew he wasn’t running to win then and you can be ASSURED he’s not running to win now. What really POed me the most was a report I read about on a flight back to DC after one of the early debates Paul was relaxing in first class (on your dimes I might add) while Huckabee, Tancredo and one or two others were sitting back in coach! He had more money left over when he finished the ’08 race than the last 2 or 3 LP POTUS candidates had for their entire campaigns combined! I hope that money was used wisely.

    Gary Johnson could actually be a great POTUS perhaps CORRECTING the many faults of the Great Society Johnson. We are still paying a BIG price for the last President Johnson.

    As far as the Reform and Green Parties, etc. imploding, I can’t see why anyone can’t understand that enemies are placed within to help destroy or at least keep third parties impotent never able to replace the status que!

    Mark (Hinkle), my fundamental sense of betrayal and anger at the LP for its 2008 shenanigans and for its lack of creativity in the fight for freedom at home is far deeper than anyone would imagine from my limited criticism of the party, mentioned briefly in a long talk. May I take your note as an opening for real change within the LP Central Committee and a real commitment to win the battle for hearts and minds across the country? – Karen Kwiatkowski

    Some breaking news!
    Word has been crawling across the web all hour that Robert Woodrow Milnes has found his true home in the Monster Raving LOONEY Party.

    United States National Official Monster Raving Loony Party:

    Milnes Chief Adviser “Screaming Lord Sutch” stated, “We are in it to WIN it” !

    Why haven’t we, as a party, asked Wayne to simply join one of the war parties? – Karen Kwiatkowski

    I also think, that beyond the fleas the LP gets from lying down with characters like Root, and promoting him, we should be careful about our other bedfellows in DC. The Cato Institute does fine work, but it is not as effective in gaining Libertarian friendly legislation and votes as is Jim Babka’s interactive and aggressive DownsizeDC, and nothing Cato has produced on constitutional foreign or domestic policy comes even close to what is done daily over at the Bumper Hornberger’s Future of Freedom Foundation in Reston, VA. – Karen Kwiatkowski

    Wayne Root, in particular, is allowed by the LP to speak for the party, and honest libertarians throughout the American population and within the LP are turned off. You suggest that my criticism of these anti-liberty, pro-state LP voices are the same as criticizing the GOP for being pro-life because some minority members of the GOP are pro-life. But when the GOP fields candidates and spokespersons, particularly at the national level, they toe the party line, and they don’t suggest that there is “room” at the philosophical table. Our own LP table is already small. Embracing statists and nationalists quietly within the party is one thing; making them front and center as a leading voice of recruitment and policy means that these types of unprincipled non-libertarian perspectives become the LP in the minds of everyone. – Karen Kwiatkowski

    …, did any libertarian really believe that the GOP was going to make any significant cuts in government spending? These lying authoritarians have been talking about small government all my life and they have yet to demonstrate this by any actual action. -Tom Blanton

    Weaker than a locomotive
    Slower than a speeding bullet
    UNable to leap tall buildings

    But he does seek TRUTH, JUSTICE and the (HONEST) American way…

    The T-REX of political talk
    LISTEN 24/7 ANYTIME-3 million listeners and growing ! LISTEN while you check facebook, your email or while you surf. The message NEEDS to be HEARD !!!
    The Alex Jones Show Archives:

  60. Eddie Eddie April 28, 2011

    The one thing I have to say is that things can change in an instance. I don’t know, but with many new Latino voters, the Green Party could be poised for a revival in California.

  61. Eddie Eddie April 28, 2011

    Oh yeah, this is an interesting conversation…

    Green Party/Libertarian Party alliance?

  62. NewFederalist NewFederalist April 28, 2011

    “A problem I have with a lot of LP folks (and libertarians in general) is their refusal to criticize the CP.”

    Gee, Brian why would the LP want to criticize the CP any more than the GP? All minor parties are in the same boat. Why waste time fighting each other when there are so many Democratic and Republican targets of opportunity out there?

  63. JT JT April 28, 2011

    Brian: “Gary Johnson is very impressive. He’s like a sane Ron Paul sans the gold obsession and the religious zealotry.”

    Do you think it’s a bad thing to be concerned ending the Fed and having stable money? If you’re a “lefty” and concerned with the poor, you should care a lot about inflation also.

    And I’m not sure what you categorize as “religious zealotry.” Is anyone who’s religious guilty of zealotry?

    Brian: “A problem I have with a lot of LP folks (and libertarians in general) is their refusal to criticize the CP.”

    Why do you think LP folks refuse to criticize the CP? That’s not true. But why should Libertarians do that out of the blue?

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