A Report on the Recent Constitution Party National Committee Meeting

From Gary Odom:

By every measure…attendence…energy and enthusiasm….reception for the speakers….and simply in terms of overall accomplishment…the Spring 2011 Constitution Party National Committee Meeting and Conference in Harrisburg was considered a major triumph!  Many said it was the best they ever attended, though travel for many of the members coming from the South and Midwest got off to a very rocky start due to storms across much those parts of the country.

Once everyone was finally assembled–and even before some arrived– the meeting hit a positive stride on Friday morning with dramatic presentations by Ohio’s meglio cialis o viagra effetti collaterali go here assignment writing service review proofreading grade 6 essay editing service canada click revolutionary war essayВ enter click here essay writing website http://admissions.iuhs.edu/?page_id=purchase-atarax go to site levitra 20 mg 30 tablet see url https://eagfwc.org/men/viagra-generico-mais-barato/100/ https://geneseelandlordassoc.org/category/common-college-essay/44/ watch essay ideas steps in writing an academic essay click here papers to edit https://aspirebhdd.org/health/geniric-viagra/12/ cialis pro chewable sample grant writing services contract i need help with my english homework book review writing websites gb essay on abraham lincoln http://mce.csail.mit.edu/institute/persuasive-essay-editing-worksheets/21/ go here essays about service http://teacherswithoutborders.org/teach/how-to-do-a-cv-cover-letterv/21/ Robert Owens, and Pennyslvania’s Peg Luksik on Friday morning followed by a tour of the beautiful Pennsylvania State Capitol Building.  On Friday afternoon John McManuns, president of the John Birch Society, provided a sobering picture of the history of the United Nations and Chelene Nightingale put the magic of her dynamic personality on display during a powerfully motivational address where she reviewed her 2010 campaign for Governor in California and exhorted everyone to continue to make the greatest possible effort to build the Constitution Party.

The Friday Night banquet featured a lively auction conducted by Midwestern StatesCo-Chairmen, Randy Stufflebeam (IL) and Scott Bartlett (SD) which raised money for the national committee’s operational fund.

The featured speaker, Sheriff Richard Mack received a thunderous standing ovation after he completed his address on the role of the County Sheriff in saving our Republic.  Mack endorsed numerous Constitution Party candidates in 2010,   It is certainly hoped that he will not be a stranger at Constitution Party events in the future.  Many at the meeting voiced a hope that he would play a high profile role for the Constitution Party in the upcoming 2012 election.

Also highlighting the banquet were two awards presented to three term national CP chairman, Jim Clymer–the America First Award presented on behalf the the Constitution Party’s National Veterans Coalition and the Excellence in Leadership Award presented on behalf of the Lancaster (PA) County Committee of the Constitution Party.

The energy remained at a high level on Saturday the 3oth.  The morning was kicked-off with an informative and entertaining portrait of Pennsylvania provided by Jim Panyard, former President of the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Association, followed by an intriguing and warmly received review of the current political situation, including the work of the so-called Human Rights Tribunals, provided by Victor Chiasson a political conservative from Ottawa Canada with very close ties to the Constitution Party.  Without a doubt, Dr.Taylor Haynes of Wyoming, who secured about 8% of the vote as a write-in candidate for Governor in 2010 was one of the real crowd favorites.  A newcomer to the Constitution Party, Dr. Haynes is a man of enormous personal accomplishment–any one of the items on his lengthy resume’ would probably thrill most us–yet great humility.  His discussion of the 2010 campaign, which he centered on the Constitution and the Ten Commandments, inspired everyone in attendance. Darrell Castle provided an information packed overview of the situation in the Middle East raising very justifiable questions concerning the role that has been played by the United States over the years in the part of the world.  His presentation brought specific praise from the last speaker, former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode who, as noted above said that it is time that America start taking care of its own serious problems rather than trying to cure the rest of worlds ails. The general consensus was that it was Goode’s finest and most powerful address since he first started attending Constitution Party national meetings in 2009  and was a portent of great things to come.

12 thoughts on “A Report on the Recent Constitution Party National Committee Meeting

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  2. Cody Quirk

    -Who writes better then the world’s oldest living 3 year old, Donald Raymond Lake

  3. Jeff Becker

    Also on Saturday afternoon was the wonderful Amish tour of Lancaster County – kudos to our tour guide Obie and the Amish ladies who prepared an authentic country meal for us. We learned that the Amish are prohibited from riding bicycles (since they can travel too far from home on them), but pedal-less vintage foot scooters are not only ok, they are ubiquitous. See what you missed, Don?

  4. AyatollahGondola

    How is it that a deadbeat like Nightingale who cannot seem to honor a debt she has owed to a former supporter of hers for …what…4 years now?…can find time and money to jet to Harrisburg to put the …ahem, cough-cough..magic of her dynamic personality on display?
    Tell me again how she differs from what we currently have in office…..

  5. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Ah the Mennonites and the Amish: victims of their own success. Even with the dip in real estate and REITs, Pennsylvania farm lands are going for (a) hand some offer(s).

    This is doubly true of ‘gently tilled’ and organically farmed parcels.

    Scouting parties have been ‘seen’ Kansas, OKlahoma, and the ‘Lakotas’ ——– and especially with non whites, concerning land swaps and or land purchases.

  6. Don Grundmann

    How is it that a slug like ” AyatollahGondola ” ( too cowardly to use his own name ) continues to smear Chelene when his own situation is far worse than what he falsely accuses Chelene of doing? Her trip was funded by those who recognize her hard work and excellent campaign. This in contrast to ” AyatollahGondola ” who, because of his recognized character defect(s), wouldn’t be given bus fare to travel one block.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  7. AyatollahGondola

    My situation is not due to me borrowing money from one of my fellow supporters and brother patriots under false pretenses, and then willingly placing them under my foot in an effort to try and blunt the issue. I didn’t borrow anything; I didn’t steal anything; I didn’t perjure myself in writing on a federal form. Likewise, I recognize my financial situation and would not drag other patriots into it, unlike Nightingale. I certainly don’t jet around the country and present myself as the cure for what ails it. Not that many more of us wouldn’t like to make public appearances all over the country, spreading the word, and attending conferences, etc, however the majority of us are far too principled and would be ashamed to do so while backburnering a committment that they gave to one of their betheren years ago. Face it; She makes the same choice over and over again. Face time for her beats honoring a committment to another patriot. She’s an honorless, lying, fraudulent POS with a good public appearance. Once again I ask, how does she differ from Arnold, McCain, Clinton, etc. She doesn’t, does she?

  8. Don Grundmann

    Well Gondola you certainly provide a good laugh by referring to yourself within a group that is ” of us are far too principled.” You the oh so principled one who continually smears Chelene with fake allegations. As I referred to Chelene was sponsored to attend the meeting by people who recognize her as a true patriot and fighter for the freedom and people of our nation; people who would not give you a dime and would place the same value on your patriotism and ability/history of and to fight for the nation. You’re just another variation of Don Lake – a ” troll under the bridge ” that does nothing but attack others of far more accomplishments, initiative, courage, fight, honor, and character than they will ever dream of in order to feed their psychotic egos that they are actually accomplishing something. Very sick and VERY pathetic walking turds that consider their continual farting and the slime/feces that they leave wherever they go as something to be proud of. Never building things, something they are totally incapable of doing, but only working to tear things down and destroy them – their only ” talent ” and their only possible ” accomplishment.” While Chelene works every day in fighting for our citizens and the future of our nation you can join Don Lake in wrapping toilet paper around your head. It will be a greater ” accomplishment ” than anything else that you have done or will do.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  9. AyatollahGondola

    She should be working every day to pay back the debt she gave her word on, and signed her name on, and was ordered to pay by a judge…twice. Not gallavanting around the state and country trying to spread her name and look for adoring fans.

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