Roger Gary: Statement On Bin Laden’s Death

From a media release from Roger Gary‘s presidential campaign:

I join my fellow Texans and my fellow Americans in being satisfied that a man responsible for mass murder has received his due. I congratulate those who brought about this day for their bravery and skill.

But the fight goes on: the fight against the notion, held by far too many, that evil means are justified if one considers one’s goals to be noble or one’s cause to be correct.

Mr. bin Laden’s anger at the United States Government for failing to withdraw from Saudi Arabia after the first Gulf War did not justify the murder of over 3,000 civilians.

Tojo’s desire for a vast Japanese sphere of influence did not justify aggression, nor did Hitler’s desire for a larger Reich, nor Stalin’s desire to spread Communism.

We will never have peace, we will never have Liberty, until the notion that evil methods are ever justified has been repudiated by individuals, groups, and governments alike.


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11 thoughts on “Roger Gary: Statement On Bin Laden’s Death

  1. Jake Porter

    Interesting considering you said the same thing when his announcement was posted on IPR a couple of months ago.

    For those interested, we have a website available at

  2. who?

    Never heard of him either. Has he released a statement on the Spider-Man musical?

  3. Tom Blanton

    Who do these people like Osama think they are?

    When America initiates aggression against these Arabs or Muslims, don’t they realize it is evil for them to retaliate against us?

  4. Robert Capozzi

    4 tb, apparently not. Of course, “evil” is in the eye of the beholder. Violent revolutionaries who win are often viewed as virtuous; those who lose are viewed as demons.

    There is the question of proportionality that can help us in making an assessment. And the selection and depth of which facts one considers salient.

    If your operative theory is that OBL and AQN are justified in their actions, surely you’d not be surprised that your arguments will largely fall on deaf ears. If so, push on that string if you feel so moved.

  5. Robert Capozzi


    So, one could take the view as I do that AQN had somewhat of legitimate grievance about “western colonialism” and yet their motives and intentions are unacceptable.

    If a purple person stole your watch, it’s not OK for you to turn around and kill all purple people you can find, for ex. We can have some sympathy for your loss, but none for your killings.

  6. D. Lou Shenol

    Good Job, Jake ! Glad to see you guys have got a website up. Mr. Gary looks quite Presidential there in the oval office !! Remember an entire campaign site must lead even doofus to the donation page in under 2 seconds.

    Never, NEVER let the B%$#%*ds get you down !!! Mr. Gary has actually received MORE real life VOTES as a LP candidates than 99% of the rest of us have received !!!! So the dumb%##&# always wanting another “BIG” name (.004) candidate needs to WAKE the HELL up and walk a precinct distributing LP materials for once and quit sitting on their lazy %##&# and DO SOMETHING for FREEDOM and the LP !!!!!

    And STOP your NEGATIVE remarks against longtime Libertarians. Negative talk only harms, it never helps a political movement. If you have nothing good to say about a LP candidate who is a libertarian, then SHUT your piehole…

    What’s the Diff?!:

  7. From my view

    #7 Sounds like the typical LP member that mainstream America is running away from. Enjoy your 15 members in the sandbox.

  8. D. Lou Shenol

    #8 “YOUR VIEW” is the view that has allowed the “rulers” to destroy this once great Republic. Go back to your darkness and continue eating what “they” feed mushrooms. You will DIE as just another member of the DUMB#%%*& of the MASSES. Sad but TRUE…
    The Ds and Rs in D.C. have gone INSANE and are destroying our future:
    What does one TRILLION dollars look like?:
    these are $100 bills if they were ones the stack would be 100 times larger.
    Remember you and yours owe FOURTEEN of these…

  9. From my view

    Agree # 9 with D’s and R’s going “insane”. My point was the way you communicate and use of language– it will not resonate with mainstream America. Just the approach was the issue.

  10. D. Lou Shenol

    #10 And what made you an “EXPERT” on what resonates with “mainstream America” (whatever that is) ?! The LP approach in the ’08 POTUS race garnered .004 of the American vote. If Mr. Gary wishes to run for POTUS that is his business. I say BRAVO, the more Libertarians spreading the Libertarian message, to America, the better !

    Anyone naive enough to think some celebrity will come to save the day and “sweep” the LP into “control” of the federal gov’t is TRULY DeLusional. The LP must be built at the local grassroots level if it is ever to succeed! Each LP candidate at any level should have building the local Party as the heart of their campaign. The quicker this happens the quicker the LP will succeed. Celebrities welcome, but walking a precinct will work better !!!

    Libertarianism From A to Z With Harvard’s Jeffrey Miron:

    Having Harvard profs sympathetic to the cause doesn’t hurt a bit either !!!!

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