Ballot Access News: Minor Parties Run More Legislative Candidates in New Jersey This Year Than in 2009

Ballot Access News:

New Jersey elects its state legislators in odd years. This year, New Jersey’s active minor parties have more candidates for the Assembly (the lower house) than they did two years ago. Libertarians have candidates in four districts this year, whereas the party only had candidates in a single Assembly district in 2009. The Green Party has candidates is two districts this year, compared to only one in 2009. The Constitution Party has two candidates in one Assembly district this year, compared to no legislative candidates at all in 2009.

There are 9 independent candidates for the Assembly.

The State Senate races weren’t up in 2009. The only minor party running for a State Senate seat this year is the Constitution Party. There are 9 independent candidates for the State Senate this year.

No Socialist Party or Socialist Workers Party candidates are on the ballot in New Jersey legislative races this year, although neither party had any legislative candidates on the ballot in 2009 either. The Conservative Party of New Jersey likewise has no candidates, and appears not to exist any longer.

4 thoughts on “Ballot Access News: Minor Parties Run More Legislative Candidates in New Jersey This Year Than in 2009

  1. Dennis

    The Socialist Party is running Pat Noble for Freeholder in Monmouth County.

    The Conservative Party affiliated with Conservative Party USA. They haven’t done anything since Steve Lonegan’s 2009 campaign.

  2. Kleptocracy and You

    Why don’t you sign up for one of the races Milnes ? Actually get a little bloody instead of just talking POTUS race.


    “OK, joke’s over, Bring back the Constitution.” –

    Government Healthcare…

    Death and Taxes? –

    Government is Best, Which…

  3. Kleptocracy and You

    Mr. Milnes, John Dennis wants you !

    John Dennis: How the Grassroots Can Help Ron Paul Win Ames-

    On the way to $35 Million PLUS?…


    “Real Conservatives Vote Libertarian” –

    Recovering Republican Mouse Pad –

    Remind other drivers that without the second amendment, we wouldn’t have any of them! –

    Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe.
    – Noah Webster, 1787

    To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.
    – George Mason, 1788

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