Libertarian Brendan Kelly gets 17% in New Hampshire

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In the September 6 special election to fill a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Libertarian candidate Brendan Kelly received 17.3% of the vote. Kelly faced both a Democrat and a Republican on the ballot.

LP Executive Director Wes Benedict commented, “In partisan three-way races like this, Libertarian candidates historically have only gotten a few percent, on average. Brendan Kelly’s 17% is an excellent showing, very encouraging. Our party is moving upward.”

The following are some of the news outlets that covered the election results:

Newburyport News
Houston Chronicle
Boston Globe
Seacoast Online

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7 thoughts on “Libertarian Brendan Kelly gets 17% in New Hampshire

  1. Austin Cassidy

    Remember back when the Libertarian Party had 4 sitting members of the New Hampshire state legislature?

    Cal Warburton, Andy Borsa, Don Gorman, and Finlay Rothaus…

  2. George Phillies

    By comparison with 2008
    52-48 R-D

    the Rockingham 14 vote this time was

    45 37 17 R-D-L

    indicating that Kelley took perhaps 7% of the Republican vote and 11% of the Democratic vote.

  3. Derek

    Vote for 1,2 or 3 candidates. Ballot line with the most votes wins.

    In a 3-candidate race, you can vote for:

    – A
    – B
    – C
    – A/B
    – A/C
    – B/C
    – A/B/C

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