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Libertarian Bylaws Committee Survey

Email via LPHQ list. For background see article posted at IPR last week by Marc Montoni and comments on that article.

Dear fellow libertarian,

In the months leading up to our 2010 national convention, thousands of you responded to requests for advice for how we should amend our Platform and our Bylaws. The opinions and suggestions you provided were invaluable, gave us direction and affected the outcome of what got presented to convention delegates.

Now I’d like to ask for your help again. The Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee has adopted 10 proposals to present to the delegates at our Presidential nominating convention in Las Vegas next year.

We’d like to know whether you support or oppose each proposal. We’re also very interested in any error or unintended consequence you might find, which you may note in the comments box for that proposal.

Your feedback will give us material we need to revise our report and/or our recommendations prior to the 2012 convention, and we will have a chance to address any errors — but only if you point them out to us.

I’m excited to show you the recommendations adopted by the Bylaws Committee. I hope you’ll do me the favor of completing this questionnaire about our recommendations. Click here or go to

If you need to review the current Libertarian Party bylaws, you can find them on the national party’s website at Your input is valuable.

This is YOUR political party. Please take a few minutes to work through the questionnaire and let us know what you think.

Best regards,

Dan Karlan
Chair, Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee

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