Memorial bike ride honors Natasha Pettigrew, 2010 MD Green Party US Senate candidate

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch: reports on a bike ride held in memory of Natasha Pettigrew, the Maryland Green Party’s 2010 US Senate candidate who was killed by a motorist while riding her bike last year:

Sophie Chan-Wood didn’t know Natasha Pettigrew, but when the avid cyclist heard about a Saturday morning memorial ride honoring the Cheverly woman, she saw an opportunity to ride to Prince George’s County via the Watts Branch Trail from Washington, D.C.

However, it wasn’t until the Rockville woman was hundreds of feet from the site of the Sept. 19, 2010, hit and run that claimed cyclist Pettigrew’s life that the car honking began, a reminder that both motorists and bicycles should be able to share the road.

Chan-Wood was among a group of 20 including Pettigrew’s mother Kenniss Henry that gathered on Largo’s Prince George’s Community Campus for a memorial bike ride in honor of Pettigrew and Henry’s mission to make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

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