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Ken Moellman campaign update

Highlights from the Early October Campaign Update from Ken Moellman, Libertarian for Kentucky Treasurer:

* The campaign has been all over the state, and the message is always well received.

* Last month, we told you about a poll conducted by PPP (Public Policy Polling), showing Ken at 16%! That’s absolutely huge, in a three-way race. (43% D / 28% R / 16% L / 13% Undec)

Since then, we’ve received unconfirmed information that the race is now somewhere around 45/25/20!

The campaign has the momentum, but must continue to keep up the pressure in order to keep up that moment.

* We now have bumper stickers, and they stand out! […]

Our bumper stickers have a fancy barcode, known as a “QR code”, on them. The QR code tagging is big with the 18-to-35 demographic, particularly those with iPhones and Androids.

So even when you’re parked, you can be helping to spread the word, as the younger voters will be inclined to scan the barcode and be directed right to our website.

We’re currently working on the final fundraising to get campaign signs. If you can help by donating, we would appreciate it!

* Ken has picked up some good media, but we still face many of the traditional roadblocks.


you can set up a google news alert to let you know when Ken’s name hits the media. Because it’s a rare-enough name, set up “Moellman” as your google alert. Then, when a story is run, you will receive and email. The campaign asks that you then go to that media outlet and leave a positive comment.

* In the “Ask Ken a question” section, Ken answers common questions. This edition, the question is: “Who doesn’t agree with your message?”

Ken’s response: “A small percentage of people have expressed concern. Mostly, the pushback comes from the political establishment. But, when I ask them why they object, they can never give me a reason. On occassion, I run into people who don’t believe politicians at all — and I can’t say I blame them. But, I’m not a typical politician. If I was interested in winning and power above principle, I would have run in one of the major parties. This isn’t, and never has been about me or about power. It’s about doing what’s right for Kentucky.”

* And via facebook on Sunday: Ken here – I need your help. I’ve been all over the state this weekend, and everywhere I go, I get asked about pushcards, bumper stickers, and signs. I need your help with signs. If you can donate, even if it’s just a little, it helps. Thanks to everyone who donated this weekend! We’re just over 5 weeks away.

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  1. Andy Andy October 5, 2011

    Ken’s doing a great job as a candidate.

  2. Ted Ted October 5, 2011

    Go Ken, go!

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