Third Party, Independent and Write-In Candidates In Today’s West Virginia Special Election for Governor



Today West Virginia is holding a special gubernatorial election. Besides the Republican and Democratic candidates, there are two third party candidates, one independent candidate, and three write-ins. The third party candidates are the Mountain Party’s (West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party) Bob Henry Baber, former Mayor of Richwood, and Harry Bertram of the American Third Position Party. The independent candidate is Marla Ingels. According to Wikipedia, there are also three write-in candidates. They are: Phil Hudok, teacher and registered Constitution Party member, Rick Bartlett and Donald Lee Underwood. Phil Hudok has the support of the West Virginia Constitution Party. See their article, “OK with Phil HudOK – WRITE-IN for Governor”. See this article about the election.

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2 thoughts on “Third Party, Independent and Write-In Candidates In Today’s West Virginia Special Election for Governor

  1. paulie

    “…..So far, the percentages are: Democratic 50.23%, Republican 46.40%, Mountain 1.90%, independent .97%, American Third Position .35%, write-ins .14%.

    The 2011 special election is the fourth gubernatorial election at which the Mountain Party (West Virginia’s Green Party affilate) has participated. The party’s earlier gubernatorial totals have been: 2000 1.61%; 2004 2.48%; 2008 4.44%.”

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