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Green Party of Suffolk endorses Occupy/Peace Action in Long Island, New York

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The Occupy/Peace Action at the Smithhaven Mall

November 25th – Black Friday – 12pm (noon)

Occupy Patchogue, as well as other Occupy Groups from all over Suffolk County, will be joining Peace Groups (Women in Black, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace) at the Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, to Occupy Black Friday.

Please meet at the South Entrance, in the parking lot – by the Verizon Store.

Bring signs, bring educational informative literature to hand out (Occupy Wall St info) & YOUR VOICE!

This event was coordinated at Suffolk Peace Network Meeting, on November 1, 2011, and endorsed by the Green Party of Suffolk (founding member SPN).


  1. We are thankful for the energized people — young and old, rich and poor — the world over who are taking to the streets as part of the “occupy” phenomenon to resist the tyranny of the corporatists.

    And most of all, we are thankful for the thousands and thousands of activists and members across the country who stand with Public Citizen.

    Together — and formidably so — we are defending democracy from undo corporate influence, reining in Wall Street’s greed, fighting for energy sustainability and trade justice, protecting consumers from dangerous drugs and defective products, and much, much more.

    So, thank you, and happy Thanksgiving from Public Citizen.


    Robert Weissman
    President, Public Citizen

  2. Michael McDermott Michael McDermott February 10, 2012

    I am an independent candidate for the NY 2nd Congressional District. I have been a registered republican since 1971 and have become very dis enchanted with both parties and would like ot discuss your views and the possible endorsement of the Green Party. I have a plan to “Make Congress Work” that I believe will resonate with all persons regardless of party affiliation (see for more info). We need to get our governmant working again and the endless “hyperpartisanship” gridlock is paralyzing congress. I visited Occupy Wall Street on October 29 and have argued for their right to protest with many conservatives. Please give me a call at 631-358-1931 if we can discuss our options together. Or better yet, visit our 1st meeting on Monday Feb 13 at the So Huntington Library on 145 Pidgeon Rod, So Huntington. Thank you very much. Michael McDermott

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