Pickens Welcomes Johnson to the LP

[From the Recruit Gary Johnson – LP Presidential Nominee Facebook Page]


Thursday, December 1st, 2011
Sacramento California –

For Immediate Release:

… From the Desk of C. Michael Pickens,
Libertarian Party of California, NVC

I would love to endorse Gary Johnson for President.
Once he leaves the GOP and re-registers Libertarian, I will!

There’s been a lot of speculation about Gary running as our Candidate. From my perspective, he’s been running as a libertarian his entire political life.

Gary’s Campaign Motto is: “Live Free”. His positions on the budget, the war drugs and foreign policy are right in line with mine and most Libertarians. Gary Johnson is a Libertarian and has always been.

Governor Johnson will balance America’s budget, end the war on drugs and follow the spirit of our Constitution.

This last July at Freedom Fest, Gary and I discussed the idea of running for President as our LP nominee. This sounds better every day to both the Governor and the LP.

As libertarianism gains momentum here and around the world, Gary Johnson could get in front of the freedom tsunami by running as our Candidate.

A two-term Republican governor in a heavily Democratic state, he’s proven his electability.

But how would he govern? He vetoed more bills than all the other Governors in the USA, combined! At the same time, he balanced New Mexico’s budget. Gary’s track record proves he can and will get the job done.

Now is the time for Governor Gary Johnson to come home to the Libertarian Party!


9 thoughts on “Pickens Welcomes Johnson to the LP

  1. Kleptocracy And You

    T.Boone is worried about a football game at the moment !

    Wonder how many regulars at IPR will donate the $2,400 if GJ does it ?

    Was pleased today while visiting my sister to see a Ron Paul for President 2012 in the front yard of the house across from her driveway. Don’t know who lives there, but bet I could make friends easily-lol !

    GJ, RP and even JV makes 2012 an exciting year, in my way of thinking. What surprises will we see as the year progresses ?

    Carpe Diem – For LIBERTY

  2. Jay Edgar

    My Sapolitics – exactly how are you connected to the R. J. Harris campaign?

    On 11/16 an anonymous letter was sent to several njlp.org email addresses slandering Gary Johnson. It was from editor@mysapolitics.com and referred to the website dropgary.com.

    The message source indicated that it may have come from the R. J. Harris website in some way. It had the line:

    X-Source-Auth: info@rjharris2012.com

    in the message source.

    Coincidentally it has also been determined that rjharris2012.com, dropgary.com, and mysapolitics.com all use the same nameservers (NS1083.hostgator.com) as determined by doing a whois on the domain names. Hostgator uses many namespaces (probably thousands). ns1083 manages only 1,617 websites out all the websites hostgator hosts.

    The conclusion that I am jumping to (perhaps unfairly) is that all three websites are hosted under the same account and that the letter came from someone associated with the R. J. Harris campaign. I’ve asked Gigi (Harris’s campaign manager) about this, she didn’t know anything about it (and I believe her). I suspect its whoever runs Harris’s website.

    This has not convinced me to not consider Harris for President, but it is a black mark against him. I’d like an explanation of who is behind the anonymous attacks.

  3. JenS

    MySapolitics FB profile did promote RJ Harris on our SCLP unofficial FB page.

    I find it hard to believe that the campaign is ignorant of the slander.

    I know that the SCHarris campaign manager Skacall is not a fan of Johnson’s due to his stance on abortion.

    I do not believe that your assumption is an unfair one, Jay.

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  5. George Phillies

    @5 You write: “I know that the SCHarris campaign manager Skacall is not a fan of Johnson’s due to his stance on abortion. ”

    I have missed something. Pray tell, what is the Johnson abortion stand that would upset a Libertarian Presidential campaign manager? Mind you, I would have to research Johnson’s stands, and have never heard of Skacall.

  6. Steve Meier

    Mr C. Michael Pickens, your representation of northern California libertarians represents my attitudes. Thank you.

    You and I will have to meet.

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