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Wayne Root Media Analysis

Wayne Allyn Root, is the former Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nominee and currently an LNC [Libertarian Party National Board of Directors] Member. He is also the Chair of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.
Mister Root has made almost 100 appearances in the past 4 weeks.  This includes a personal record of 7 radio shows in a day, 12 in 48 hours.
Wayne is a regular on a dozen radio shows – including:
 Wayne’s commentaries appear in web/print regularly:
 Wayne was mentioned on the air recently by two radio legends:
Bill Cunningham, winner of two Marconi awards:
“The most important, must-read columnists and commentators in America…that I love…that light me up…that I learn from…Wayne Allyn Root, Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell.”  
Barry Farber, past National Broadcaster of the Year:
“Wayne Root is the feistiest opinion-maker and opinion-molder I’ve ever met in all my years of broadcasting. He electrifies the air across America…Lightning and thunder comes out of his mouth.”  
Wayne tells IPR he’ll soon make several announcements about his future in media and politics.

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  1. Wayne Root Wayne Root December 19, 2011

    Excuse me for a late response to your questions but it’s been a whirlwind few days- my oldest child Dakota gets back from Harvard today for Christmas break, and my youngest child Contessa celebrates her 4th B-Day today. We are preparing Christmas decorations, presents, and 2 celebrations at once! In between I’ve had over 30 media interviews in past few days.

    OK. 4 things.

    #1) My role as LNCC Chairman is to recruit and train LP candidates. My job is to find good candidates like Gary Johnson – from top of ticket, all the way to bottom.

    Gary is the first of many elected or former elected officials – I hope- that we can convince to change parties- as I predicted in my book “The Conscience of a Libertarian.”

    That is the fastest way to success and credibility for the LP- to go after “the whales.” Get people already in office to switch. I hope Gary is a “model” for many others to switch.

    #2) Some of you on IPR have misunderstood my meaning of “Libertarian-conservative.” I use it to simply denote a stress on economic issues.

    Because A) the economy and jobs and spending and taxes are the most important issues of our day, and the most important issues to average mainstream voters.

    And B) polls prove that a large majority of voters agree with the simple concepts of fiscal conservatism- smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, pro capitalism. Those are winning issues for the LP.

    C) I’m also trying to stress what we in the LP have in common with the Tea Party- which is fiscal conservatism.

    D) I’m trying to stress what we have in common with small business owners- by far the most natural group to agree with LP on fiscal issues. Almost every small business owners considers themselves fiscally conservative.

    But like all Libertarians, I am fiscally conservative and socially tolerant.

    Conservative simply denotes the stress on fiscal and economic issues which I talk about nonstop on 1000+ media interviews a year.

    #3) To John Jay Myers…you have misunderstood and misrepresented my views on Israel for far too long. Please stop doing it.

    All I care about is that LP candidates have a moderate, pragmatic position that doesn’t frighten or repel mainstream voters. That doesn’t seem radical, extreme, or risky. The issue of Israel has repelled mainstream voters towards the LP for 40 years.

    By moderation, all I mean is do not appear or sound anti-Israel, or sound hateful, or anti-semitic, or offend Jewish and Christian voters.

    That’s all I ask. Pretty reasonable and moderate common sense request if you have any interest in ever electing a LP candidate to anything, in a nation that is highly supportive of Israel.

    My personal position is that, although I am a fan and supporter of Israel, I am a Libertarian and constantly say in public and on hundreds of media interviews that I believe in ending our current wars, dramatically cutting military bases around the world, dramatically phasing out foreign aid and military aid- for countries like Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Let these rich countries support their own defense. And cutting the defense budget- just like I want to cut all other departments of government.

    I argue publicly that there is no possible way to balance the budget or keep us from economic disaster due to spiraling debt without including defense spending in the massive cuts needed.

    But the way to appeal to mainstream voters in a moderate and pragmatic way, and not frighten mothers and grandmothers, and not offend tens of millions of Jews and Christians who love and support Israel…

    is for LP candidates to answer the question in a non-offensive and non-threatening moderate, pragmatic way. To support cuts in defense…cuts in foreign aid, cuts in military bases…but not to demand instand end to everything. Too radical, too extreme, too risky, won’t happen…and you’ll never get anyone elected to even start the job in a small way.

    I’m trying to get LP candidates elected. Try to bite off too much, and sound too radical or risky, and the result is that no one will elect us to do anything. That’s a pretty clear lesson of past 40 years.

    And the moderate, pragmatic, common sense way to approach cutting foreign aid to popular Israel is also moderation…

    We can explain it by proposing to cut out or phase out foreign aid first to our enemies in the world. Simple and accepted by a majority of Americans.

    Eventually that will allow us to phase out all foreign aid- even to our good friends like Israel.

    But any cut off has to be slow and over a number of years to enable good friends to make a gradual and successful transition.

    It’s that simple. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If you ask for too much, you will get nothing. A lesson of success in business, politics, relationships, life.

    #4) Finally, a recommendation- please be nicer, be more accepting to anyone you don’t agree with 100%. Or Libertarians will wind up turning off or frightening people who are “small l” libertarian-leaning.

    We need to build a big tent. We need to convert Tea Partiers, conservatives fed up with the GOP, blue dog Democrats fed up with the socialist Democratic Party, and independents who care so strongly about economic issues and jobs. Every group I just mentioned is at their foundation fiscally conservative.

    We cannot recruit or convert those voters unless we are moderate, pragmatic, common sense, not too radical or threatening.

    The way some of you attack not just me, but anyone who disagrees on one issue, or who won’t support radical immediate change, is a turn-off to moderate voters who don’t want to be viciously attacked, denigrated or condemned for disagreements on issues. Mainstream independent voters are looking for positive dialogue and compromise- NOT vitriol.

    We need to recruit and convert these mainstream voters for us to ever succeed. Vitriol will scare them, not convince them to listen or switch to LP.

    Best Wishes & Happy Holidays,


  2. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton December 18, 2011

    Plus, Wayne has those Goyim Tea Party people in the palm of his hand. He can mold their opinions like gefilte fish in gelatin. He can have those rubes dancing the hora like puppets on a string.

    Wayne could probably raise about $100 million for Bachmann just from his fans in radioland. There’s no question Bachmann has replaced Palin as the No. 1 talk radio MILF.

    This could be the LP’s long-awaited silver bullet. Hell, gold bullet.

  3. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton December 18, 2011

    Now that Ron Paul has revealed himself to be an evil pro-Iranian Ahmadinejad-Libertarian, the LP can’t recruit him after he is booted from the GOP. But, perhaps the shiksa babe from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann could be recruited by the LP after she loses the Republican nomination.

    I have a feeling that under all that hairspray, she may be a true Netanyahu-Libertarian. I’m sure AIPAC would support her as well as the Goyim Tea Party types.

  4. John Jay Myers John Jay Myers December 18, 2011

    Wayne, just how exactly does being a “huge supporter of Israel” manifest itself in a Libertarian campaign?

    Please be specific.
    And how would you contrast that with Ron Paul’s answers to the same topic?

    Face it Wayne you are a war monger, neo conservative, you want us in up to our knees in debt to “back Israel at all cost” even though it is absolutely not in our interest to do so. FACT.

    So I know you have an “Israel first” attitude by I would urge you not to take Johnson down with you.

    I have an America first attitude and I recognize that “protecting Israel at all costs” including preemptive war for bogus reasons, is bull.

    There is no way to “protect Israel at all costs” and not have troops stationed around the world, you have to have an infrastructure for that. And that as we know costs around a trillion a year. I have an interest in a balance budget …..soon.

    I would go so far as to tell Iran that “if” they attacked Israel without provacation that we would flatten them like a pancake, but it’s such a ludicrous Michelle Bachman thing to believe that Iran would even try that.

    Israel has about 30% Muslims are you saying Iran would nuke them? Then look around Israel, do you really believe any of those countries would be happy if someone launched a nuclear attack on them?
    It is simply never going to happen, so again… how does being a “huge supporter of Israel” manifest itself in a Libertarian campaign?

  5. Netanyahu/Mubarak '12 Netanyahu/Mubarak '12 December 18, 2011

    @ 18, A Johnson/Root ticket may be a good fit in 2012 if Johnson is a Netanyahu-Libertarian, since Root is a Mubarak-Libertarian.

    A much better fit that Barr/Root, since Barr is a Duvalier-Libertarian.

  6. wolfefan wolfefan December 17, 2011

    Hi Wayne @08-

    Just an FYI for you that your own website describes you as the leading contender for the 2012 LP presidential nomination. You might want to let your staff know that you’re not a candidate and that you would refuse a draft due to your busy schedule.

    Best wishes and happy holidays…

  7. Mario Conde Mario Conde December 17, 2011

    Wayne, if Gary Johnson runs for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, are you going to make a bid to be the Vice-Presidential nominee again for 2012?

  8. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt December 17, 2011

    Tom Blanton @ 18: “Netanyahu-Libertarian”

    I just spit my coffee out on the Computer screen!

  9. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton December 17, 2011

    Well, it is good to know that Johnson supports Israel, but the question is how deep is his support for Israel?

    Is Johnson willing to turn Iran and Syria into glass parking lots for Israel after the Goys start whining? Will he continue to give Israel $3 billion a year in vouchers for US weapons that they can sell to China? Is he willing to open up all DIA and CIA intelligence to Israel? Would Johnson be willing to join the IDF and kill Arabs for Israel?

    Is Johnson a true Netanyahu-Libertarian or is he just giving Israel lip service to get AIPAC support?

    Will the Likud Party endorse Johnson? Has the Zionist Caucus of the LP interrogated Johnson yet?

    LP members deserve to know these things.

    Most importantly,

    Happy Hanukkah

  10. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry December 17, 2011

    @16 – because WAR will run if he can’t recruit Johnson – in his own words “I’m hoping to recruit a Libertarian-conservative candidate that I can support to LP so I can wait until 2016.”
    Translation: “If I’m unable to find a conservative candidate to seek the LP nomination, I’ll have to do it myself.”

  11. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young December 17, 2011

    Wayne @8, I’m curious as to why RJ Harris wouldn’t be an acceptable backup plan in case Johnson doesn’t run.

  12. Alan Pyeatt Alan Pyeatt December 17, 2011

    BTW, the only ideological litmus test Libertarians should use is agreement with the Statement of Principles. That is the ideology we have adopted, and should be our measuring stick.

  13. George Phillies George Phillies December 17, 2011

    Until recently, some party members would have given Johnson difficulties over his positions on colonialism, but that seems to have been deleted from the platform.

  14. Alan Pyeatt Alan Pyeatt December 17, 2011

    Agree with Dr. Phillies on the military tribunals. I tend to like Johnson, but the vetting process will be very important (and very interesting). No doubt that will happen before we vote on a candidate.

    A much bigger concern is the possible “ideological litmus test” referred to by ES @ 10. This party has a LOT of housekeeping to do.

  15. George Phillies George Phillies December 17, 2011

    @11 “due process…via military tribunals”

    The notion that there can be due process from military kangaroo courts is absurd nonsense.

    If he runs with a third party, the Dadaist Internationale should be a good fit.

  16. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi December 17, 2011

    10 es, GJ’s website says this on Gitmo: “Individuals detained by the U.S., whether it be at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere, must be given due process via the courts or military tribunals, and must not be held indefinitely without regard to those fundamental processes.”

    Cut him some slack for the Napolitano answer.

    I’d say his official position seems reasonably Platform compliant. His is also not the plumbline position, which I’d say is wise, ATC.

  17. Eric Sundwall Eric Sundwall December 17, 2011

    Has the LNCC obtained the entire LNC membership and email list free of charge as the most recent copy of Liberty for America charges?

    Is the LNCC actively seeking contributions to itself from this list?

    Will there be an ideological litmus test that favors conservatives over libertarians in the dispersal of funds to various candidacies?

    Mr. Johnson doesn’t support closing Gitmo and thinks a Fair (Flat?) Tax is just. Will candidates who do not support these measures, not receive donations from the LNCC?

    Just curious.

  18. Joe Joe December 17, 2011


    >>A Libertarian in every way…yet still a huge supporter of Israel.<<

    Um . . .

    Of course I support Americans giving Foreign Aid to Israel, and every other nation. And, of course, I do not support the government borrowing money from China, or taxing me or anyone else, to give Foreign Aid to Israel or any other nation.

    That said, living in Park City, and with Gary Johnson's national headquarters, and Ron Nielson's offices just down the hill in SLC; once Gary joins the Libertarian Party and repudiates the Republicans pro-war, anti-Liberty positions, I'll be right there with you.


  19. Wayne Root Wayne Root December 17, 2011

    @6 Deb,

    Since I’ve been heavily recruiting Gary Johnson to LP for weeks…I had dinner with him in Baltimore a month ago…spent much time with his campaign senior advisor in the past few days…

    I think it’s pretty clear I support Gary to be our Presidential nominee.

    My goal- as I’ve stated publicly a dozen times- is 2016.

    I am heavily invested in my businesses and multiple careers right now and can’t give them up for a 6 monthes “all in” effort for President. I’ve stated that on perhaps 200+ radio interviews and numerous Tv interviews for 6 months now…

    That I’m hoping to recruit a Libertarian-conservative candidate that I can support to LP so I can wait until 2016.

    Gary is the perfect candidate. Answer to my recruiting efforts.

    The most fiscally conservative governor in America. Mr. Veto. Never allowed a spending or tax increase in 8 years as Governor.

    Simpatico with me on almost every issue.

    A Libertarian in every way…yet still a huge supporter of Israel.

    The perfect LP candidate.

    I’ll be going “all in” to help Gary.

    And I’ll spend the next 4 years building a LP farm team of donors and good candidates…and a strong platform for my run in 2016.

    Just saw your note and thought I’d answer.

    Most importantly, Happy Holidays,

  20. just saying just saying December 17, 2011

    Is that the same Bill Cunningham who hosts a trashy Jerry Springer-style tv talk show?

  21. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl December 17, 2011

    with Johnson joining I doubt wayne will run for Pres.

  22. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt December 17, 2011

    …breathlessly awaiting his announcements…

  23. hf hf December 17, 2011

    Being compared to Krauthammer is nothing to be proud of.

  24. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton December 17, 2011

    Yeah, yeah, but can he leap buildings with a single bound? Can he walk on water? Can he squeeze lightning bolts out of his sphincter?

  25. Joe Joe December 17, 2011

    >>Wayne tells IPR he’ll soon make several announcements about his future in media and politics.<<

    Ditto! @1 — What's up Wayne?

  26. Mario Conde Mario Conde December 16, 2011

    Keep it up, Wayne! Looking foward to know your media and political plans.

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