Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Makes Local News

Robby Wells is a former college football coach and now a presidential candidate seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party. It is that latter job title that has gotten him this piece of press.

Most people in the Palmetto State know Robby Wells as the former assistant football coach at the University of South Carolina and at South Carolina State. But his next challenge may be the most difficult to win.

Wells announced Monday morning he is running for president as an independent  and believes a vote for him is a vote for real change.

“It is time for Americans to move in a new, positive direction. It is time for America to elect a third party candidate for president.

Wells announced back in November his intent to run. He said he will represent the Constitution Party after being recruited by several small parties. He said he is tired of the back and fourth bickering between Republicans and Democrats.

Wells was previously running for the nomination of the Reform Party, but has switched to the Constitution Party–claiming he was “recruited”.

12 thoughts on “Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Makes Local News

  1. NewFederalist

    If he really was “recruited” I wonder by whom? Anyone have any idea? Perhaps Trent or Red may be able to take a guess.

  2. bruuno

    Could it be another ‘recruiting’ scandal involving Mr. Wells? Will he sue if he doesn’t get the nomination?

  3. johncjackson

    Yeah. My question was genuine, as I went to 2 very large universities, 1 of which ranks among the top football schools of all-time and has been #1 at some point almost every season in recent history. Both had recent coaching changes, and the only reasons any assistant coaches became known were due to scandals ( though not necessarily scandals of their own, but increased profiles in the wake of head coaching problems). I would guess that almost everyone in my state ( and much of the country) knows at least the last 2 head coaches of our local university, but name recognition of assistant coaches is probably in single digits.

    On a somewhat related note I read that Craig James is VERY “unknown” in his Senate race in Texas. Yet he was a star football player at SMU, played around half a dozen NFL seasons with a Pro Bowl appearance, has been a featured commentator on national college football broadcasts for the last 20 years, and is with a major party.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    JohnCJackson–I dont think assistants are generally “Very” well known, but they are a known quantity at the biggest schools (like USC)

    I can name most of the assistants at LSU, for example, as well as a few at Alabama, Florida, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Texas, etc.

  5. NewFederalist

    Until the recent disaster most of the Penn State assistants were fairly well known because many of them had been there for 15 or more years. That has all changed with the scandal but even a couple of the best recruiters survived the mass terminations.

  6. D. Lou Shenoll

    Any word on Goode yet ? Also a look at ballot access news doesn’t show much CP activity. Will they get 30 state access this year or not ?

    Where do you fit on the political test?:

    In Part From Constitution Party Of Ohio Website

    What does the Constitution Party stand for?
    •Return to Constitutional, Limited Government
    •Protect the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    •Repeal the Unconstitutional Income Tax
    •Protect the Inalienable Rights of Liberty and Private Property
    •Abolish the Federal Reserve and Restore Constitutional Money
    •End Federal Subsidies for and control of Education and Welfare
    •Return Control over Elections to the People
    •Abolish Special Interest Entitlements (corporate welfare)
    •Stop All Unconstitutional Spending
    •Restore National Sovereignty, including Withdrawal from the United Nations
    •Maintain a Strong National Defense
    •Protect the Inalienable Right to Life of All, including the Unborn and Infirm
    •Promote Pro-family Policies
    •Restore the United States to “One Nation Under God”
    •Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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