MN: Michael Cavlan for US Senate Campaign Commercial

The Michael Cavlan for US Senate campaign has just released their first campaign commercial. The commercial is available on youtube. No plans for broadcast TV ad buys were mentioned.

Cavlan is running for US Senate 2012 in Minnesota on the Minnesota Open Progressive ticket. His opponent will be Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat. The Minnesota GOP have not decided yet who they will run. At last report the Minnesota Independence Party, who are Minnesota’s third major party will not run anyone for Senate in the 2012 election.

The campaign also has a facebook page.

Cavlan is a frequent commenter here at IPR.

2 thoughts on “MN: Michael Cavlan for US Senate Campaign Commercial

  1. paulie Post author

    No, never heard back from them.

    As I told you on the phone I got a call from their campaign manager in France, but did not know whether I should take international calls on my cell.

    I emailed them and you saying I have better internet access now, or could talk on my motel phone if we could prearrange a time, but never heard anything from them after that.

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