RJ Harris in Car Accident on way to Badnarik Constitution Class at Oklahoma Capitol

H/T D. Lou Shenoll in comments on a previous IPR post, Libertarian Presidential nomination candidate RJ Harris was involved in a car accident yesterday while on his way to a Constitution class at the Oklahoma Capitol taught by 2004 Libertarian presidential nominee Michael Badnarik.

Per RJ’s facebook wall (around noon today) “Got into a car accident on the way to Michael’s Constitution class at the state capital. I am ok (except my shoulder is slightly injured) but the car will be in the shop a few days till they can determine if it is repairable. Car accidents are always complex situations and legal help will be needed to provide justice and a helping hand to those that are in need. Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, P.C. is a brilliant law firm that will offer you any advice or legal information you need. When driving in future, I am going to take some rest before making a second attempt to get to the city in time to at least see everyone.”

Regarding that class, Badnarik wrote:

I’m sure you’ve seen people set up dominos just to watch the chain reaction as each one that falls knocks over the one next to it. (Here is a short video example.) What you don’t see are the hours and hours of preparation that were necessary to arrange for the relatively short, but spectacular display. The patriot movement is very much like a domino presentation. We have spent years and years arranging things in preparation for Liberty. Admittedly, the preparation has not been as easy to plan and organize since there are so many people working independently of each other. However I believe it is time to trigger an event that will begin a chain reaction that will be amazing to watch.

The first domino in this chain is the Oklahoma legislature. Representative Charles Key has invited me to teach my Constitution class on the floor of the Oklahoma State House on January 14th. The class is open to the public, and will cost four ounces of .999 fine silver, or the near equivalent in FRNs (currently equal to $150). Attendees will spend the day sitting in the same seats used to vote on legislation for Oklahoma. More importantly, Representative Key is inviting all the sitting members of the Oklahoma legislature to attend this historic event. Here is the website with more information. Seats are filling up fast, so if you would like to tell your grandchildren that you were there at the beginning, please be sure to call Kaye Beach (405-818-3224) or Howard Houchen (580-317-5058) to reserve your seat today.

I have mailed a personal invitation to all one hundred members of the State House explaining what to expect in class and inviting them to attend. I have also written a letter to the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore (Speaker of the Senate) for the other forty-nine states. I am inviting them to organize a similar class in their own state, delicately suggesting that it would be a shame if Oklahoma had the only patriotic state legislature in the country. During these classes I plan to emphasize the importance of the Tenth Amendment, explaining that the State legislature has the Constitutional authority to expel federal agents from the state. In fact, Charles Key is the man who sponsored the Tenth Amendment resolution passed by the Oklahoma legislature, and copied by thirty-six other states.

I never had the courage to dream this big before. I was thrilled beyond words to learn that I was confirmed for my class in Oklahoma City, but I was even more surprised when people began to contact me to find out if I would be willing to present a similar class in other states. Thus was born “Operation: DOMINO EFFECT”. I am asking my supporters to write a letter to their local state representative politely requesting my Constitution class in their state. If I can teach my class in ten states in 2012 I will consider myself a success, but – if you’re going to dream, you may as well dream big. I would like your help in making sure this happens in all fifty states. (Please don’t worry about over working me. I’m happy to go the extra mile to make this happen.)

If you have any comments or encouragements, please feel to include them here.

Badnarik credits RJ Harris with helping make thus event possible:

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about musical groups who struggle for years, playing in backwater bars, until suddenly they become “an overnight success”. I am hoping that 2012 is the year I finally go from rags to riches, and I may end up owing all of it to R.J. Harris who is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of the United States. There are currently fourteen people who have thrown their hat into that political fight, and my next newsletter article asks your opinion on this multi-faceted argument. Several weeks ago, a close and trusted friend called me requesting that I give Mr. Harris a call. He explained that he is from Oklahoma, that he was running for president, and that he wanted me to teach my Constitution class as part of his campaign strategy. I was subsequently called by one of his staff members who explained that the goal was to attract “at least one hundred students” to my class. I wish I had a dollar for every person who has made that promise. I have been disappointed so many times in the past that my reflexive thought process is, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. When pigs fly!”. No one hates to be wrong more than I do, but I may soon become a true believer. Kaye Beach is the woman responsible for this event, and when I called to ask where this class was to be held, I couldn’t believe my ears. She had just reserved the floor of the State House in Okalahoma City! I asked her twice to make sure that I understood her correctly. Barring any unforseen circumstances, on Saturday, January 14th I will be standing behind the same lecturn used by the Speaker of the House. But wait! You also get the ginsu knives! The plan keeps getting better. State Representative, Charles Key, is doing his best to make sure that a large percentage of Oklahoma’s legislative body is in attendance! Make that PAID attendance. BE STILL MY HEART! I feel like I’ve been breathing nitrous oxide when I think about the possibilites. I am already planning to have this session professionally recorded, and I will offer it in DVD format shortly thereafter. As soon as the class is over, while the seats are still warm, I will mail out letters to each of the 49 other states inviting them to host a class – so they are not out done by Oklahoma. We wouldn’t want any state to appear unpatriotic now, would we? Sheriff Mack is making every effort to help county sheriffs understand their oath of office, and their responsibility to defend the Constitution, Add to that a nation of state legislatures who understand that power flows from them to Washington, and life in the United States could look very different to what we’re experiencing now. Things are definitely looking up. Those of us who have been fighting for Liberty for many years have a tendency to be cynical and short tempered, but there are many signs that things are about to change significantly for the better. Either way, this is a very exciting time to be alive.

23 thoughts on “RJ Harris in Car Accident on way to Badnarik Constitution Class at Oklahoma Capitol

  1. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    Other comments on Newt and the Children’s Crusade and the ‘Happy Warrior’ HHH.

    The entire article is hilarious — check out J. C. Watts’ immensely-relieved “I think I see the speaker’s bus!” after filling time for half an hour, or Gingrich fielding questions on a conference call that had no callers because the number was invalid [Lake: shades of Jill Stein, MD].

    It reminded me of this passage from Theodore White’s The Making of the President 1960 in which a broke Hubert Humphrey goes on the air for a half-hour telethon with no money for pre-screening of calls. The results are predictable:

    Then came a rasping voice over the telephone, the whining scratch of an elderly lady somewhere high in the hills, and one could see Humphrey flinch (as the viewers flinched); and the rasp said,

    “You git out! You git out of West Virginia, Mr. Humphrey!”

    Humphrey attempted to fluster a reply and the voice overrode him, “You git out, you hear!

    You can’t stand the Republicans gitting ahead of you! Why don’t you git out?” …

    He had barely begun to answer [another] question when a clipped voice interrupted on the party line of the caller, “Clear the wires, please, clear the wires this is an emergency!”

    Humphrey attempted to explain that they were on the air, they were answering questions to a TV audience.

    “Clear the wires, clear the wire at once, this is an emergency,” repeated the operator on the party line. …

    The lesson, as White points out, is “that TV is no medium for a poor man.” Nor is campaigning a medium for a disorganized man, Newt …….

  2. Kim Dead Jung Party, via Lake

    Governor, Missouri:

    Talk about nitpicking. Spence listed on his resume that he had a college degree in economics from the University of Missouri at Columbia. As it turned out he got a degree in “Home Economics” at Mizzou. *

    The candidate fully admits that he was not an academic superstar and got the only degree he could manage.

    Of course unlike Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or [South East Missouri State] Rush Limbaugh, Spence got his degree.

    He also took that Home Economics degrees and made millions of dollars in the private sector. [As did Bill Walton and his Mizzou B-school under graduate.]

    * and then there is federal felon Randal ‘Duke’ Cunningham and his UMC AGRICULTURE Economics diploma. (The same piece of paper that others have leap frogged to law and medical degrees *person experiences* ………..)

  3. D. Lou Shenoll

    I too am pleased Harris isn’t seriously injured.

    @ 2 I wish these guys would “clean” their list up a bit. I mean Knapp has been “off the farm” for months, Duensing has withdrawn, Root never officially entered. Is Milnes’ membership even up to date and valid? Is the former homeless guy a paid member, etc., etc. ???

    I guess it’s not worthwhile, but someone should at least get a membership fee from people who want to use the LP name and act like a LP candidate. Just a thought…..

  4. Ad Hoc

    From that link,,,

    Libertarian 2012 presidential candidates

    posted by Staff on Sep 23, 2011

    [Updated January 10, 2012]

    The Libertarian Party does not necessarily endorse or agree with the candidates or the contents of their web pages listed below.

    The following candidates have filed with the F.E.C. as Libertarians and are members of the national Libertarian Party:

    Roger Gary

    R. J. Harris

    Gary Johnson

    Scott Keller

    James Ogle

    Carl Person

    Bill Still

    Miss Joy Waymire

    Lee Wrights

    The Libertarian Party nominee will be chosen by delegates to the 2012 Libertarian National Convention which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 4-6, 2012.

    Please send corrections or additions to campaigns@lp.org.

    The following are members of the national Libertarian Party and have announced their intention to run for president but are not listed on the Federal Election Commission page.

    Jim Burns

    Robert Milnes

  5. George Phillies

    “…the State legislature has the Constitutional authority to expel federal agents from the state…”

    Some readers may find this claim to be a bit surprising. Well, ‘a bit surprising’ is more polite than ‘totally off the fourth wall’.

  6. Ad Hoc

    Kudos to RJ Harris, Kaye Beach and Michael Badnarik. A great team effort.

    Hopefully it will spread to more states.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Knapp has been ‘off the farm’ for months”

    If by “off the farm” you mean “no longer a presidential candidate, close to two years.

    If you mean “out of the LP,” close to a year and a half.

  8. Brian Holtz

    Keller advocates free education and free health insurance for all Americans, a moratorium on all debt collection, and a “graduated capital gains tax”.

    Ogle’s campaign is to promote the “USA Parliament”, and considers it very important that all men vote for a female for President while all women vote for a male.

    Waymire’s campaign site talks about stigmata that appeared on her hands in the 1980s, and explains that “My entire campaign is based completely in Faith; not the ways of men. […] I serve the Lord, thy God and His People. I have no self-desires, for my will is my Lord’s Will. […] If another is chosen, then I will run independently and will even consider on a write-in basis; if the need be.”

    Jim Burns considers it extremely important that you know how many words (and minutes of reading time) are used by each part of his writings. For 20 years he’s been promoting a strategy that the LP nominee should campaign almost exclusively in New Hampshire.

    And Milnes is, well, Milnes.

  9. LibertarianGirl

    @16 ROFL..his strategy one year was to appeal to Southerners by having Union Jack imagry and vehemently demonizing Abe Lincoln….

    we sure are , um , colorful:)

  10. Rob Banks

    @19 Confederate battle flag not union jack, and he still does it. At least recently he wore a confederate tie.

  11. NewFederalist

    From the descriptions @16 above it would appear that Bob Milnes is downright normal!

  12. paulie Post author



    For further information, please call (405) 310-8533

    NORMAN, OKLAHOMA — The RJ Harris 2012 Presidential Campaign is pleased to announce that RJ will be attending the Manhattan NY Libertarian Party Convention and Debate this Saturday January 21, 2012 and sharing the stage with a host of excellent Libertarian Statesmen.

    The rising presidential candidacy of one of Oklahoma’s native sons is gathering attention across his home state and word of it is spreading rapidly through Native American Nations across the Republic since RJ Satank (Sitting Bear) Harris of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma could be the first Native American ever elected President. People across America are also beginning to take notice and are responding to RJ Harris’ message of more freedom and less government intrusion.

    Of course there is more reason to take notice of RJ’s campaign than just him being the only Native American in the race; he is also a three-time combat veteran, career Army National Guard Officer, 2010 Oklahoma Tea Party and Senator Rand Paul endorsed Congressional Candidate and prominent leader in the nation-wide grass-roots Liberty Candidate movement.

    But where is the buzz coming from, and how is it growing so fast from a Libertarian Party candidate? RJ says, “…we are using innovative information technologies and social media outlets to reach far more people than is usually done by traditional campaigns. In the May 2011 Gallup Poll 52% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats said they are ready to throw out BOTH parties responsible for the $15t debt, three foreign wars, the Civil War on Drugs and more federal socialism than our grandchildren’s children can ever pay for. In response to this voice from the people I am offering my Presidential Campaign for consideration and it is being well received.”

    Contributing to this momentum has been favorable news articles from across Oklahoma and from political blogs across the internet with RJ and his presidential campaign prominently featured in many Oklahoma news papers for its leadership in the drive to get the Libertarian Party on Oklahoma’s 2012 Presidential ballot. And if all this was not enough RJ is coming off winning debate and poll performances at the Illinois Libertarian Party state convention, the Houston Texas Libertarian Party convention as well as winning several national straw polls of Libertarian activists. Additionally, recent internals indicate that RJ has retained strong support among the Liberty Movement even as New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has now joined the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination.

    “Gary’s entry into this race will bring some serious star power to our nomination process and allow this excellent field of Libertarian Candidates and Statesmen to show our metal against the Republican and Democrat big-government progressives. I have no doubt that we will prove ourselves up to this task as each and every one of us will be needed to help the eventual Libertarian ticket implement the promised restoration of our Constitution and this Republic. I look forwards to sharing the stage with Gary and the other Libertarian Candidates in Manhattan.” RJ Harris

    To learn more about RJ Harris, his candidacy, his upcoming campaign events and his stand on the issues, please visit his website at http://www.rjharris2012.com, and be sure to check out his Facebook page as well.


    RJ Harris in the News

    Muskogee Phoenix Article

    Support for Third U.S. Party Dips, but Is Still Majority View

    Norman Man Seeks Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination – The Oklahoman

    Miami News-record Article on the RJ Harris candidacy

    Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate hopes to get party on ballot (Edmond OK Sun)

    RJ Harris at LibertyFest 2011

    RJ Harris Speaks Against the Smoking Ban on the OU Campus

    RJ Harris interview by Wikinews

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