Scott Keller Seeks LP Nod

From a media release by the Scott Keller campaign:

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012 12:00am

Scott Keller officially announces that he is seeking the 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination with a liberty and solution-oriented platform, which promises to turn the economy around in 6-12 months, while paring down the size of the Federal government and returning to the American people many of the liberties they have lost over the past eleven years.

He, like Ron Paul, has set forth a plan to end the Federal Reserve. Mr. Keller has promised to lead the effort to return to a sovereign currency, increase autonomy of States and local towns and cities, bring home all troops not in essential roles overseas, and get the Federal government out of the private lives of American Citizens. His positions on issues have consistently been in favor of solutions that minimize government involvement and help people from all sides of an issue.  “I believe in innovation and the great potential in people.  There’s almost nothing we can’t accomplish if we just focus on getting it done,” says Keller.

Mr. Keller also stands out as the only candidate who openly supports such research and development efforts as The Venus Project, which aims to further shrink the role of government and increase peoples’ freedoms.  Also, he supports testing new economic models such as resource-based economies and open source economies. and various forms of local currencies and exchange systems.

He will face off against Gary Johnson, Bill Still, Roger Gary, R. J. Harris, James Ogle, Carl Person, Joy Waymire, and Lee Wrights at the Libertarian National Convention to be held in May in Las Vegas. The Libertarian Party expects to have ballot access in all 50 states for their chosen nominee.

Scott Keller for President 2012

Libertarian Candidate

“Make It Change!”

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26 thoughts on “Scott Keller Seeks LP Nod

  1. D. Lou Shenoll

    If you are including Miss waymire, then by all means, NEVER and I mean NEVER slight our good friend and yours, Big and I mean BIG Jim LIBERTARIAN Burns !

    Otherwise, WELCOME aboard. We all hope you can reach a broad mass with your libertarian message ! Mainly ENJOY the trip and if you must aim verbal weapons AIM them at Ds and Rs ! They deserve every barb !!!

    PS, doesn’t look like GJ is scaring anyone off! Heh?!

  2. Brian Holtz

    Keller advocates free education and free health insurance for all Americans, a moratorium on all debt collection, and a “graduated capital gains tax”.

  3. johncjackson

    Too much [stuff] to sift through. I’m just going to go with the coolest looking stoner of the bunch.


    I’m waiting for the announcement that every member of the LP is running for the presidential nomination.

  5. George Phillies

    But will he be listed on the LP web page as a candidate? Executive Director Howell is already asking if she can delist some of the candidates that she does not like, and, no, people unable to defend themselves here are not who I mean.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Does he land in the L quad of the Nolan chart or not?”

    That depends on what set of questions you use to plot him on the two axes.

    Ditto for everyone else.

  7. Steve

    Just a tip for any campaign managers who might be reading this page, I usually immediately write off any candidate whose bio page is a long rambling discourse on their personality and contains zero information on their political and professional resume.

  8. paulie

    I’m waiting for the announcement that every member of the LP is running for the presidential nomination.

    Noted for April Fools Day post.

  9. paulie

    But will he be listed on the LP web page as a candidate?

    He was, but is not anymore.

    As of now the only ones they list anymore are

    Roger Gary

    R. J. Harris

    Gary Johnson

    Bill Still

    Mosheh Thezion

    Lee Wrights

    With all having a website link except Thezion (I’m not sure if Thezion has a website at all yet, though).

    BTW there were a lot more names there yesterday.

  10. paulie

    people unable to defend themselves here are not who I mean.

    Actually, Milnes and Ogle were among the candidates taken down.

    If they want to make a statement about that I will post it for them here or retroactively approve their comments. One comment from each. I may even make it a post.

    Unfortunately, I know of no way to allow them to comment on one post and not others, or – if that is possible – to keep them from leaving a hundred or more comments about other issues on the comments on this post.

  11. D. Lou Shenoll

    Who is Mosheh Thezion ?

    These numbers are less than GJ even thought he had to compete with for the nom!

    Let’s be honest for a few seconds, this guy Keller, GJ, Ogle, perhaps Harris(? he is a constitutionalist), Still, and yes even dear ol’ Milnes are interested in the LP (mainly)because of their Ballot Access.

    You may not like them but R. Gary and Wrights have been around long enough to not be accused of the same offense. IMO.

    @9 Mr. Knapp I prefer the On the Issues questions in association with the Vote Match site. Which is linked to in another thread (very recent thread). Everyone should take the quiz. Read the explanation for the Q so you can more match your true beliefs. All should notice where current candidates (Ls,Rs and D) land on the chart. Hence, a Paul/Ventura ticket would be more balanced than a Paul/Johnson ticket. A Johnson/ ??? Ticket would need a more “purist” as a running mate to balance the ticket. GJ is himself balanced at roughly 70/70, but 70/70 could be much better! Let’s hope the $ person rumored is a 80/80 Plus L even a 100/100 L VP would $urely be acceptable thi$ year, if the PRICE I$ RIGHT……..$-lol-$

    Then again, one of our alternative personality (TinFoilCap&JockeyShortstoMatch) states if the “$” is right then the LP VP could land anywhere on the chart as long as the LP campaign stays on target with L principles over 75% of the time……..He is tired of wandering in the wilderness attacking windmills and WISHES the LP to become an actual player in national and world politics and MONEY used correctly is what is needed to bring the LP to the point of becoming a worthwhile player in major politics.

    Grassroots Activism***Paid Advertisements***Positive Local Media***!


  12. Robert Capozzi

    7 gp: Executive Director Howell is already asking if she can delist some of the candidates that she does not like…

    me: Is this a quote? Did Howell say this? I don’t “like” some of these candidates, may I take them off the list, please?

  13. paulie

    Did Howell say this?

    I don’t know, but she, or someone in her office, has done it – regardless of what was or was not said.

  14. Dr. Tom Stevens

    I had no problem with the disclaimer the LP did not neccesarily share the views of the candidates running but the national LP must be neutral, in my opinion, with respect to candidates seeking the LP Presidential Nomination and if they declared they are seeking it and have filed with the FEC as Libertarian Party candidates for President, I think it is totally inappropriate to de-list any candidate!

  15. johncjackson

    George makes a good point about Person actually running for office as a Libertarian and receiving votes. maybe he is the most qualified.

    I know some Libertarians don’t like former Repuglican Congressmen and Governors joining up and running at the top. I would advise considering those on a case by case basis. I think I’d prefer a two term Rep. Gov. with a history of libertarian views than a bunch of nobodies who haven’t done anything, though. I don’t expect anyone to win anything above city level office as a Libertarian, but at least make a good showing somewhere. Or have loads of cash and name recognition.

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