Securities and Exchange Commission: Daniel Imperato Conned Investors out of $2.5 Million

Daniel Imperato, who unsuccessfully sought the 2008 Presidential nomination of the Libertarian, Reform, Green and Constitution Parties, and ran as independent for Governor of Florida in 2010, has been accused by the US Government’s Securities and Exchange Commission of bilking gullible investors out of about $2.5 million US:

A West Palm Beach businessman defrauded investors of $2.5 million and used some of the cash to pay for his presidential campaign, the Securities and Exchange Commission said this week.

The SEC’s civil suit says Daniel Imperato, 53, schemed to portray his company, Imperiali of West Palm Beach, as a thriving organization “when in fact it was nothing more than a shell corporation.”

Imperato hired telephone salesmen and found 60 investors to buy stock in his company. The pitch sounded promising: Imperiali claimed to own a stable of television and telecommunications companies poised to generate $350 million in profits on $500 million in revenue in 2009.

“In reality, Imperiali’s portfolio companies had no operations, no products or services, and no revenue,” the SEC’s suit says.

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68 thoughts on “Securities and Exchange Commission: Daniel Imperato Conned Investors out of $2.5 Million

  1. George Phillies


    my mystic arcane secret as revealed by the Ancients of Atlantis


    There is this thing called the “internet” and it has “search services”. I do not — seemed not so important at the time — remember more details, except if you think people are interacting with the SEC can can research this directly.

    Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for something more fabulous, but there are like ten billion web pages and several billion people who can access them.

    To which I add


  2. Darryl W. Perry

    Two of the three top results I got:

    Also, here is a link to the Google News results for “Daniel Imperato”

  3. paulie Post author

    as ambassador from the Vatican city ?

    He may have been shooting for an insanity defense, in addition to laundering money.

  4. paulie Post author

    There is this thing called the “internet” and it has “search services”.


    I think Richard was asking what caused you do to do a search on Imperato at this particular time.

  5. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    And to think Ccaappoozzii was his main supporter for the nom. and he did this wow ! BTW- anyone fooled by this man pretty much deserved what they got ! can I get an Amen ?!!!

    Well I guess I shouldn’t be condoning FRAUD should I, claiming to be an L myself and all…….

  6. Tom Blanton

    I’m shocked, shocked to find that a con man would seek the LP nomination to be its presidential candidate.

    It’s hard to believe that a narcissistic sociopath with delusions of grandeur would be involved with LP politics.

  7. Tom Blanton

    On the other hand, perhaps we shouldn’t rush to judgment. So far, Imperato has only been accused of fraud.

    It could be that his only crime was engaging in good old American-style capitalism with an overly optimistic outlook on his ability to be successful.

    For all we know, the SEC charges are merely brought about by some petty bureaucrat’s envy of Imperato’s wealth and jealousy of his success in life.

  8. paulie Post author

    Yes, more recently I’ve heard he paid for that one vote.

    He also got one vote at the Constitution Party convention according to wikipedia.

  9. George Phillies

    @6 You are assuming I did the search.

    as I said

    “several billion people who can access them.

    To which I add


    I have any number of friends in places like Florida where there was press coverage who might have concluded that I would find this amusing.

  10. George Phillies

    And then, Paulie, I thought you would find it amusing.

    But he was not the biggest smoke and mirrors expert running for our 2008 nomination. Or our 2004 nomination.

  11. Bill Blair

    Loooool! It was about time for Impewacko to be exposed for the crooked fraud that he is.

  12. Catholic Trotskyist

    Thanks NF. I am confident that my fellow Catholic papal ambassador and spiritual warrior Daniel Imperato will be exonerated from these false charges. Daniel Imperato should have been nominated by all third parties in 2008, which would have provided a fusion campaign opportunity which would have either helped Obama, or possibly even won. I did contact Imperato about the Catholic Trotskyist Party, but he never responded. I am glad he is still active in politics somewhat.

  13. Here's a radical idea

    @ 10
    “Which” LP candidate for POTUS are you talking about? Is there more than one that fits your comments?

  14. Darryl W. Perry

    @23 – some States limit a party name to 15 characters (including spaces, excluding “Party”) – my count on “Pound Me In The Ass Party” is 19.

    Can you shorten that?

  15. RedPhillips

    I seriously don’t know how that guy conned anyone. I met him at the CP convention, and he was obviously an odd fellow. Who would trust him with thier money?

  16. paulie Post author

    People with Altzheimers, probably. One of the reasons a lot of these boiler room scams are down in South Florida is because of all the retirees down there.

  17. NewFederalist

    This story has been dead for over 7 months. You have done more to bring it back to life than anyone. Fugedaboutit!

  18. William Saturn

    Just because the case was settled doesn’t mean the accusations weren’t made. This article makes no accusations; it simply repeats the accusations that the Securities and Exchange Committee made last year. If the circumstances have changed then a new article should be posted. However, that is not a justification to remove this article.

  19. Stewart Flood

    With the spelling…yes it probably was him.

    He is/was a public figure. But even public figures deserve a trial. If their trial is in the court of public opinion it is just as valid as a trial in criminal court.

    It looked fishy to me when he first tried to explain his “tech” business. Having been in “tech” since the 70s it was easy to see through what he was claiming.

  20. Thomas L. Knapp

    The story is true and accurate — Imperato was indeed accused of the things it says he was accused of, by the agency cited as accusing him of those things. It’s not defamatory in any way and there’s no good reason to take it down.

    That said, if there have been further developments, it would be correct for IPR to cover those further developments and to link the stories so that people have access to all the available facts.

    I’ve done a little googling and haven’t found any recent material on the case, such as publication of a settlement agreement or whatever. If things have changed, perhaps Mr. Imperato will point IPR readers (and writers) at information that can be used to update/follow up the original article.

  21. Dennis

    “The story is true and accurate — Imperato was indeed accused of the things it says he was accused of, by the agency cited as accusing him of those things. It’s not defamatory in any way and there’s no good reason to take it down.”

    And bingo was Tom Knapp’s name-o!

    And I haven’t been able to find any additional information either and a WestLaw search failed to turn up any results.

  22. daniel imperato

    sorry you should know the rule books for style , the word conned is not to be used and if you dont take it down you will suffer the consequences, the palm beach post is being suit for using a false photo of false arrest ,not to do with sec. as well as sec. never used word conned. by the way , case was settled out of court and is over.

  23. daniel imperato

    style book is rule of law in the media in case your not aware, as well all our asettes were audited properly and this case was a political attack for 2012 race by gop ,so you as 3 rd parties whom i have supported whom have been screwed by the gop should help me not hurt me when i am one of us not them. the case was bogus from day one , i live in chad town and my little support scared romney camp .

  24. daniel imperato

    by the way my company was 18 years old and i sold it and then tried to reclaim it from crooks , i was and am wrongfully accused ,but your right its part of the game in politics. but when congress uses its consult and conspires with others its a criminal offense and it was submitted to the justice department for criminal investigation . i was audits for all this by irs and my money was accounted for in full and the money i used for my campaign was my own taxed paid money. .its sad how one low life person who has a ego issue and used your siyte to build his own and used my image . sad this is i could build your site to become a monster success after all your using my campaign heading on your site. pauli want a cracker, remember you can run but you cant hide and you can be kind or you can be a nasty sob. so choose it and you will see your results.

  25. daniel imperato

    even after your own statement states pauli wrote the article that has violated style book laws . wow what a scam you are running false statements and plagiarizer by pauli.

  26. NewFederalist

    If this is really you, I remembered you as being more intelligent. I guess you must have had a stroke or something.

  27. daniel imperato

    Imperato former 08 presidential contender and 010 gubernatorial runner. Speaks out against false claims.
    Defending integrity and sites Gen. Patreaus case in Florida.

    Imperato says that any one can suit any one for any thing ,until its proven by a court of law is hearsay and meaning less.

    Especially when it’s a political year and a presidential run is in play as in 012 .

    When Imperato was a contender in 08 and has some steam with support from independents .

    Any political savvy person can read between the lines of suits being brought against a party when in they may be a swinger in the presidential election .

    The congress and the other government organizations work hand in hand on utilizing non public information’s to create claims against innocent persons. As a politician he says and knows that’s game play.

    Imperato says in some cases of false claims it’s a decoy for other planned used as in some child custody cases (Tampa fl and Gen. Petreaus) where political people take contributions from parents whom want to steal their child from another parent and use non public information and lawyers as well as guardian ad litems to destroy ones character even when they are innocent and humanitarian aid for others.

    The political platform for illicit contributions for favor has become the countries worst enemies and has degenerated our legal system as well as its integrity .

    The so called political mafia whom ruin the integrity of our us constitution and pour government policies as well as our court systems need to be found and held accountable.

    Its is a real shame and a criminal event when totalitarian government agents conspires with another government agency to ruin ones life when in fact its is initiated by political footballs and person vendetta or for political favors and bribery which is very hard to prove .

    Unless the justice department has a unaffected board of chiefs that unequivocally wont tolerate any such activities as such then this problem is a loop hole in our system and violates the very integrity of the foundation of our great nation.

    When ones hard work for over 30 years is flushed down the drain because of political favor and contribution abuse is disgusting and enough to make any honorable person saddened to the point that either he fights back with viciousness or goes in the Conner and cries.

    We all know stuff happens in the big leagues but must be proven and still doesn’t make a man what the press and writers whom abuse style book laws and suitors use outrageous allegations and pile them on like a mountain of sand just to make them self look good at the beginning.

    When it comes down to the narrow it’s the reality and when it doesn’t come to that its probably all political motivation by others whom are out too ruin an other human being .

    We will see what happens in this situation .

    Daniel Imperato

  28. Trotsky Thinks Your Hotsky

    Mr. Imperato,

    If you hurray, you can still get to Rome in time to be elected Pope.

  29. paulie Post author

    First of all, there’s no one here named “pauli”. Learn to spell my name, or for that matter anything else.

    Second, the story here is that another news outlet reported something. Reporting that is neither commenting on whether their reporting is accurate or not nor is it plagiarism.

    Third, their reporting was factually accurate. Subsequent developments are beside the point.

    Fourth, Trent no longer manages IPR, Warren Redlich does, and the story will not be removed.

    Fifth, aside from the fact that newspaper style books don’t have the force of law, they don’t even apply to us at all. We’re a blog, not a newspaper.

  30. daniel imperato

    soory paulie boy when you get suit for the fun of it then you will have respect . the style book is law and the writer from the post is in trouble for go fly a kite and crawl in a whole .

  31. paulie Post author

    No, I think he means he will send me his white pimp suit from the costume party at the 2008 LP national convention. That was a pretty cool suit!

  32. paulie Post author

    His inability to spell really is quite amusing, though.

    As is his notion that I have any assets, even if he manages to serve me with a lawsuit that will get laughed out of court.

  33. Jill Pyeatt

    I do remember reading somewhere that ability to spell and quality of one’s handwrititng are not tied to intelligence. I hope that’s true. I’m a decent speller, athough not as good as I used to be, but my handwriting is, and always has been, atrocious. It’s some weird trait most of us in my family have in common. That’s especially odd considering that I’m a trained artist.

  34. daniel imperato

    jill i am blind in left eye and cant type ,would u like some work? happy easter.

  35. Jill Pyeatt

    It might surprise everyone to know that I wear probably the thickest glasses of any adult you know–but, hey, they still let me drive. 🙂

  36. daniel imperato

    very accurate information CASE CLOSED BY THE JUDGE……….. NO CHARGES, remove your bogus headings and and use of this or we will file complaint for damages.

  37. Thomas L. Knapp

    di @ 65,

    You have no basis for a “complaint for damages.”

    The article you are responding to is a news story which is true and correct in every respect as of its publication.

    Truth is an ironclad defense against allegtions of defamation, libel, etc. The SEC did accuse you of what the article claims the SEC accused you of. QED you have no case.

    And even if you did have a case, it would probably be hard to get that case over the rules hurdles of the US District Courts for defamation actions, the first of which is that you would have to claim (and then prove) a minimum of $80k in actual damages from the article.

    You want the article removed, and people in hell want icewater, and you are about as likely to get what you want as they are.

  38. Louis DiCarlo

    Daniel stop the non sense of being a victim of the gov & the SEC in 2000 you have another fraud case with the sec in New York with your sales rep Charles Abate & your fiver optic Scam??? I still have the case file. Also you left many debts in New York.

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