LP presidential candidate James Ogle discusses Roseanne Barr & the LP website

IPR talked with Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidate James Ogle about comedienne Roseanne Barr‘s entry into the race for the Green Party presidential nomination, and the LP’s decision to remove his name from its list of candidates.

Ogle is a self-employed artist seeking the LP nomination. In 1995, he founded a fantasy parliamentary system based on ranked choice voting, which he emphasizes in his campaign. He also sought the vice-presidential nomination of the Boston Tea Party, but lost to Kimberly Johnson in a run-off.

Ogle expresses admiration for Barr and lists her as “Prime Minister” and “Queen” on his parliament website. In response to her announcement, he writes:

Roseanne is a team player, one of the best we’ve got. Not only did she nominate more than 30 names to the team’s executive cabinet, but she also called on all her blogger supporters to nominate names as well. That’s as good as it gets. I don’t know who #1 and #2 (prez/vp) on the team is going to be, but I’m asking all male voters to consider voting for the top woman, and that might be Roseanne Barr [Green Tea], Joy Waymire [Libertarian], Tina Cook [Independent] or Diane Templin [American Independent/Constitution]. They all bring something big to the table. Roseanne brings Hollywood, she’s very smart and spiritual. Joy bring the L philosophy, she was friends with David Nolan (RIP) and she agrees with him 100%, and believes through individual liberty, we can really improve all aspects of the team, the platform and the USA. They’re all team players. I really believe that we need a Green/Libertarian or Libertarian/Green ticket. But getting Roseanne to the L convention will be difficult, because her x-husband Tom Arnold was a L., and Ls have been treating her poorly. That will be a difficult and delicate thing to get Roseanne to vie for tokens at the L convention.
…all male voters to please consider voting for the top woman (and females to please consider voting for the top male)…

Ogle and other LP presidential candidates were removed from the party website several days ago after the LP changed the criteria for listing. In response, Ogle writes:

I’m glad they did that, because it gives the team practice for November when the status quo does the same thing to us as usual. This means our team must work harder and earn every inch we get. What we want to do is completely transform the national L Party, to where we elect 1000 consecutively ranked names, with plenty of consecutively ranked names as back-ups. #1 should be the presidential nominee and chair simultaneously instead of being split in two camps like always. #2 is vice president and vice chair. #s 3 through 1000 have votes on the team as well, but they outnumber #1 & #2 by 998 to two. So it’s no wonder they’re trying to stop us, we’re trying to shake up their whole program

We need to enlarge the L Party, and we can do that simply by counting the votes to elect the top 1000 names, instead of just the top one name, when we elect the presidential candidate. It’s just an improvement to the vote counting process, and it doesn’t take a constitutional amendment to do that

Ogle will be on the Libertarian primary ballot in both California and Missouri.

24 thoughts on “LP presidential candidate James Ogle discusses Roseanne Barr & the LP website

  1. NewFederalist

    That is very kind of you, George. I know Bob has had unkind remarks for you in the past and I think it is very nice that you can put that aside and make the observation that you did. Bravo!

  2. William Saturn Post author

    I see no reason to interview Milnes at this time. Ogle has some kind of connection to Roseanne, so I thought it would interesting to get his perspective on her run. The input on the LP website listing was supplemental.

  3. William Saturn Post author

    I plan to do an extensive interview with Jack Fellure for Wikinews around June.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    We are proud of our friend James Ogle for continuing to pursue national and international electoral reform through cutting edge action-oriented theorizing, despite all of the insults and misunderstandings. The US Parliament system is continuing to gain more and more support, and we are proud to be a team player. Hopefully Roseanne Barr will allow US Parliament to be an important factor in her campaign.

  5. Erik Viker

    Ogle is not promoting Libertarian Party principles. He’s promoting his fantasy-football sort of “parliament” scheme. He’s using the LP to get attention. I expect the national LP delegates in convention will give him about as much attention as he deserves.

  6. zapper

    “But getting Roseanne to the L convention will be difficult, because her x-husband Tom Arnold was a L., and Ls have been treating her poorly. That will be a difficult and delicate thing to get Roseanne to vie for tokens at the L convention …” – Interesting tidbit from above.

    We should invite Tom Arnold to the convention as an observer and potential member.

  7. paulie

    You’re relying on a nutbar’s characterization of Roseanne Barr’s characterization of her ex-husband’s political views as nebulously “Libertarian” to conclude he may actually be interested in the LP?

  8. zapper

    I heard that Tom Arnold was hired as an LP petitioner in Massachusetts in the early 80’s – (1982?). He drove out with a group from Minneapolis. Perhaps he has some LP leanings.

  9. paulie

    Same Tom Arnold?

    Well, he may be as libertarian as, say, Eric Dondero or any of the mercenary petitioners the LP frequently hires.

  10. ralph swanson

    God bless him. Next week I’m unveiling my plan to spread the LP through oldster canasta clubs, BTW.

  11. Erik Viker

    If Ogle was serious about voting reform, he would be working toward amending state constitutions to allow his preferred voting system, instead of pushing his online fantasy football style “parliament” scheme. He has not been nominated or endorsed by any LP affilate. He is a fringe nuisance candidate of the sort that makes so-called third parties look bad.

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