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Update on Candidates Seeking 2012 LP Presidential Nomination

Since my last update a month ago, here’s what I know about what’s new with the the campaigns for the LP presidential nomination:

Gary Johnson has now participated in one debate with other candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination, and has made plans to appear in others. Johnson has received the endorsement of several state and county LP organizations, which has not been a common practice in the LP in the past. Johnson has been included in several polls of hypothetical general election matchups. He has issued several press releases/op-eds, many of them on civil liberties issues such as ending the USAPATRIOT act, supporting gay marriage rights and legalizing marijuana. He has criticized leading Democratic and Republican contenders on these issues, and in a number of interviews on MSNBC, CNN, Fox, and other media outlets has suggested he could draw as many or more votes away from the Democrats as from the Republicans. Johnson spoke at a recent conference of the ACLU. He has also been holding a series of video/chat townhalls through his website with LP leaders; the next one will be tomorrow. Johnson has had several op-eds, interviews and articles in outlets such as Huffington Post, Washington Times, the Daily Caller, Reason Magazine, and so on, and has been doing local radio interviews around the country. Johnson also responded to the State of the Union, as did Lee Wrights and RJ Harris. Johnson has the most detailed spending plan of these candidates, calling for a 43% cut, and continues to make his case for the national sales tax plan known by its proponents as the FairTax, which has drawn criticism from Lee Wrights among others.

RJ Harris has been keeping his blog updated, has attended several state conventions and debates, has made plans for others, and has some newspaper articles. He has helped with Oklahoma ballot access. Along with Carl Person, Harris has reorganized his campaign under new management and both of these candidates as well as Bill Still have updated the design of their websites. Harris was involved in a car accident while on his way to a Constitution class at the Oklahoma Capitol taught by 2004 Libertarian presidential nominee Michael Badnarik which he helped arrange. Badnarik is now trying to teach such classes at state capitols around the country. Harris was not seriously injured, but had some car damage.

Lee Wrights has also continued, and plans to continue participating in state conventions and debates and writing regular articles/op-eds. He has also issued his first TV spot, which can also be used by other candidates, and was included in an Al Jazeera article along with several candidates of other parties.

Johnson, Harris and Wrights, out of the candidates who have participated in debates and remain listed at, have been issuing the most regular updates (although Still has been updating his website frequently, but I don’t know of any active distribution of his updates beyond that). They are also the three candidates who have been acknowledged in recent LP press releases and/or blog posts.

Carl Person, Bill Still and Roger Gary are the other three candidates who have been traveling to conventions, participating in debates and meet the new listing criteria:

Seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party exclusively
Dues-paying member of the National Libertarian Party
Campaign website is current with contact information
Obtained the approval of at least five members of the 18-member Libertarian National Committee.

Of the remaining candidates that are no longer listed at, Sam Sloan (temporary website here) meets all the criteria except obtaining approval from five LNC members, which was added most recently. He has enough money to travel around to state conventions, and is trying to get into the debates but has been excluded.

Other candidates:

Jim Burns sends out fairly regular email updates to his list.

Robert Milnes continues to update his site/blog frequently. In recent weeks his main focus has been on exposing discrepancies in the resume claims of Tiffany Briscoe, who beat him for the Boston Tea Party nomination. He is trying to get the FBI to investigate that election, which he thinks was rigged, so far without any luck. lists the following additional candidates, all or almost all of whom were previously also listed at but have since been removed:

Beach (South Carolina)

Scott Keller (Florida)
– Computer programmer.

James Ogle
– Parliamentary system advocate.

Dave Redick (Wisconsin)
– Retired businessman, engineer, Army veteran & frequent

Leroy Saunders (Georgia)
– Limousine company owner.

Mosheh Thezion (California)
– Electronics technician & ’10 US Sen. candidate.

Dean Tucker (Texas)

Joy Waymire (California)
– Tea Party activist, ranch manager and tax preparer.

I don’t know what if anything any of them are doing by way of campaigning.

There are some additional candidates who are or were filed with the FEC as Libertarians that have not even made it into the politics1 listing, such as Ronald Keith Hebert and Shawn James Hogan. I don’t have any information about any of these candidates beyond their FEC filings.

At this time, the rumored entries of Jesse Ventura or (less likely) Ron Paul into the LP race remain rumors only.

One additional rumor has an unnamed wealthy individual supposedly interested in running for VP and spending a significant amount of money on the race, particularly or perhaps only if Gary Johnson is the nominee. 2008 VP candidate Wayne Root is also rumored to be a likely VP contender. Another possible VP candidate may be 2000 and 2008 VP runner up and 2008 presidential nomination candidate Steve Kubby. As in 2008, some of the presidential candidates may also switch to the VP race after being eliminated.

Additional information about the activities of any of these candidates, and any that I may have missed, welcome in the comments.

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  1. wolfefan wolfefan February 5, 2012

    I didn’t know that Person had an updated website – it’s much improved! Any candidate whose website quotes Frank Zappa is worthy of consideration! 🙂

  2. paulie paulie February 5, 2012

    Hmmm, if you had millions, interested in running for VP and wanted a certain person to be the main candidate you really should step forward and start helping your guy or girl and gaining the support of Libertarians. Convention is less than four months away.

    Maybe it’s not an entirely done deal, or maybe it’s far from a done deal. Could even be a false rumor entirely; I really don’t know. It’s also possible that the person in question does exist and does want to do it, but only wants to give money and not time. Contributions by individuals are limited, although there is the whole superpac thing, but a VP candidate can spend unlimited amounts without actively campaigning.

  3. paulie paulie February 5, 2012

    I read somewhere that the Jan.27 or 28 FL LP POTUS debate will appear on C-SPAN soon.

    Are those dates correct? says the Florida convention is a week from now. I haven’t heard of any debate having already been held there.

  4. Kevin Knedler Kevin Knedler February 5, 2012

    Mr. Johnson will attend the Ohio LP convention on March 31 and April 1.

    Also “Survivor” television celebrity and candidate for Governor of Indiana (LP) Rupert Boneham will also attend the Ohio Convention on March 30 and March 31. He was voted “most popular” contestant by millions of viewers– millions.

  5. Bill Wood Bill Wood February 5, 2012

    Hmmm, if you had millions, interested in running for VP and wanted a certain person to be the main candidate you really should step forward and start helping your guy or girl and gaining the support of Libertarians. Convention is less than four months away.

  6. 24/7 the T-Rex of Talk Radio 24/7 the T-Rex of Talk Radio February 5, 2012

    I read somewhere that the Jan.27 or 28 FL LP POTUS debate will appear on C-SPAN soon. Does anyone know when that will be and who were the participants? Thx.

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