RJ Harris Campaign Plans Money Bomb

From a release by the RJ Harris campaign:

On Tuesday March 6, 2012, the nation will go to the polls to vote in Super Tuesday for their pick for the Republican nominee. It is likely that the winner of the GOP primary will be decided this coming Tuesday. What happens if the nation is confronted with another republicrat as the GOP nominee? What will happen to the massive liberty movement that has grown exponentially in the past four years? The time will come, possibly this Tuesday, when the liberty movement is going to begin looking elsewhere for another option other than Mitt Obama. Will the Libertarian Party offer up a true libertarian alternative?

RJ Harris is a twenty-year-plus Army veteran who won the endorsement of every Tea Party organization in his state while arguing for Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy in his 2010 congressional campaign. Utilizing both his extensive constitutional law understanding, in connection with his double-decade long military service, grants him an edge that not even the most neo-conservative pro-war opponent can contest. His statements have brought over social conservatives, social liberals and even the supporters of non-libertarian-leaning GOP candidates. Harris delivers a consistent and principled message of Constitutional Libertarian government. He lacks an extensive career in politics which makes him that much better than the status quo. RJ Harris is one of us!

We are planning a mega money bomb for RJ Harris on Wednesday March 7, 2012. Libertarian State Parties across the country are holding their conventions and are requesting RJ’s attendance. Unfortunately, RJ will be unable to deliver the above message and the message of liberty to these conventions if he doesn’t raise the money to attend. The cost of travel, room and board is not paid for by the state parties so it’s up to the campaigns to cover these costs. The Harris campaign estimates that it needs at least $40,000 to take the message of liberty and RJ Harris to LP nomination victory. Please [visit the Harris campaign website] to make a pledge … on March 7, 2012. For Liberty!


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