Former VP Nominee Art Olivier Turns Filmmaker

by  Alan Pyeatt

On Wednesday, March 11, former Bellflower mayor and 2000 Vice Presidential nominee Art Olivier showed clips from his new film, Operation Terror, at the Pasadena, California Foothills Region Meeting. Operation Terror is a fictional version of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. In Olivier’s film, the attacks were masterminded not by fanatical Arabs in the Middle East, but by rogue elements within our own government.

Olivier made the film because he was concerned about widespread ignorance of facts which contradict the government’s version of events that occurred on 9/11. “It’s difficult to get people that haven’t done research on [9/11] to do research on it,” Olivier said. “People won’t read a book. And even most people won’t watch a documentary. You know, that’s the way my wife and kids are, they wouldn’t sit for two hours and watch a documentary on anything. But they will watch an entertaining movie. So that’s what I decided to do, was take a lot of the facts about 9/11 and put it into a fictionalized movie. And so, if people watch the movie, they’ll learn about 9/11 whether they want to or not. And for the people that have done research, they’ll be able to show their friends and family and say, “You know that really happened?’”

Operation Terror stars Jack Brand as CIA agent Aaron Delgado, with supporting roles played by Director Paul Cross and Christopher Kreisa. Although Brand is best known for his work on The Bold and the Beautiful television series, he has also starred in several independent films. Chelene Nightingale, the former Constitution Party candidate for governor who had worked on Olivier’s 2000 Vice Presidential campaign, plays a news reporter. Jill Pyeatt, Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party Pasadena/Foothills Region, and California State Executive Committee member Alan Pyeatt also worked on the film as extras.

To make the film, Olivier turned to veteran director Paul Cross. Cross has made several films, including West End Story (Best Musical Documentary at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival), Follow the Leader (Best Documentary at the Atlantic City Film Festival), and Severe Visibility. Olivier produced and wrote the screenplay himself. The film was shot by Cinematographer Christopher S. Walters, and scored by Josh Cumbee. It was edited by Ayan Pratap.

One of the little-known events which Olivier dramatized was an incident where the BBC reported that World Trade Center Building No. 7 had collapsed more than 20 minutes before it actually occurred. In the original footage (which can be seen online at, BBC reporter Jane Standley reported the collapse of WTC Building 7 even though it could clearly still be seen standing behind her. The files of several Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations were kept in WTC Building, and between 3,000 and 4,000 investigations were stopped when the building collapsed. One of these investigations included the relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom bankruptcy. According to the SEC, it did not keep any files from those investigations in any other locations.

Olivier related an amusing incident that happened while he was filming a scene at the Corona Airport. The crew was working inside an airplane hangar when an airplane that had nothing to do with the production landed at the airport. The pilot made a wrong move and crashed his airplane through the wall of the hangar. An actor who arrived at the set after the crash and mistook the wreckage for part of the film said, “Hey, I thought this was a low-budget production!”

Operation Terror has already screened at the Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran. Its North American premiere will be at the Riverside International Film Festival in April. It has also been selected for screening at the Monaco Charity Film Festival. The trailer and additional information can be seen on the official website at here .

The Libertarian Party has not taken an official position regarding the veracity of the government’s explanation of the 9/11 attacks, nor of the work of the 9/11 Commission.


Alan Pyeatt is a civil engineer and radio host who lives in southern California.  He is currently an alternate at-large member of the CA Libertarian Executive Committee.

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    I found I can also avoid the popups by going to an article and then navigating to other articles via the forward or backward article links at the top of each post.

    And if there are to be posts abt truther movies made by former LP VP nominees, why not add Ralph Nader’s recent essay criticizing Israel’s confinement of 1.5 mil Palestinians in the world’s largest open air gulag – Gaza? It’s a great read, and Nader is a four time former indie/3rd party candidate. Thanks.

  4. Alan Pyeatt

    Paulie, I gave it to Jill as two articles because the screening is happening tomorrow. Jill didn’t ask me for an article until yesterday, and I wanted to get it to her to post ASAP. I was already late to the Los Angeles County LP meeting when I wrote the previous article, and since I had already written this one for the Los Angeles Libertarian Journal, I gave it to Jill separately. (It was not published in TLAL).

    Given more time, I would have combined the two articles. The film festival still hadn’t set the final schedule the last time I checked their website.

  5. Deran

    Thank you, Jill! I appreciate you considering the essay. I sent it to the email you listed. cheers, Deran.

    While I am not a supporter of the Freedom Socialist Party, I know some people involved with their first ever [presidential campaign, and I’ll ask them for some news. FSP is a *very* minor party, but as this is their first presidential campaign in the 50 or year history, it might be interesting.

    Thanks, again.

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    Will do, Trent. I also know someone peripherally connected to the Freedom Socialist Party’s frirst ever presidential campaign, I sent them the contact.ipr at address to pass along to the FSP. Is that the best way for the FSP campaign to send news and such? I thought they might be interesting as this is their first POTUS campaign in their 50 some year history.

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    In case anyone is interesested, the redhead at 1:35 in the trailer is me!

  8. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    We’re back from our movie premiere, and it was great! Even though we knew what was going to happen, it was very suspenseful toward the end. It may not be released until September because it’s currently in the film-festival circuit, but I recommend it for people to see when it comes out.

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