Former Congressman Sestak Endorses Independent Candidate for Congress

A former Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania, Joe Sestak, has endorsed an Independent candidate for U.S. Congress in that same state.

Former Congressman Joe Sestak, who served in the United States Congress from 2007 to 2011, has endorsed Karen Ramsburg for Congress. Ramsburg is running as an independent in Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District, an area that has been held for over forty years by just two Republican men, Bill Shuster, and his father Bud Shuster. The 9th District, which includes the towns/cities of Holidaysburg, Chambersburg, Indiana, Somerset, and Altoona, is seen as a safe bet for Republicans since a Democrat hasn’t held the seat since 1939.
Ramsburg is a nurse, activist, and mother who’s interest in politics was generated by working on a project to save an historical home in her local area.

One thought on “Former Congressman Sestak Endorses Independent Candidate for Congress

  1. richard winger

    Karen Ramsburg got enough write-in votes in the Democratic primary on April 24 to become the Dem nominee. Therefore, she won’t be running as an independent this year; she doesn’t need to.

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