Roemer has not contacted Anderson or Kotlikoff about Americans Elect VP nom

It was reported at the end of April that the campaign of former Louisiana governor and current leading Americans Elect and Reform Party presidential candidate Buddy Roemer had complied a list of 23 potential running mates.

For Wikinews, I asked Roemer campaign manager Carlos Sierra  if he knew who was on the list. He replied that he did, but that the campaign was keeping it a secret. He mentioned that “some of them [the potential candidates] are aware they are on the list.”

I later asked if there were any former or current Congressmen, Governors, State Representatives, or Mayors on the list. Sierra did not respond.

I suspected that former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who is currently second in supporters for the Americans Elect nomination was on Roemer’s list. I contacted him, but he replied that he had not “been contacted by anyone about that.”

I then e-mailed economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff, who is another leading candidate for Americans Elect. He said that he had not been contacted, but that a ticket with Roemer was “an interesting idea.  Maybe he’d like to be my potential running mate?  Either way, we’d make a good team.”

Americans Elect will hold its first caucus round for nominations in one week.

22 thoughts on “Roemer has not contacted Anderson or Kotlikoff about Americans Elect VP nom

  1. bruuno

    From my perspective the only choice for AE is to nominate Roemer. He will not embarrass the group, he is intelligent, well spoken and is running on a reform platform. He may not do well in the end but if AE people are serious about starting a moderate 3rd Party (and I have some doubts about their true intentions) then this is the only viable path at this point assuming they can’t get a big name in the next week (sorry but David Walker is not a big name). He is the clear choice right now of the AE internet followers (of announced candidates).
    Not running any candidate, which I believe they are contemplating, will doom any future effort for a long time to come. It would be a colossal waste of money and end AE permanently. This would be a significantly bigger embarrassment than running Roemer even if he gets a paltry vote count in November.

  2. Trent Hill

    Roemer definitely is intelligent–and capable of the type of middle-of-the-road populism they’re after. I think Roemer/Walker would be very wise.

  3. Trent Hill

    Oh, Roemer/Walker wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t be “balanced”. Need a democrat.

    With that said, I think whoever ends up at the top of the AE ticket won’t be a big name at this point. Huntsman has clearly decided against it, now, and the likelihood of any name bigger than Roemer risking their political reputation on it seems slim.

    With that said, no one should under-estimate Roemer. He’ll receive backing from the party’s leadership (Ackerman, Whitman), who have tens of millions to spend and the willingness to spend it (obviously). With money and 50 state ballots, plus general discontent with Obama/Romney, Roemer could surprise people.

  4. John Lumea

    Actually, Trent, a Roemer-Walker ticket would — in principle — be consistent with the corporate Rules of Americans Elect.

    The Rules do not require that a nominee choose a running mate from “the other party.”

    The Rules stipulate only that, if a nominee is affiliated with a party, he or she may not choose a running mate from the same party.

  5. William Saturn Post author

    Roemer himself said on Morning Joe that he would “have to pick a Democrat or Independent.”

  6. bruuno

    Does anyone know if he (Walker) is a registered Republican? I believe he is registered to vote in CT.

  7. Richard Winger

    What party is David Walker registered into, if any? Perhaps he is an independent voter. Does he live in New York state? If so, and anyone knows the county, the county board of elections will reveal the information. But because David Walker is a rather common name, if he lives in a populous county, one would probably need his address as well.

  8. bruuno

    According to this WaPo story from 2011 Walker is a registered Independent in Connecticut.

  9. Trent Hill

    Registered Independent who has identified with Republicans and registered Republican who identifies with Independents is unlikely to meet the “balanced” ticket requirement.

  10. Jeremy C. Young

    Speaking as a political leftist, I would consider a Roemer-Walker ticket to be squarely centrist. Actually, it’s Walker I’d worry more about, as he clearly has strong ties to the Republican Party. Roemer is sufficiently independent that at least one far-left friend of mine donated to his campaign. I do think that a ticket of, say, Roemer and Anderson would lean too far to the left for what AE is trying to do.

  11. Roemer/Walker '12

    I actually think the ticket would be a smart move and it would meet the guidelines since David Walker is a registered independent and I don’t see the Reform Party not nominating David Walker either as their VP. It would allow David Walker to get some campaigning chops and allow him to properly make a run in 2016 if that’s his goal.

  12. Steven Wilson

    No matter who they choose, this is the first kiss. This is the beginning of their brand equity so they better choose well.

    Balance is no replacement for boring.

  13. bruuno

    #13- I am on the left as well and agree whole heartedly with your take. I like Roemer a lot more than I did back when he was Governor. He is still a right leaner overall but he is open minded and has some good ideas that deserve a hearing. I too am friends with a pretty far left winger (former NH legislator) who supported Roemer as well.
    #14- Walker would be a decent choice for VP. If for no other reason than the DC media seems to be taken with him and they would give the ticket some much needed publicity. Basically they would have similar appeal as Perot but without the money (a big deal). On the other hand they also wouldn’t have the nuttiness (also a big deal).
    #15- Roemer has some charisma. Walker has the charisma cardboard box.

  14. mbelleville

    I support Buddy 100%. As someone who traditionally votes Dem, I was glad when Buddy shed the GOP label. Not that I cared, but I could that many Dems wouldn’t even consider him because of it. Watching DAvid Walker last Sunday on This Week with George S, Walker sat with the Republicans and seemed to fit squarely there. I think Buddy really needs a Dem to not get re-saddled with the GOP baggage. And afterall, it would be in the true spirit of AE. And since Walker doesn’t even have 600 votes on AE, I don’t think he brings the energy and bump that Buddy could get from a great selection. My short list would include Montana Gov. David Schweitzer, Claire McCaskall, Russ Feingold and Bev Purdue

  15. Darren

    Buddy Roemer brought up Joe Lieberman for his VP if you look it up on Google News. If Lieberman actually accepted that invitation to join as VP of his ticket, then he’ll get a major media bump.

    I think Buddy Roemer & Gary Johnson are good choices for third party alternatives along with Rocky Anderson as they all have real executive experience in government. Roemer/Anderson ticket would be extremely interesting as a ticket.

    On AE, they seem to share the same opinion on certain issues while disagreeing on a few but isn’t that what you want in a VP? Someone you can get advice from.

    You also can’t deny a Governor (Also Congressman)/Mayor ticket is intriguing at least to the population that is completely disinterested with the choices they have right now.

  16. Say Amen

    Buddy Roemer would be a disaster for Americans Elect and an even greater disaster for America. He is an accomplished public speaker, not constrained by facts, but is incompetent to act as President.

    The problem with Americans Elect is its defective concept. The premise that they could start by nominating a candidate for president reflects a form of blindness to reality and an ignorance of history. They expected that they would attract a stellar politician to carry their banner and attract a large portion of the independent voters. The only ?declared? candidates, i.e. ?willing?, are political failures or unknowns who have attracted fewer supporters than a small town city council candidate. Why would they expect anything different?

    A stellar politician who would attract millions of voters would know that it is politically and mathematically impossible to win the presidency as a third party candidate with the winner-take-all electoral system. The only thing a third party candidate could do would be to act as a spoiler, splitting the vote of his own party, Republican or Democrat, so the other party?s candidate would win. No stellar politician would want to be the cause of that ?treachery? to his party compatriots.

    If, by some miracle the AE candidate won, how could he ever accomplish anything as president? He would have no AE members in Congress to work with him. Every member of Congress would be in the “opposition” party, with his former party members hating him even more than the members of the other opposing party.

    The only reason Buddy Roemer is seeking the AE nomination is that he has had a failed political career and could never expect to be elected to anything again. He spent months in New Hampshire campaigning face to face and with $100,000 TV and radio ads, and he received a pathetic 4/10 of 1% in the primary. To learn the truth about him, go to the following web page and then scroll down the comments to the comment of ?Say Amen.? Read the citations that have been assembled there. They are excellent sources of information about Buddy Roemer, written by independent, objective, and reliable journalists and historians.

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  18. Nick

    There are a lot of choices out there for VP. Off the top of my head: Nadar, Lieberman, Kotlikoff, Walker, Anderson, Huntsman (now independent), O’Hara, McEunlty

  19. Trent Hill

    Nader probably wouldn’t accept VP. Kotlikoff and Anderson are good shouts. Huntsman and Lieberman wouldn’t accept.

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