Vermont Progressive Party Profiled by In These Times

In These Times has published a rather lengthy profile of the Progressive Party of Vermont which is overwhelmingly positive. The profile covers the party’s origins, multiple election and legislative victories, and the party’s strength in particular areas.

One state where left-leaning voters do have greater choice today – and their own political voice – is Vermont. Thanks to several decades of persistent organizing, the Vermont Progressive Party (VPP) now boasts seven members in the legislature – two senators (out of 30) and five representatives (out of 150) in the House (some of whom affiliate with the Democratic Party as well). Since Vermonters sent the first “Prog” to Montpelier in 1990, 16 have served a total of 48 legislative terms in the state capitol. Progressives have introduced legislation, served on key committees and played a catalytic role in public policy formation.

The entire article is well worth reading, though it is a bit long. Read the rest here.

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