Wrights Campaign Wants to Occupy Ballot Access

BURNET, Texas (May 18) – Although Lee Wrights failed to win the Libertarian nomination for president, he and his campaign staff remain committed to guaranteeing the Libertarian Party is on the ballot in as many states as possible. So they have launched another project, Occupy Ballot Access, to fulfill or surpass their campaign promise to spend 10 percent of all campaign donations on ballot access.

“While the campaign for the nomination is over, the campaign to stop all war, to gain ballot access, and to win one million votes for the Libertarian candidate for president continues,” said Wrights. “It must continue. Not only because it’s what my staff and I have pledged to do, but because it’s right for the Libertarian Party and it’s right for America.”

To begin, Wrights 2012 is focusing on Illinois, where Campaign Manager Thomas Hill is coordinating a volunteer ballot access petition drive.

“The campaign’s goal is to inspire and motivate local Libertarians to take ownership of their party’s petition drive,” said Hill “Volunteer signatures save the LP and it’s donors money that can be used to help campaigns and affiliates grow and prosper.”

Thomas spent the past 23 months working as an unpaid volunteer managing Wrights presidential campaign. Less than a week after returning home from the LP nominating convention in Las Vegas, he agreed to launch Occupy Ballot Access to help the ongoing petitioning efforts already underway in Illinois.

Thomas has set up a website to serve as a nexus for the Illinois petition efforts. It includes a tool kit page with links to PDF formatted documents containing everything volunteers need.

Occupy Ballot Access is the third project the Wrights campaign has launched to support Libertarian Party candidates and affiliates in the 2012 election. They began by producing customizable videos, provided free of charge to candidates and affiliates. In January, the campaign started The Million Vote March to achieve the historic first of one million votes for the Libertarian presidential candidate.

Correction: The petition deadline is June 22, 2012. Illinois election law requires the party to collect 25,000 signatures, but Libertarians are aiming to collect 50,000 signatures to ward off challenges.

R. Lee Wrights has resumed his career as a writer and political activist living in Texas. He is currently the vice chairman of the Libertarian Party national committee. He is the co-founder and editor of the free speech online magazine Liberty For All. Contact Lee at rleewrights@gmail.com.

12 thoughts on “Wrights Campaign Wants to Occupy Ballot Access

  1. Thomas Hill

    One clarification… 25,000 valid signatures are required. 50,000 is the target total to help hold back challenges to the LP petitions…

  2. Paulie

    Hi Thomas

    I’m here in Illinois. I’m working for pay but can help you get the volunteer effort better organized. If you’d like to talk about that give me a call at 415-690-6352. I don’t have a ph# for you so you would have to call me if you want to talk about it. I did call Julie and she responded and I CCed the email address I have for you, not sure if it is current or not.

  3. Joe Buchman

    THANKS Lee, Thomas and everyone else inspired by your example!

    Love the unity, love the passion, am grateful for your dedication and work!


  4. Eric Blitz

    FYI, Lee Wrights will be a co-host for an online town hall event with Gary Johnson on May 22nd at 6 p.m. west/9 p.m eastern. Just visit the garyjohnson2012.com website at that time, it will direct link you in. You can ask either Lee or Gary about the campaign or substantive policy issues, etc.

    Thanks to Lee Wrights on this ballot access initiative. All hands on deck, nobody sitting on the sidelines–working together is how we get the job done!

  5. paulie

    Eric – Thanks for reminding me I need to post an article about that. Hopefully someone will beat me to it.

  6. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Lee is a good guy, don’t ever forget it ! A true southern Gentleman. He knows it’s time to bury the hatchett and move on in building the LP nation and worldwide. CARPE DIEM


    Online Town Hall with Gary Johnson & Vice Chair LNC Lee Wrights

    Tuesday Night: Town Hall with Governor Gary Johnson & Special Guest Lee Wrights

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012 … 6:00 p.m. PT/ 7:00 p.m. MT/ 8:00 p.m. CT/ 9:00 p.m. ET

    Gov. Johnson’s next online Town Hall is set for Tuesday evening. Please join us online at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT. To participate, go to http://www.garyjohnson2012.com.

    Gov. Johnson will be joined by R. Lee Wrights, founder and editor of Liberty For All, America’s premier online libertarian newsletter and the new vice chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

    Lee has been active in local, state and national Libertarian Party organizations since 2000 and is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party. He served as an at-large member of the LNC and was the organization’s vice chair for two years.

    These informal online video chats are an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas about important issues of the day, and we urge you to participate.

    If you don’t have a web camera, you can still participate via text questions. If you have technical questions, please visit http://www.yowie.com/faq.

    If you can’t join us Tuesday and would like to watch the video later, you can always go to Yowie.com to view my video archives.

    Again, go to http://www.garyjohnson2012.com Tuesday evening and join what I am sure will be a great discussion.

    Hope to see you online

    Governor Gary Johnson

    “If we could all just row (move) together in the same direction in 2012 we could accomplish greatness” – Me

  7. paulie

    I didn’t know there was a hatchet to bury. The debate was very friendly. True, there is room to disagree on issues such as tax policy. That doesn’t mean we are enemies; there are real enemies to battle and they vastly outnumber and outgun us.

    I still intend to post that townhall notice as an article but can’t get my article posting spree mode off the ground – would be good if someone else does it.

  8. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Point to consider. A place you have spent a portion of your life ! Look at the Alabama Libertarians Facebook Page. There is still a larger % than is needed with sharp hatchetts, po’ed about nominating another former R. Some just can’t seem to understand Johnson is NOT Barr ! GJ is far from perfect but he is L enough and I think he will get better over the next few months ! Some who backed Lee (not Lee) need to bury their hatchett and move on!

    I definitely don’t expect him (GJ) EVER backing the Wall St. handpicked R for POTUS in the decades ahead. Barr was CIA. Everyone knows hindsight is 20 – 20. GJ wants to reduce the federal gov’t by 43%. That’s a good start toward Libertopia !!!

  9. paulie

    Facebook. Ugh. Haven’t logged in in months and hope I wont. Resolve slipping because I want to thank birthday well wishers, but still holding for now. The number of things to catch up on is overwhelming enough to keep me away. Recently I did discover how to answer top level posts sent to me via notifications thru email without logging in. If I answer one I see the followups; if I don’t, I don’t see them.

    So, some people are argumentative pricks. That’s the way of internet discussions and libertarians everywhere, sad to say. Not much I can do, but I try. Peace begins with me, and that’s a struggle in itself!

    I agree Johnson is much better than Barr. I agree he is far from perfect, and I agree he is better than the competition so we should back him as best we can.

    When you said bury the hatchet I thought you meant Wrights himself. If you meant everyone who backed him, much luck! They’ll bury it in each other’s heads, in their own for swinging the hatchet too wildly, or in yours for being in the way. Maybe all three at the same time.

    As for me I would have been OK with either candidate. Even when I wasn’t OK with Barr I just chillaxed for the most part and didn’t swing the hatchet all that much. As best I could manage, anyway.

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