Forbes: Don’t Waste Your Vote

Art Carden of Forbes wrote an article articulating the problems with voting for the two major parties. He explains that certain states will always swing one way or another, and so to send a message it would be best to find a candidate that best aligns with your views, because voting for a third party candidate is not a wasted voted.

I live in Tennessee. There is virtually no way Barack Obama will win Tennessee. Or Texas. Or any of a number of states. In the same way, there are some states (like California) that Obama is practically certain to win. Voting for Obama as a way of voting “against” the Republican is to waste a vote in a state like Tennessee or Texas. So, for that matter, is a vote for the Republican candidate in Tennessee or Texas as a way of voting “against” Obama. I expect betting markets like Intrade to put a Republican victory in Tennessee or Texas at a probability approaching certainty once the Republicans choose a candidate. I expect a similar probability of an Obama win in California.

No doubt, some will point at what happened in Florida in 2000 and say this is a terrible idea. Even in such a close election, though, a single vote wouldn’t have been decisive. Bush still would have won Florida, just by one more vote or one less. Even if you had convinced a few dozen of your friends to follow your lead, the probability that you will help swing an election is still practically zero.

Read the whole article at Forbes: Your Vote Won’t Matter. Don’t Waste It.

6 thoughts on “Forbes: Don’t Waste Your Vote

  1. Bubbalicious

    Remember the Simpsons episode where two evil, human eating space aliens run against each other for president, get unmasked, people still vote for them and Ross Perot eats his hat?

    Yeah, it’s just like that.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    Paulie @ 2: ” A vote for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb is always wasted no matter where you live.”

    We need to turn that into some kind of party slogan, maybe a sign that can go down in LP history like the Reelect No One signs form the last convention.

  3. Bubbalicious

    I’ll have it tattooed on my buttocks!

    That way the next time my father in law shoots me there I’ll have it on display for the whole hospital to read.

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