Gary Johnson wants Ron Paul supporters

Gary Johnson, Libertarian nominee for President, continues to try and sway supporters of Ron Paul to support him in the general election. Despite similar views, Johnson will likely not receive Paul’s endorsement.

Over the weekend, organizers of the Paul Festival, an event bringing speakers, rock bands and entertainers together in Tampa from Aug. 24-26 — right before the Republican convention — announced that Johnson will be taking part in their festivities. Johnson’s running mate, Jim Gray — a trial court judge based out of Orange County, Calif., who has been a sharp critic of the drug laws — will also be speaking at the Paul Festival.

In a statement released over the weekend, Johnson said he hoped his two terms as governor, when he won national attention for his fiscal discipline and opposition to the drug laws, would help appeal to supporters across party lines.

“I am grateful and excited to receive an invitation from Paul Festival and look forward to joining such a great gathering for liberty,” said Johnson. “I proudly stand by my record as a governor who united voters from all parties and beliefs.”

“Governor Johnson’s attendance furthers Paul Festival’s goal to band together against the political establishment,” said Bryan Simeon, the chief organizer of Paul Festival. “Gary Johnson spent a career unifying both the left and right and and fighting to allow all voices to be heard.”

Read the whole article at SunshineStateNews: Ron Paul Supporters Will Be Targeted by Gary Johnson in Tampa

Gary Johnson is the former two term Governor of New Mexico, and is currently running for President.

22 thoughts on “Gary Johnson wants Ron Paul supporters

  1. Eric Jackman

    Glad to see Gary will be getting more exposure and a welcome to a Ron Paul event! He really is the only choice for fans of Ron Paul.. Settling for Romney is not how we roll!!! Thoughts…

  2. Austin Battenberg Post author

    The only problem is that Ron Paul is still technically running for President, and Paulfest is supposed to be a few days before the convention.

    Ron Paul supporters who are critical of Gary Johnson claim that having him speak there is a bad idea because if you do that, then you might as well have Obama or Romney speak there. I understand the point, but I guess it all depends on Gary Johnsons speech. If he is just there touting his own credentials, then I doubt it would be received well. However, if he speaks mostly about Ron Paul, and how he endorsed him, and hope he still does a bang up job at the Republican convention, and not really try to speak about his own candidacy, then I think he will get more support from Ron Paul supporters, AFTER the convention.

  3. JT

    Battenberg: “However, if he speaks mostly about Ron Paul, and how he endorsed him, and hope he still does a bang up job at the Republican convention, and not really try to speak about his own candidacy, then I think he will get more support from Ron Paul supporters, AFTER the convention.”

    Of course GJ is going to speak about his own candidacy. I doubt GJ would think that it’s worth it to go to the event if he couldn’t tell all of the attendees that he greatly respects & generally agrees with RP & he hopes that RP’s supporters help him continue to deliver the message through his own campaign when the Republican convention is over. And I think that’s exactly what he should do.

  4. Austin Battenberg Post author

    I agree with you JT, but I think that if he wants RP’s supporters, he can mention his canidacy, but he shouldn’t focus on it because Ron Paul will STILL be running for President, and the delegates want to go into the convention as Republicans, trying to elect Ron Paul. Not go in with the intention of supporting Gary Johnson if Ron Paul loses. Only after the convention can Johnson really go after Paul supporters that way.

    I’m just saying what I observe over at the Daily Paul.

  5. samakya

    The only person for Ron Paul supporters is Ron Paul. I like Johnson on many levels, however he doesn t hold a candle to Ron Paul. IF RP drops out of the race, I would consider GJ. However Paul is still in the running, amassing delegates and new supporters. Every political campaign is jealous of RP s grassroots. What other campaign has garnered so much street level support with no direction from the campaign?

  6. Thane Eichenauer

    The problem with Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee for the last month is that (just like the occupation of Afghanistan by US forces) is that if you ask 10 different Ron Paul supporters what the goal of the Ron Paul campaign is you are going to get 10 different answers. Some people are hoping against hope that Ron Paul will detonate some sort of reality warping pixie dust during the convention and walk out the nominee. Some people think that Ron Paul might finagle some sort of VP nomination. Others are probably a bit more realistic and realize that all that Ron Paul has accomplished so far is going to culminate in a speech at the convention and not a darn thing more.

    What is Ron Paul up to? What are Ron Paul supporters up to? What direction is the Ron Paul Revolution movement going?

    Until these three questions can be answered (or at least the first two) those folks who support Ron Paul are in a stupor wondering what they are supposed to do and what goal they are supposed to be working for.

    Luckily for us supporters of Gary Johnson don’t need to wonder what their goal is and there is surprisingly little confusion about what the goal is and what should be done to accomplish that goal.

  7. NewFederalist

    @5… you said you would consider Johnson if Paul drops out. What about after the GOP convention when Romney emerges as the nominee?

  8. samakya

    Romney is only the PRESUMPTIVE nominee. We will not know who will be on the Nov. ballot until the delegates votes are counted next month. It ain t over till the fat lady sings!

    RP has inspired many to become active on a local level. I searched GJ meet up groups, he has about 2500 members nationwide. I then searched RP meetup groups, which includes about 100,000 members. RP inspires people, these people are not hired. I can understand why GJ, Romney et al are so desperately trying to pander to the RP fan base. A large group of proactive campaigners, who will work for free…donating their time and money. I must admit, I have never seen such grassroots support for a candidate in my lifetime.
    RP is my vote. period. If he ends his bid for presidency, only then would I consider voting for GJ, but not before. In my opinion RP is the better man for the job, and Paul has already attracted numerous supporters from all political spectrums.

  9. samakya

    In response to post 6. The answers to your first two questions is easy. Liberty, and Constitutional law. I cannot answer your third question cause I lost my crystal ball.
    You and I will have to agree to disagree, the RP supporters I have come accross know exactly what they are doing… working from the bottom to the top.

  10. Humongous Fungus

    Romney will be the Republican nominee, that takes no crystal ball.

    It is foolish for Ron Paul supporters not to anticipate that and not to have a plan B for November even if you think Ron Paul still has a chance to win the Republican nomination – it is good to anticipate and plan for what happens if he doesn’t.

    Johnson is organizing from scratch with very little resources to even get the message out. He needs your help now or he will be that much further behind by the time Romney officially wins the nomination.

    And supporting Romney should not even be considered. He is for war, bailouts, Romneycare…I could go on and on and on.

    There should not even be a question that if Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee that Johnson is much better than Romney.

  11. Humongous Fungus


    You do realize there is only 2 months between the Republican nomination and the election? Not much time to organize anything?

    That’s fine for Romney, he already has “universal” name recognition and plenty of money.

    Johnson has none of that. So let’s say we are right and Romney wins the nom (Ron Paul himself has already said there will not be enough Paul delegates to stop Romney from getting the nomination).

    What’s your next move then?

    Will there be enough time to organize a Johnson support campaign then? It would definitely be too late to help him get in the debate since that is based on September polls. If there is a chance that could still happen it would take Ron Paul supporters pushing Johnson as plan B right now, and even then it would be an extreme long shot.

  12. Be Rational

    For the LP and the Johnson campaign the problem isn’t individuals like “Smack ya” who are unrealistically hoping for a convention miracle that puts Ron Paul on the ticket. Rather the problem is that many in the LP and the Johnson campaign keep waiting for such Ron Paul supporters to wake up from their dream and support a cadidate who will be on the ballot in most states in the real world and has a real chance at making a difference.

    We need to get out there and generate our own supporter and donors for the LP and the Johnson campaign – but, so far, no one has been willing to make a committment to advertise in a way that can reach the most people through early, targeted, major network TV advertising.

  13. Bill Wood

    I think Gary Johnson and “Crew” are doing one hell of a job trying get the “word” out. Colbert Report, Daily Show, to throwing the first pitch in a minor league game, every little bit helps. It would be great to run a Nationwide TV ad and I’m sure if the GJ Staff had the money they would do it. Researching the cost I see it can cost up to $500,000.00 to produce a quality 30 second spot and a 30 second spot on FOX would cost $200,000.00, these being 2008 prices. Right now the GJ Campaign has received a little over a million, and hopefully they get another million or two, then they could probably go with Major network ads.

  14. Be Rational

    Bill Wood where have you been. This entire topic has been thoroughly discussed here at IPR on several threads.

    The LP and the Johnson campaign needs to Target one state at a time starting with the smallest, cheapest states.

    Ad production can be done for less than $10,000 – did anyone contact the LP’s own in house ad producer or his partner in OH?

    Major network ads in the small states in small markets can be run for under $100 per spot on major network broadcast TV in desireable time slots by purchasing package time – news package options are best for us where available – and run of station options can be looked at as well. We need to TARGET and use leverage.

    Strategic planning and clever use of resources along with guaranteed use of fundraising dollars is what we need right now in the LP.

  15. Bill Wood

    Be Rational, have you offered to take the lead in putting this project together, sounds like it is right up your alley.

  16. JT

    Samakya: “I can understand why GJ, Romney et al are so desperately trying to pander to the RP fan base.”

    GJ isn’t trying to “pander” to the RP fan base. He’s trying to appeal to people who care about liberty to support a candidate who also cares about liberty & is going to be on the ballots in November. That’s called “campaigning.”

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