Jeff Daiell: ‘Friends, Texans, Libertarians’

Message from Jeff Daiell circulated through various yahoo and facebook groups etc, concerning this upcoming weekend’s Texas Libertarian convention:

Friends, Texans, Libertarians,

Pat Dixon has been accomplishing a great deal on behalf of the Libertarian Party since successfully chairing the 2004 Ballot Access Committee . Tom Glass (who ran the failed 1984 ballot access effort) abandoned the Libertarian Party years ago, becoming a financial contributor to Establishment Republicans and the Texas GOP itself. Indeed, as late as 2010 Tom refused to affiliate with us (despite his recent claim that his wife’s campaign brought him back to the LP). Yet Tom now claims he returned to the LP because of Republican hypocrisy — and Tom is an honorable man.

Pat Dixon brought the LPT to new heights of revenues, giving us six-figure annual incomes for the first time. Tom Glass managed the campaign which cost us our most generous contributor ever, and which provoked a precipitous decline in contributions from the general membership. But Tom says that it is Pat who has been bad for the LPT’s finances — and Tom is an honorable man.

Pat has consistently worked to present a solidly libertarian message. Tom was in charge of a campaign that abandoned libertarian principle to appeal so abjectly to voters holding anti-Liberty positions that even some Republicans objected. But Mr. Glass accuses Pat of “pandering” — and Mr. Glass is an honorable man.

Pat has managed to turn our income into several initiatives which can broaden the appeal of the libertarian message and of the Libertarian Party. Tom managed a campaign which drew fewer than 1.5 votes per dollar (in shocking contrast to over 3 votes per dollar in 2002 and over 5 votes per dollar in 1990). Yet Tom accuses Pat of financial mismanagement — and, as we know, Tom is an honorable man.

Pat has been responsible for the LP of Texas fielding an impressive array of nominees each two years Pat has been the chair. Tom was in charge of a campaign which alienated candidates literally all across Texas. But Tom charges that Pat has impeded our candidates — and, of course, Tom is an honorable man.

Pat’s leadership enabled us to have full-time employees during a crucial time in the 2010 election cycle. Tom managed a campaign that made enemies of most of those employees. Yet Tom contends that Pat has not dealt well with the staff — and we know that Tom is an honorable man.

Pat’s tenure has seen many new members and activists. Tom ran a campaign that so turned off the membership that it could not give away its quota of tickets to televised debates. Still, Tom slams the way Pat has conducted himself in office — and, remember, Tom is an honorable man.

But let me stir you not to reject Tom, for, indeed, he is an honorable man. I tell you only what you already know: that Pat has done great good for the LP of Texas, and would do more if re-elected; that his is a record of success, as Tom’s is a record of failure.

For Texas and Liberty,

Jeff Daiell

4 thoughts on “Jeff Daiell: ‘Friends, Texans, Libertarians’

  1. paulie Post author

    Here’s another message from Jeff Daiell this morning. I have not seen a rebuttal, and if I receive one I will post it here, although I will be on a long trip (hopefully today) and may not get to it in time.

    I’d say send it to, but there seems to be a problem with the forwarding from that address.

    Good morning. I understand that shooting the messenger (me) to distract from the message (Mr. Dixon’s success vs. Mr. Glass’s failures) is politics as usual. But let us calmly put aside the frothing attacks on me by Mr. Glass and his associates, and look again at the record.

    1. Pat ran a successful ballot drive. Tom failed in his ballot drive.

    2. Tom left the Libertarian Party and has given two different reasons for his returning to the LP — but he refused to affiliate with the LP as late as 2010 (and therefore could not be a delegate that year, a price he was willing to pay to stay a Republican).

    3. The campaign he managed in 2010 alienated our most generous contributor ever. No amount of fancy verbal footwork by Mr. Figaro can change that, because the donor himself has stated the fact in writing. Who had convinced the donor to give to us in the first place? Pat Dixon.

    4. When the campaign Tom managed went into General Election mode (having lost the services of a campaign professional they had recruited by promising funds they didn’t have), contributions to the LPT dropped precipitously.

    5. Pat has worked for the LPT to have a consistently libertarian marriage. The campaign Tom managed declined to do so.

    6. Pat used LPT revenue to initiate measures to bring our message to a broader audience. Tom mismanaged his campaign’s treasury; the campaign was handled poorly in other respects as well. Consequently, it bungled an opportunity for 2010 to be a breakthrough year.

    7. Pat has worked to field record-breaking numbers of candidates. The campaign Tom managed alienated candidates all across Texas.

    8. With Pat, we were able to hire four full-time staffers. At least three were alienated by the campaign Tom managed (one of them has posted on Facebook his disdain for Mr. Glass). Because of the drop in revenues triggered by that campaign, we now have only one paid staffer.

    9. Pat has brought in many new members and activists. The campaign Tom managed turned off so many LPTers that it could not give away all of its tickets to televised debates.

    The choice, then, is between success with Mr. Dixon and ineptness with Mr. Glass. No matter how much Tom and his gang snarl at me for saying so, that’s reality.

  2. Reed Ebarb

    Is there any rebutal to this? Is this, for the most part true. There are 2 sides to every story but this one seem to be fairly legit.

  3. Charles Lupton

    Mr. Dixon retained his chairmanship. He and Mr. Glass have settled their differences and are now working together for the betterment of the LP in TX.

    Reference( a post several places on FB by Mr. Dixon): “After a few rabbit ears and Fat Tires, I am very happy to announce that I will be working with vice chair Tom Glass on the state committee. I believe he is sincere in stating that past issues are in the past and we are starting anew to continue the outstanding growth of the LP in Texas. I believe delegates today are unified in supporting an effort to grow our party long term and to see that the combined talents of Tom and I are put to best use. Tom has made me and the LP of Texas better by his efforts.” – Pat Dixon

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