Johnson Online Town Hall with Alexander McCobin and more media coverage

Gary Johnson participated in an online town hall with Alexander McCobin of Students for Liberty. They go over what the SFL stands for, getting into the debates, the SCOTUS ruling on healthcare, Ron Paul, the coming economic collapse, and a host of other substantial issues. The video can be found at Vokle: TOWN HALL WITH GOV. GARY JOHNSON & ALEXANDER MCCOBIN


US News reports that Gary Johnson is trying to unite the various factions of libertarians, including supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Johnson has been giving media interviews to gain attention for his ideas, and has recently talked to news outlets in Florida and California, states with large Hispanic populations. Johnson believes that Latinos will be receptive to his candidacy because of his record governing New Mexico, which has one of the most significant Latino populations in the country.

Johnson has been increasing his travel schedule and plans to visit the key swing state of Ohio this weekend. He has also released a new video in which he urges Democrats and Republicans to back his candidacy. He says, “Take as many votes as possible away from the people in both parties keeping us in a state of perpetual war, increasing unsustainable debt, record joblessness, and a bipartisan economic death wish ruining America for 330 million of us.”

In fact, he sounds a lot like Ron Paul, which could help him bring Paul supporters into his campaign.

Read the full article at US News: Libertarians Unite: Gary Johnson Courting Ron Paul Supporters

The Examiner has an article showcasing Johnson’s plea to be allowed to make his case to the NAACP.

Citing his likely presence on the ballot in all 50 states and that more than one-third of American voters identify themselves as neither Republicans nor Democrats, Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is asking the NAACP to allow him to speak at the organization’s July 7-12 national convention in Houston, Texas.

Read the whole article at the Examiner: Johnson asks to speak at NAACP national convention

With the big story today being the Supreme Courts ruling on Obamacare, two different outlets reported on Gary Johnsons push for supporters of repealing that law.

Johnson bills himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative, which he says is the fastest growing demographic when it comes to voting trends . With eight years as governor of New Mexico, he has more executive experience than Obama and Romney combined. And he’s a realist, knowing that it takes at least a few million to compete with billions. Romney, on the other hand, enacted health care legislation similar to Obamacare as governor of Massachusetts.

“We would love to have $1 million land in our account just because people are angry at the Supreme Court – but it won’t happen unless friends and supporters like you go to today and make a contribution that will help us get the message out that freedom and liberty and financial sanity do not have to be compromised.”

Read the rest at Allvoices: Gary Johnson sets sights on Romney donors in wake of health care decision

Reason also posted a quote of his press release here: Gary Johnson on ObamaCare Ruling: “It has been clear for awhile that we need a new President and a new Congress. Now it appears we need a new Supreme Court.”

Gary Johnson is the creator of the largest construction company in New Mexico and was the Republican Governor from 1995-2003. He is running for President as the Libertarian Party nominee.

One thought on “Johnson Online Town Hall with Alexander McCobin and more media coverage

  1. zapper

    Gary Johnson calls out to the public to “Be Libertarian with me just one time …” but no one can hear the clever, boldly-stated message …

    We need to begin to build awareness of Johnson, who remains largely unknown, despite his impressive credentials …

    Such an effort needs to combine traditional TV advertising to reach the general public and gain the attention of the media – to maximize the free media that brought a handful of more successful Independent and Third Party candidates to the public attention in the past.

    To pay for such a campaign, we need a creative, targeted fundraising campaign – Where every dollar rasied – 100% – is guaranteed to be spent on targeted TV advertising time.

    Not only does this serve the Johnson campaign’s immediate goals, it can be the kickoff of a long-term party building campaign.

    It’s nice to claim that Johnson will be in the debates, which implies getting to 15% in the polls, but what are they doing with a chance to get them there? They can’t get enough free media yet, they need to run paid media in such a way so as to “earn” the free media – which is why it’s often called earned media.

    The Johnson campaign needs to run targeted major network TV ads, and they need to raise targeted, guaranteed funds for such a TV project. But they have yet to begin such a fundraising effort.


    The Greens are using an active promoting effort, including grassroots fundraising and volunteer phone calling to raise the money it needs to qualify for matching funds.

    Why won’t the Johnson campaign do something creative, as has been discussed before, to raise money for targeted advertising?

    We can use social media, YouTube, posted messages on various boards and sites, along with snail mail and e-mail and volunteer phone banks to raise more money than they are dreaming of … But only if we try.

    We can build a pyramid of fundraising targeted and guaranteed for TV ads that will finally give donors a reason to donate to the LP.

    If we don’t try, failure is guaranteed. You can’t win if you don’t play.

    This should be the first year of a targeted campaign to build the LP for victory in the future.

    We must, finally, for the first time in the History of the LP, begin to build the LP by building strong state parties, one at a time, beginning where we can afford to begin – the smallest states by populaion. These can be selected by size, cost of advertising, and the relative strength of the smaller of the major parties. We can and should work to become the number two party state by state, then on to victory.

    For the official record:

    The Libertarian Party, specifically the national party or LNC, has NEVER at any time in its history, targeted any state party for development and growth.

    This has been presented and discussed in various threads and was named by others as the Zapper plan.

    We’ve had 30 years of experience with what we’re doing now – without success, AND we’ve had 30 years of waiting for a what is now called the Zapper plan to be attempted. A professional plan based on sound marketing principles that have brought chain after chain of successful franchise businesses from a single location in one state though a growth track to regional, national, international and finally worldwide prominence.

    This does NOT mean an attempt to WIN in one single race by spending money on some individual campaign somewhere. That is not the Zapper plan and is not advisable.

    The Zapper plan was always and still is a plan to build the LP presence and support in key, targeted states through advertising over a long period of time – a minimum of two complete 4 year election cycles ending with a POTUS campaign. It would build awareness, build the state and local LP organization, and move the LP in the targeted states into a significant 3rd party position.

    Over some longer period – time unknown since nothing like this has ever been tried – the next goal would be to become politically competitive and take the 2nd position as the 2nd major party in the targeted states.

    The Zapper plan would involve significant major network TV advertising during prime times and around news programs in each and every year over 8 or 9 years (ideally we begin this year and make 9 years on the first go round) with a minimum advertising expenditure of 10cents per capita per year in each targeted state.

    ADDITIONAL money could be spent – and ideally would be spent – on other forms of advertising including radio, cable TV, yard signs etc.

    The TV advertising would put a media umbrella over the state and result in free media far more valuable than the direct cost of the ads. The ads would promote the LP itself and Libertarian positions on key issues. They would tie in with conventions, speakers, and outreach activities as appropriate. They would not target candidates with the exception of targeting the POTUS campaign during the P election years as a media umbrella.

    Of course in some targeted states, it is possible that it would be advisable to use some of the funds to target ballot status races when those arise so as to provide a statewide media umbrella and win ballot status. In other states, advertising could assist in ballot drives or voter registration campaigns.

    In addition, the target states would receive assistance in the form of training so as to allow the state leadership to make use of the new members and donors that would be streaming in so as to form single, stand-alone county affiliates in every county and for those affilitates to begin the process of organizing their own cities and towns on the precinct level.

    By targeting key states, For the FIRST TIME in LP HISTORY, the LP can finally …

    … begin the party building that has never been attempted.

    And, it just so happens, that by beginning this plan now – TODAY – we have the best shot at promoting Gary Johnson into the debates this fall, by shooting for 15% or more in the national polls, by earning free media coverage on top of the credibility that comes from actually appearing on major network TV, that comes from advertising in the targeted states.

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