JohnsonFest?: To appear at BOTH PaulFest and FreedomFest

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson and Vice-Presidential running mate Judge Jim Gray are scheduled to speak at BOTH Paul Festival and Freedom Festival 2012 near Tampa Florida August 24 to 27.

Paul Festival organizers announced earlier today:

Johnson and Judge Jim Gray Confirmed to Speak:  CHICAGO, IL –  Paul Festival announced today they had confirmed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to their list of speakers.  Johnson joins an already packed collection of liberty advocates for the festival featuring vendors, speakers and live music.


Previously Johnson had been announced as a keynote speaker at Freedom Festival, a concurrent event to be held at Fantasy of Flight (about 40 minutes east of Tampa).

Judge Jim Gray is expected to speak at this event as well.

Specific program details have not yet been posted for either event, but IPR has learned that Johnson is scheduled (subject to change) to introduce the Steve Miller Band at Freedom Fest on Friday night, and has been initially awarded a key slot at PaulFest the following night.

Details to follow (film at 11) as they are released.

(If you didn’t get the 1970s TV news reference, see:


12 thoughts on “JohnsonFest?: To appear at BOTH PaulFest and FreedomFest

  1. Steve M

    It sure looks like the Johnson 2012 team is better then the Barr 2008 team at reaching out to the Paul supporters. At least Johnson and Gray will have the opportunity to make their pitch.

  2. Volvoice

    The rainbow gathering is in ne tn this year…he should come and speak to those guys on the 4th of july.

  3. Paulie

    He’ll be in Orlando on the 4th. I’ve never heard of political candidates speaking at Rainbow Gatherings – is that allowed? lol

  4. Austin Battenberg

    The people at the DP aren’t too happy about him speaking at Paul fest. They are all like, “This is why Ron Paul won’t come, because he doesn’t want to coronate Gary Johnson.”

    Give me a break. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are allies, and every time a Paul supporter hates on Johnson because he will be on the ballot in November and Paul won’t, it pisses me off.

  5. Joe Buchman

    @5 Austin. They will come around. Those who are more addicted to Ron Paul than longing for Liberty will, I think, go through the classic grieving process:

    1) Denial (we see this now — “he could still get the nomination”)
    2) Anger.
    3) Bargaining (is that why Rand endorsed Romney?)
    4) Depression (at the convention and immediately after).
    5) Acceptance (by October).
    6) Voting Libertarian.

    We should do what we can to assist the suffering in quickly and easily processing through those stages. They need our help.



  6. Austin Battenberg

    No seriously. There are people at the DP who swear they won’t even go to Paulfest because Johnson is going. They say that a Presidential candidate of another political party shouldn’t be going because they are all supporting Ron Paul for President. “Oh, why don’t we invite Romney and Obama too. Let’s call it Johnsonfest!”

  7. paulie

    Very cool. Those are the ones that can stay at home, and if people start calling it Johnsonfest even better, lol

  8. Volvoice

    Paulie….no organized speeches for sure, but we could just hike up in there….camp out and outreach to about 10,000 hippies. That’s what i plan on doing. Gary’s an outdoor guy…he would fit right in.

  9. paulie

    .no organized speeches for sure, but we could just hike up in there….camp out and outreach to about 10,000 hippies. That’s what i plan on doing.

    Sounds like fun. Gary will be in Orlando though.

    We have a facebook group dedicated to helping Ron Paul supporters understand that IF Ron doesn’t get the nomination that we have Gary Johnson as a backup plan. Check us out at:

    Ron Paul Supporters Taking a Look at Gary Johnson – Libertarian:

    Good idea. If any of you are good at making youtubes it should be a youtube page also if it isn’t already.

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