Ron Paul: Endorse Romney — “No Way!”

Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate (1988), current Republican US Congressman and self-identified (small l) libertarian-Republican Ron Paul is in “No Way” ready to endorse Mitt Romney.

From an interview on CNN aired 19 June 2012.


PAUL: . . . There’ll be support for our cause of liberty and for what we’ve been doing for a good many years.

BLITZER: Your son, Senator Rand Paul, has endorsed Romney. I take it, you’re not yet ready yourself to endorse Romney, are you?

PAUL: No.  Not ready.

BLITZER: You’re not ready?

PAUL:  No way.

BLITZER: When you say “no way,” what’s stopping you? Because you obviously appreciate the fact he’s going to have 1,144 delegates that will put him over the top.

PAUL: What’s he going to achieve? (laugh) I think it’s legitimate for us to continue the debate. I know they don’t want the debate at the convention. Everything has to be smooth and proper. But, you know, I help pay for the convention. Because the taxpayers pay Republicans 18 plus million dollars, and Obama gets 18 plus million dollars, to have these “grand parties.”  I think we should be serious and discuss differences. . .

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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Endorse Romney — “No Way!”

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m so glad to hear him say this! Plus, he’s so unbending in his proclamation. I’ve been waiting for him to say something ever since Rand supported Romney. I think it’s possible Ron was shocked at what Rand said and is only now able to talk about it.

  2. NewFederalist

    I suspect in the end (after the GOP convention is over) he will either remain on the sidelines or endorse Romney. I hope he remains neutral since an endorsement of a big spender would be a serious set back for everything he has worked so hard for the past two presidential election cycles.

  3. Ike Corona

    IPR headline may be misleading.

    He said no way to endorsing Rombomba right now, not no way to a post-nomination endorsement.

    I hope he does say no way to that as well, but implying he has already done so is misleading.

  4. Trent Hill

    “I think it’s possible Ron was shocked at what Rand said and is only now able to talk about it.”

    Lol, no. Multiple independent sources close to Paul have told me that Rand discussed it with his father first and that his father approved the move.

  5. RedPhillips

    Paul the Elder might have approved the move, but I doubt he approved the language. It possible that Rand just got carried away on live TV.

  6. Humongous Fungus

    An interview from Carol Paul says she was taken by surprise by Rand’s announcement. I thought that meant Ron was also, but maybe not.

  7. langa

    Just because Ron Paul supposedly “approved” the move doesn’t mean that he liked it. It’s much more likely that he just chose not to argue with Rand about it.

    After all, what’s he gonna say? “No, Rand, I absolutely forbid you to endorse Romney! And if you dare to disobey me, I’ll bend you over my knee and give you a spanking you’ll never forget, young man!”

    That doesn’t sound much like Ron Paul to me.

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