Virgil Goode Town Hall in Craig County, VA

Constitution Party Presidential nominee Virgil Goode visited the Craig County Citizens for the Constitution on June 19, 2012. He discusses campaign issues and takes questions from the floor.

Virgil Goode is a former Congressman from Virginia’s 5th district. He is one of the only members of the House to serve as a Democrat, Independent, and Republican. Virgil Goode is running for President as the Constitution Party nominee.

4 thoughts on “Virgil Goode Town Hall in Craig County, VA

  1. Eric Blitz

    So, a recent poll by PPP showed that Virgil Goode is pulling from Romney in Virginia and has a cryptic conclusion in their report that “Goode staying off the ballot may be vital to Romney’s prospects there.”

    The report can be read here:

    Though almost entirely pointless given the venue, I posted a response to that polling story which may or may not get moderated out, so I’ll throw it out here as well:

    It is sad that American democracy has been so captured by the two-party system, which uses the law to limit access by third parties and rewards with money and other legal advantages the two main parties, that a statement such as “Goode staying off the ballot may be vital to Romney’s prospects there” is viewed as merely a factual assessment of the situation by a polling company, and not a value-laden premise of legalized duopoly. I am no supporter of Virgil Good by any measure, but that ballot access is used to crimp democracy in America is largely ignored. It has become such a regular part of the political landscape that horse race predictions of campaign outcomes can routinely use denial of access to the ballot as a legitimating factor. I’m sure this poll comment will point out to the Romney campaign that it might make sense for it to use its already over-sized campaign funds to oppress Mr. Goode’s VA ballot access effort with expensive and probably spurious legal challenges.

  2. Sissy

    Please don’t do this now. You are a spoiler and you will be responsible for handing the election to Mr Obama. Can you live with yourself knowing that? We don’t want you. Please get out!

  3. NewFederalist

    Ah, yes…. the spoiler! I wonder how Sissy feels about Jill Stein being a “spoiler” handing the state to Romney? Hmmm…

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