LASPAC: Gary Johnson yard sign for ONE DOLLAR

yard sign

The Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) sent the following broadcast email today:

Dear Gary Johnson supporter:

I need your help to get the word out to other Libertarians.

Our incredible $1 Gary Johnson yard sign offer is still going, but only for a few more days!

If you’re on any local Libertarian lists (Yahoo groups, meetups, whatever), please forward this email to those lists.

Also please post this on Facebook and Twitter. In a short posting, make sure to include our website,

I want every Libertarian in America to know about this offer! Other Affordable Yard Signs can be found online.

For a contribution of $1 or more, we will send you a Gary Johnson yard sign (with stand). Limit one per person.

Details at the Libertarian Action Super PAC website.

We have to get your online contribution by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 27, 2012.

Send this to every Libertarian you know!

Wes Benedict
President, Libertarian Action Super PAC

Wes Benedict, the author of this post, is also President of LASPAC, and served as Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee from 2009 through 2011.

[7/25/2012 update. New sign graphic with “for President” in solid blue.]

updated graphics

10 thoughts on “LASPAC: Gary Johnson yard sign for ONE DOLLAR

  1. Oranje Mike

    Still have around 6 I snagged from the convention. Planned on planting them about Phoenix but the stands are to flimsy and will not penetrate the Phoenix earth.

  2. Wes Benedict Post author

    Orange, the ground in Austin, TX is extremely hard sometimes. I’ve used a SMALL hammer to tap the top of the H-stands lightly. They went in pretty easy that way even in very hard dirt or soft rock. Now that I’m in Baton Rouge and it rains everyday, I don’t have that problem.

  3. Oranje Mike

    Wes, I’ll give it another college try. It felt like I was about to damage the bottom prongs of the center support piece but I shall try again.

  4. Be Rational

    The white on yellow “for President” on the bottom doesn’t show up very well.

    If reprinting you might make a change to make it more visible.

    Maybe try a thick blue outline around the white letters in the yellow background.

  5. Kyle Kneale

    Yes the “for President” portion doesn’t show up if more than 25 yards away. I’d suggest making the background blue and the lettering yellow like they have the governor’s name.

  6. Wes Benedict Post author

    Thanks for the suggestions. I agree the “for President” was a bit light. I thickened it with the second order and the third order (which isn’t shipping yet) has “for President” in solid blue. I’ll try to post an image here.

    Oranje, don’t hammer on the cross bars. Remove the sign from the H-stand and tap the very top of the vertical posts like you’re hammering in a very long nail.

  7. RevFatsax

    i live in vegas, hard ground means ice pick or screwdriver and hammer to soften up the area before driving in the yardsign posts. Swiss watch.

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