NC Libertarian Candidate for Governor polls 7 percent

A poll of 600 North Carolina adults released 5 July 2012 by the John W. Pope Civitas Institute with the headline “McCrory Lead Narrows with Libertarian in Poll” shows Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Howe with 7 percent, Democratic candidate Walter Dalton with 44 percent, and Republican Pat McCrory with 46 percent.  3 percent reported being undecided.

Complete poll results can be found here:


More information about the Barbara Howe for Governor campaign can be found here:



8 thoughts on “NC Libertarian Candidate for Governor polls 7 percent

  1. Joe Buchman Post author

    @1 Thanks Lee,

    I’ve corrected the typo above.

    (This is what I get for not being at WAR against typos!)



  2. Trent Hill

    This is pretty impressive polling. The NC LP probably benefits from being the only third party on the ballot, but it’s nevertheless impressive.

  3. paulie


    Howe draws much more heavily from Independents and Democrats (11%, 7%) than from Republicans (3%), and more heavily from Liberals (9%) and Moderates (7%) than from Conservatives (5%).

    In a small sample, Howe substantially outpolls the Republican candidate among Asian-Americans, 29% to 16%.)

    Relative to her support, she outpolls Republicans among African-Americans and Hispanics. (She has about 1/10 the support that Republicans do among whites, a fifth the support Republicans do among African-Americans, and a third the support Republicans do among Hispanics.)

  4. Ad Hoc

    We don’t pull mostly from the Republicans. There have been tons of studies on this now.

  5. abracadabra

    paulie @6 exactly right, thank you. we must fight this untrue crap that gets constantly repeated in the press.


    Another story lately was from Ohio in Ballot Access News

    Ohio Libertarian Party Analyzes Voters Who Chose a Libertarian Primary Ballot

    July 2nd, 2012

    Ohio has an open primary. The voter registration form does not ask voters to choose a party. On primary day, any voter is free to choose any party’s primary ballot.

    In the March 2012 primary, 7,035 Ohio voters chose a Libertarian primary ballot, even though that ballot had no one listed for president, and no one listed for U.S. Senate. President and U.S. Senate are the only two statewide partisan races up in Ohio this year.

    Recently, the Ohio Libertarian Party went to the trouble of checking to see which primary ballot those voters had chosen in 2010. The results: 2,797 of the 2012 Libertarian primary voters had not voted in the 2010 primary. 2,987 of the 2012 Libertarian primary voters had also chosen the Libertarian primary ballot in 2010. Also, among the remaining 2012 Libertarian primary voters, 391 had chosen the Republican primary ballot in 2010; 388 had chosen the Democratic primary ballot in 2010; 37 had chosen the Constitution Party primary ballot in 2010; five had chosen the Green Party primary ballot in 2010; 3 had chosen the Socialist Party primary ballot in 2010; and 427 had chosen the non-partisan primary ballot in 2010.

    Why do people keep thinking we “take” votes mostly only from Republicans?!

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