Reform Party Website adds Darcy Richardson to its List of Presidential Candidates

The Reform Party of the United States has updated its listing of presidential candidates to include historian Darcy Richardson, a contributor here at IPR. The party’s entry for Richardson reads:

A former senior specialist in the insurance industry-turned-entrepreneur, Darcy G. Richardson was born one of ten children to William and Shirley Richardson in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. The son of a career U.S. Air Force officer and municipal manager, Darcy and his nine siblings grew up in various parts of the United States and West Germany before returning to western Pennsylvania — the birthplace of both of his parents — in the late 1960s.

Darcy, 56, has authored six books, including five volumes of a planned seven-volume history on independent and third-party politics in the United States, and is completing several other books. He is currently finishing a book about the country’s current economic crisis, tentatively titled, Collapse: How the Managerial Class Plunged the Nation into the Greatest Depression, which will be published next spring.

A freelance writer and former editor of Consumers Voice, the bi-monthly publication of the Philadelphia-based Consumers Education & Protective Association (CEPA), Darcy is also the author of A Nation Divided: The 1968 Presidential Campaign, published in 2002.

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IPR first reported Richardson’s decision to seek the Reform Party nomination last month.

He joins consultant Blake Ashby, fitness model Andre Barnett, retired Dow Chemical worker Ed Chlapowski, engineer Kenneth R. Cross, financial adviser Dick McCormick, estimator Michael Whitley, and Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff as the presidential candidates listed on the website. Kotlikoff has already announced to IPR that he is no longer seeking the nomination.

In addition to the listing, Richardson has updated his campaign website, which he previously used for his Democratic Party challenge and which briefly redirected to his news website Uncovered Politics. Currently, the website includes only the biographical post used on Richardson’s Reform Party listing, but mantains that there is still more to come.

12 thoughts on “Reform Party Website adds Darcy Richardson to its List of Presidential Candidates

  1. JD

    Darcy seems to be a little left wing for the reform party. Lenora Fulani isnt around anymore. I think Blake Ashby seems to fit the party best but Andre Barnett has been the most active so I would bet on him getting the nod, Darcy 2nd, and then Ashby.

  2. JD

    Reed, I dont think so and I think it was doomed from the start. I have experience in marketing and the name Reform Party is very unappealing and sounds very temporary. Reform should be something that happens and then improves the situation. If you are constantly reforming a system it means that there is instability. So from a marketing perspective it is a nightmare. They also are very far from the progressive conservatism or liberal nationalism that once attracted men like Dick Lamm and Pat Choate to the party. They no matter seem to be the pragmatic populist they once were. They are more like Republicanism lite.

  3. Zany LP Member

    Reform Party sounds pretty appealing until/unless they ever win power. Then they may have to contend with a name change. But as an out of power party it makes sense.

  4. William Saturn Post author

    Once in power, it could adopt the “Centrist Party” label.

  5. JD

    As a name? Could be. We pont always have to name our organizations the “place name here” party.

  6. SaveSherman

    Why hasn’t Milnes caught their nomination? Their convention is in his backyard.

  7. Ad Hoc

    The Reform Party is neither libertarian nor progressive, thus is not a part of his strategy.

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