Jim Clymer Addresses Paulfest in Tampa

Jim Clymer, the Vice Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, appeared at Paulfest in Tampa. Paulfest is a gathering of supporters of Ron Paul right before the beginning of the Republican National Convention. Clymer addressed the gathered supporters about he and Virgil Goode’s campaign for the vice presidency and presidency, respectively.

Most of Paul Fest’s more famous speakers will be taking to the podium on Saturday; Friday’s highlight was Clymer, who spoke on behalf of his running-mate, Constitution Party (CP) presidential candidate Virgil Goode. Goode served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1997 to 2009 (where he was a member of Paul’s Liberty Caucus), and before then in the Virginia Senate. Clymer is the CP’s former chairman.

Clymer’s speech served as an introduction to his party’s political platform. The CP is considered fairly libertarian in its political orientation, though the party’s platform pays robust homage to what it considers the “Biblical foundations” of American jurisprudence.

“The Constitution does not need to be scrapped; it needs to be abided by!” Clymer thundered to applause from the crowd. A little over a hundred people sat for his speech, and Clymer’s articulation of his party’s various policy prescriptions met with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

These were not all of Clymer’s recorded remarks. The link contains more.

2 thoughts on “Jim Clymer Addresses Paulfest in Tampa

  1. Peter Gemma

    too bad a zillion opportunities weren’t taken advantage of – Tampa has the largest gathering of political reporters on planet Earth right now, but apparently not much advance planning or groundwork was done by the CP

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