Marc Guttman: Finally Leaving Some Immigrants Alone

Here is a piece published in The Day,  August 24, 2012

Politicians and the mainstream media haven’t seemed to discuss immigration policy much since the 2008 campaigns for federal offices, when they made it a prominent and seemingly critical issue. Recently, however, President Obama issued an executive order outlining a new deportation policy less aggressive towards some young, undocumented immigrants that meet his criteria.

Although some oppose a U.S. president doing an end-run around the law by unilaterally making policy outside the legislative process, it can be well-argued that most everything the federal government does (in all three branches) is unconstitutional. At least in this case, for a stark change, it’s to the benefit of human rights. It’s also quite an about-face as, according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Obama administration has deported record-high numbers of undocumented immigrants, about 1.2 million individuals.

When a foreigner crosses the American border he or she coerces no one and violates no one’s rights. It is rather preventing the peaceful individual from freely traveling and trading with us that is the violation of rights. How it is that we’ve come to have the current Mexican-American border, particularly, is also an historical lesson in the intrusion on human rights.

Individuals and organizations ought not be restricted from trading freely, regardless of their nationalities. I’m relieved for the approximately 800,000 individuals who will not be assaulted and deported (for now), separated from loved-ones and consigned to poverty, by government actors, because of this policy.

Not only do we not have the right to restrict others, but why would we want to keep foreigners out? The free exchange of value for value is mutually beneficial. Cooperation, not conflict, promotes peace, freedom, and economic welfare.

The rest of this article can be found here .
Marc Guttman an emergency physician in Connecticut and editor of two books, Why Peace , and Why Liberty.  He recently announced his candidacy for state Senate in the 20th District on the Libertarian Party line. 


4 thoughts on “Marc Guttman: Finally Leaving Some Immigrants Alone

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I would urge all IPR readers to read these books mentioned in Dr. Guttman’s short bio at the end of the article.. They’re both a compilation of chapters about their respective topics, written by many different people. I keep extra copies of both to give as gifts.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    After reading WAR’s awful anti-immigrant rants on LNCDiscussPublic List 139, I’m pleased to see a more compassionate discussion of immigration.

  3. wolfefan

    Hi Jill @2 –

    I agree with you. The interesting thing to me in Wayne’s complaint is how many people here illegally are paying taxes. If there are 4 billion in tax credits going out, then there must be a lot more than that coming in. That is, of course, if the article is accurate. It’s newsmax, after all, and it appears to be based on an interview with one accountant in Indiana.

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