Carl Person’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

*Carl E. Person
Attorney at Law
225 E. 36th St. – Suite 3A
New York NY 10016-3664
Tel: 212-307-4444
Fax: 212-307-0247


September 21, 2012

Geoffrey Neale, Chair;
Libertarian Party
2600 Virginia Avenue, N.W. – Suite 200
Washington, DC 20037

Re: Nomination of Carl E. Person for LNC At-Large Position

Dear Mr. Neale:

By this letter I am applying for the At-Large opening on the Libertarian National Committee created
upon the recent resignation of Wayne Allyn Root.

If appointed, I would be a voice for having the LNC and Libertarian Party provide leadership in
creating jobs and opportunities through self-help and private sector activities, as a complement to the LP’s
position against government programs and spending. Also, I commit to attending the LNC meetings.

My Background

I sought the LP nomination for President and put in a substantial effort, from June, 2011 through
May 6, 2012, at a significant cost in money and time. I spent almost $40,000 in seeking the nomination (at
my own expense) and spent hundreds of hours in the process. My campaign website remains at and points out what the U.S. needs to do, in my opinion, to create meaningful, highpaying
jobs. [I should note that the first of my three proposed reforms was enacted into law on April 5, 2012,
as part of Obama’s Jumpstart Our Business Startups (Jobs) Act.]

I ran as the Libertarian candidate in 2012 for New York State Attorney General and came in 3rd,
pointing out that this elective office is more powerful than the President in many respects because acting
alone, without approvals from anyone, the NYS Attorney General has the power to regulate Wall Street
including securitized mortgages, and to stop the creation of fraudulent securities which are undermining the
U.S. and world economy.

I’m also the creator of the paralegal field, having set up the first paralegal school in the country that
was not a training program financed by major law firms and recruiting students only from 7 colleges in the
U.S. (i.e., the “Seven Sisters”). I owned and ran the school for 18 years and started various cutting-edge
technical courses (all of which were licensed, accredited and with federal student loans). I know how to
create cutting-edge, technical training, which is what is needed throughout the U.S. to create new jobs and a
prosperous economy.

I have a practical, do-it-now, no-new-legislation-needed approach, to provide the self-help offset to
the desired reduction in government programs and spending.

I have a different perspective, which is needed on the LNC and in the LP. For example, replacing the
Federal Reserve System with state banks similar to the highly successful North Dakota State Bank, to
decentralize our monetary system and to give the states more control over monetary policy. Another idea
that may not be popular is moving LNC headquarters from the current expensive location in the DC beltway
to more affordable accommodations in New Hampshire, the home of the Free State Project and the center of
political activity for many months at the start of each 4-year federal election cycle. The LP would be more
visible and far more effective in New Hampshire.

Litigation Skills

The LNC could add litigation skills to its membership, to come to the aid of friends under attack
such as the present instance of Richard Winger, Ballot Access News, who is facing a $243,279.50 judgment
for attorneys’ fees in the California courts, as a losing plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality
of a recent California referendum (on a “top two” primary election system). The support I would urge is
publicity, legal advice and possibly legal services.

There are apparent or possible defenses to the award (in additional to a timely appeal of the
attorneys’ fees decision) including: (i) motion untimely; (ii) award not apportioned between needed services
(to supplement the legal services of California’s own attorneys) and unnecessary services (legal services by
an intervenor that were not necessary or were duplicative); (iii) that the award is punitive and
unconstitutional as cruel and unusual punishment; (iv) that the award is more than 9 digits (or 9 times) the
amount of legal fees incurred (or value of the legal times used) by Winger and the other plaintiffs; (v) that
the intervenors acted (as “state action”) in concert with California to conspire to put Richard out of business
in the exercise of his 1st Amendment rights; (vi) that Richard has an antitrust claim and defense against the
intervenors under these U.S. Supreme Court “sham litigation” decisions: E. R.R. Presidents Conference v.
Noerr Motor Freight, Inc., 365 U.S. 127 (1961); California Motor Transp. Co. v. Trucking Unlimited, 404
U.S. 508 (1972); and Otter Tail Power Co. v. United States, 410 U.S. 366, 380 (1973)]; (vii) look into the
possibility that the judge (Curtis E.A. Karnow) should have recused himself by reason of past activities
(such as how did he wind up deciding the motion for reargument – was he selected by the Intervenors?);
(viii) note that a supersedeas bond is usually not required for an appeal, but only to stay enforcement; and
(ix) see if there is any motion to belatedly extend the time for filing a notice of appeal as to the original
adverse decision . We need to protect Liberty by helping Richard and others similarly situated.

Self-Help Programs to Create
Jobs and Prosperity for Voters

Currently, as a Libertarian, I am trying to create jobs and prosperity in New Paltz, New York, and
have meetings set up at Village Hall for Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 1pm and 3pm to discuss my
proposals to create jobs and prosperity with residents and small businesses. How can this not help to create
new members for the Libertarian Party? I believe the LNC should make this type of local, self-help activity
for growing the LP available to its state associated parties.

Accordingly, I ask that you appoint me to the vacancy created by Wayne Allyn Root’s resignation. I
have always been willing to put my money where my mouth is; and now I would like the opportunity to
broaden our Party¡¦s appeal, and help find new and exciting ways stimulating the people to embrace
Libertarian ideals. If we can show them how our ideas can benefit the average voter, we will win. I hope I
will have an opportunity to contribute to make this a reality.

In Liberty,

Carl E. Person

*Because of the resignation of Wayne Allyn Root, there is now an opening for an At-Large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee. The candidates for the position have been asked to write a 2-page letter of why they would like to be on the LNC. They will be voted on at the next meeting, this November in Washington DC. IPR would like to feature the letters ahead of the meeting. This way, our readers can get to know about the choices and can take an opportunity to contact their Regional Reps and the Executive Committee of the candidate they’d like to see elected.

18 thoughts on “Carl Person’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

  1. Jeremy C. Young

    Carl Person is a nice man and, despite his weird apostasies on job issues, I think he is a true Libertarian (and libertarian) at heart. However, he is also the most gullible individual I’ve ever encountered in politics. Being extremely trusting is a nice quality in real life, but in politics it leads you to be easily manipulated. For this reason, I don’t think Person would make a good LNC member.

  2. Oranje Mike

    His advocacy for state banks might be akin to Johnson’s support of the “Fair Tax”. Not ideal but better than what we currently have.

  3. From Der Sidelines

    All of that sounds like what he would do if elected to a public office.

    But he offers little to the LNC in terms of what he can do for the LP, outside the litigation side, which is already covered anyway.

  4. Q2Q

    Carl offers ideas and a point of view that the LP does need. If we can’t think outside the box, we’ll become too ideological to ever win an election. He’s willing to work and spend his own money to preach the ideals of liberty. Give him a chance and he will work his butt off to build the LP.

    And, considering one candidate is a bizarre Truther who was the BTP nominee, and a ex-Chair whose tenure was failure, and some candidate associated with Root or Starr, maybe having someone like Carl on the Board will actually help the party grow.

  5. paulie

    Candidates running other than the five that have submitted articles to IPR so far:

    Gary Johnson of TX
    Bill Still
    David Blau
    Gigi Bowman

    With IPR articles:

    Mark Hinkle
    Jim Duensing
    Guy McLendon

  6. Raymond Agnew

    I Support Carl Person To Replace Linotarian Rebulican W.A. Root, Carl Will Promote Our LP Candidates & Not The GOP As Linotarian Republican Root Did As It Is Late In The Election Game & We Only Have 45 Days Left till November 6, 2012 Mr. Person Is A
    dedacated LP Member & Will Serve The LP & LNC Well.

  7. paulie

    Someone other than me will have to post the article, but Gigi has sent hers in. She included contact info, but I’m not sure if that was supposed to be for publication, so in the meantime:

    I do not have the resume to fill up two pages. But sometimes you need something fresh and new 🙂

    would like to be considered for LNC replacement of Wayne Allyn Root.

    As At-Large LNC I would commit to attending meetings at my own expense which I have read is a qualification for this position.

    I have been the Suffolk County, New York Chair of the LP and the Suffolk County Vice Chair. I am presently the Suffolk County Treasurer. I have been a New York State Delegate and attended the 2012 National LP Convention.

    I am a Real Estate agent with Realty Executives in New York but I also sit on the Board as President of the Central Nassau County Long Island Board of Realtors. I am also on the NY Legislative Committee for the Long Island Board of Realtors.

    I have national notoriety as the President of LibertyCandidates
    I presently have a book on titled “How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform”.

    I run have run events that have included members of the Libertarian Party: LibertyFest NYC 1, 2 and 3 coming up on October 13th which will include speeches by Carla Howell and Judge Gray.

    I would love to be considered for this appointment because the Libertarian Party is the party I choose to be associated with as I am 100% on board with the platform.

    I am also willing to help the party in any way possible through articles or speeches I might be asked to do on behalf of the party.

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


    Gigi Bowman

  8. Kevin Knedler

    LNC: Let us not ignore the qualifications and professionalism of Mr. David Blau of the state of Massachuetts. SOLID performance can be expected from him.

  9. Mark Axinn

    Carl was a terrific Attorney General candidate in 2010, putting both time and money in for a campaign that we knew would be won by a Democrat. Nevertheless, Carl worked tirelessly to promote a freedom agenda as opposed to the statist alternatives for the position.

  10. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Mr. Person, how would you feel about the LNC keeping their votes for the replacement rep secret?

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