Jim Duensing’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

Because of the resignation of Wayne Allyn Root, there is now an opening for an At-Large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee. The candidates for the position have been asked to write a 2-page letter of why they would like to be on the LNC. They will be voted on at the next meeting, this November in Washington DC. IPR would like to feature the letters ahead of the meeting. This way, our readers can get to know about the choices and can take an opportunity to contact their Regional Reps and the Executive Committee of the candidate they’d like to see elected.

Here is the post written by Geoffrey Neale, Chairman of the Libertarian Party, about the process for people to nominate themselves for the position.

The first statement comes from Jim Duensing from Nevada.

From the Desk of Raymond James Duensing Jr.

Constitution Day 2012

To the membership of the Libertarian Party and its national committee:

It was with great joy and libertarian pride that I learned of Wayne Allyn Root’s defection from the
Libertarian Party. Please consider this short letter to be my self-nomination for the recently vacated
LNC At-Large position.

As many of you know, I have been involved in libertarian politics for the sum total of my adult life. In
2004, I ran my first campaign for U.S. Congress as a Libertarian in Nevada’s first district. By 2005, I
was an officer in my local affiliate, the Clark County Libertarian Party. In 2006 and 2008, I again ran
for U.S. Congress and by then was serving as the Chair of the Nevada Libertarian Party and the Chair
of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance from 2007-2008. When the Nevada Libertarian party
voted to abolish its local affiliates, I ceased to be Vice Chair of the Nye County affiliate of the LP and I
became an active part of the successful local Ron Paul effort – one of the more successful Ron Paul
efforts in the country.

These experiences sharpened my belief that the only way our cause of liberty in our lifetimes is going
to be achieved, is with strong bottom up grassroots libertarian organization.

There is a strain of “Libertarian Leadership” that seeks to reform our libertarian base to something
more palatable to the masses of American voters. I would not be that kind of national political leader. I
seek to make the masses understand the superior philosophy and logic of libertarian policies. In other
words, I would seek to educate the masses on the specific benefits our libertarian policies would
provide and why our philosophy of inalienable rights and individual empowerment is the only solution
to an out of control Byzantine federal government, whose failed policies have caused the great majority
of problems facing our nation. Our libertarian philosophy of tolerance and responsibility was forged by
the crucible of America’s frontier experiences and it is the way forward in this new millennium.

But, let me also say, that I am above all else a believer in practical real politics. That is, I don’t care to
debate a never ending stream of unimportant side issues. It is the responsibility of the national board to
focus the attention of the American people on the real issues that really affect their real lives. That
means, I would seek to focus the Board’s efforts on educating the public in all aspects of libertarian
politics by focusing on a few key issues in the areas of Economic Policy, Foreign Affairs, and Domestic
Tranquility that are of the utmost importance at the present time. Through the use of key wedge issues
like those outlined below, we can advance libertarian policies and grow our political base.

Economically, our national party should focus on drawing attention to the differences our party has
with the two Establishment parties on fiscal and monetary issues. On fiscal issues, we must point out
to the masses the fact that the unConstitutional overspending of the bi-partisan federal bailouts have
failed for predictable reasons. On matters of taxation, we should work to inform the American people
of our position that all direct taxation on the American people should be done at a state level pursuant
to the Constitution. It’s why we do the census and it is a fundamental check against the growth of our
national government. On monetary issues, we must work to inform the masses that the printing of fiat
paper currency has created this current financial crisis and that the solution is not changing the
management of the Federal Reserve, but following the Constitution and abolishing the Federal Reserve
in favor of Congress Coining money pursuant to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. This strategy
will help the LP recruit the base of the Ron Paul Revolution, and nothing could be more important for
the Libertarian Party at this point in our history, but that effort.

On issues of foreign policy, we must lead the masses. The average American has been against the wars
in Afghanistan and Iraq from the beginning. At best, after years of Establishment propaganda, they
have come to see these undeclared unConstitutional wars as necessary evils. We must make the case to
our fellow Americans that our freedom can only be secured by defending it from all enemies, foreign
and domestic. That means, an end to secret government operations like the c.i.a and the n.s.a. At best,
these operations were responsible for creating unacceptable blowback. At worst, these secret
unaccountable unConstitutional unlibertarian efforts were responsible for funding the terror attacks that
we have spent 11 years fighting at considerable cost in lives and freedom. See Mahmoud Ahmed and
the ISI. The Libertarian Party has long called for the abolition of these secret government operations.
Now, that a large segment of the apolitical population is on board with ending these operations, we
should make an active concerted effort to appeal to that base of Americans which are probably already
libertarian, whether they know it or not. We must make the case for an end to military adventurism and
attempts to exert American hegemonic control over the middle east and around the globe. And, it
means respecting our American heritage and constitutionally protected right of membership in our local
Constitutional militias. Our founders were right to fear entangling alliances and standing armies. It is
our responsibility as libertarians to champion these issues so that we can be both safe and free.

On the issues of Domestic Tranquility, we must make the case to the American people that our nation
can survive our differences, but it cannot survive a police state. At a national level, we must work to
reverse the militarization and federalization of our local police. We must fight to restore those
freedoms recently lost and work to preserve, protect, and expand those freedoms we do still enjoy.
This means taking principled libertarian stands in a way that appeals to the average voter, most of
whom are currently against the TSA, the drug war, the growing surveillance society, etc. It is on these
issues that we should actively work to expand our political base. At the same time, we must never
compromise principle for apparent pragmatism, in a nod to the former holder of this open seat, let me
quote Reagan “Good policy is good politics.” All our Freedoms. All the Time. Anything less is a
recipe for political failure.

That would be the perspective, objectives, and approach I would bring to the LNC. In addition to the
experiences I have had growing local Libertarian parties, I would bring the skills of an Austrian
economist, a trained historian, and the one I least like to mention, a trained legal mind. It is my sincere
belief that these talents and abilities would be beneficial to the Libertarian National Committee and the
membership of our organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,

Jim Duensing

24 thoughts on “Jim Duensing’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

  1. wolfefan

    I don’t know Duensing at all, but I am suspicious of people who routinely refer to “the masses.” I’m also a little suspicious that he claims to be an economist, a historian, and if not a lawyer then something like one. Maybe a guy who views himself as pretty brilliant compared to the masses is an apt replacement for Mr. Root! 🙂

    LibertarianGirl, if you are there what can you tell me about Mr. Duensing? He seems kind of full of himself in this letter, but I understand that he needs to promote himself in this context and I don’t wish to be unfair.

  2. Jim Duensing

    @ Wolfe – I double majored in Economics and History at Hillsdale College. I graduated Valparaiso Law School. And LibertarianGirl is so full of shit that no one she knows trusts her. If you have questions of me, ask.

    @ NewFederalist – you are right the BTP is defunct.

    @ LPObserver – fuck you – keep hiding behind your anonymous keyboard.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,


  3. Kenny

    Jim Duensing has been involved in the Libertarian Party for a while now; he’s done more for the party than most people who will comment on here. His credentials are quite clear, a former state chair, a congressional candidate, an organizer for libertarian activist groups in Las Vegas, and a presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party (though he would be nominated from the now-defunct Boston Tea Party). So yes, when you’re vying for a job you can do, you sell yourself, by bringing up your credentials. I take it job applications aren’t common to people commenting here?!

    The term, “masses”, is synonymous to “people” or “public”, one doesn’t have to be an English major to know this. It’s very important to not assume before you actually know the truth. I hope further people posting don’t insert foot in mouth like a couple have on here so far.

    We need more people like Jim Duensing higher in the Libertarian Party, like state chairs. If you can find better, speak up or dim down the immaturity. Thanks.

  4. Andy

    “And LibertarianGirl is so full of shit that no one she knows trusts her.”

    Uh oh, this can’t be good. LOL!

  5. Eric Blitz

    @5 I’m no prude, but a ‘fuck you’ statement to a negative comment while running for an LNC position? I think you’ll need a thicker skin for the LNC than that.

  6. Jim Duensing

    @ Kenny – Thanks for the words of support.

    @ Jill talk to David Nolan’s widow.

    @ Eric – just because I’m volunteering to run for office doesn’t mean I need to take people’s shit.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,


  7. Sane LP Member

    Not sure it matters who is on the LNC any longer. State parties are where the leadership is needed to insure ballot access and to win some elections. Is the LNC the black hole of LP politics? But # 9 does have a point. What was the final result of getting shot in Las Vegas or wherever it was? Did it go to trial, was anyone arrested, did anyone go to jail?

  8. Jim Fulner

    Jim is a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party of Michigan it was my honor to submit his name to be a delegate to the National Convention. Sitting next to him for three days debating parliamentary procedure and the true meaning of individual liberty was one of the greatest honors I had at this past national convention. It was also an honor to speak on behalf of his presidential candidacy to the members of the Natural Law Party of Michigan that they nominate a libertarian due to the unique situation the nation is currently in now and [at the time forthcoming now absolutely noticeable] debacle that the Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (who happens to be within the leadership of the Michigan for Romney campaign from what I hear) has put the Libertarian Party of Michigan in and her refusal to allow the LPM to place a nominee on the Presidential ballot. Unfortunately the NLPM (state affiliate to a Party that ciesed to exist 10 years ago) chose to nominate Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson instead.

    My only concern is this part from Geoff Neal’s letter ” I want every nominee to recognize that being a member of the LNC represents a significant investment in both time and money. Each LNC member pays his own travel and lodging to attend LNC meetings.” I do not know Jim’s personal finances in any means and am uncertain of his ability to fulfill the finical obligation, if that is not a problem than I am all for it.

  9. Mark Axinn

    Jim. Did you take any classes with Larry Reed, now President of FEE, while at Hillsdale?

    Very good guy.

  10. Jim Duensing

    @ Sane – I agree with you about state parties being most important. I have also applied for the vacant seat of Nevada Vice Chair vacated by WAR. But, I realize the importance of national leadership as I believe the past LNC’s have failed to draw a distinction between us and BOTH of the other two parties.

    Here is my nomination letter for LPNV vice chair:


    As for the excessive force shooting, it’s still in litigation on the criminal and the civil side. Still fighting for basic evidence to be released. Progress has been slow. My physical recovery is ongoing but I am making steady improvement. Just did my first Hindu pushup in several years last Sunday.

    @ Fulner – Thanks for the kind words and thanks again for your efforts in Michigan. I plan to follow Lee Wrights’ example in subsidizing my trips with donations and providing write ups for the membership of what their LNC is doing. Even without donations, however, I don’t think funding will be a problem.

    @ Mark – I don’t recall a professor Reed. I did have quite a few classes with Dr. Richard Ebeling, one of the finest Austrian economists on the planet, although sadly he no longer works at Hillsdale.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,


  11. Reed E

    If you can’t take negative comments from people here with some bit of tact, you can’t expect to serve effectively on the LNC

  12. wolfefan

    Thanks to all for their responses. No offense was intended, Jim – and it’s nice to see someone with a Valpo background. I asked about LG’s opinion because yours is the first negative comment I’ve ever seen about her and I knew she had a NV background. In her comments here she seems to go out of her way to be fair but at the same time she tells it like it is. I didn’t realize you would be responding here, but I’m glad you are.

    With genuine respect, I would echo Reed’s comments @16. I think people in leadership roles, especially where they are expected to work collegially, do have to take some people’s s***. When they choose not to do so, they do need to demonstrate some tact and professionalism. As an outsider, I think this has been one of the weaknesses of the current LNC. And if one comment on IPR is enough to trigger the vulgarity then that doesn’t bode well for the give-and-take of national leadership. Just MHO.

    @6 – I understand what “masses” means. I also understand how it’s been used in political theory and rhetoric over the years. I infer a tone of condecension in it. Whether it’s really there or not that’s my response and I know a lot of other people respond the same way.

    Jim – it seems like you have a vision what the LNC should do educationally and PR-wise. What do you think should be happening on the LNC in terms of infrastructure and affilliate support?

    Best wishes…

  13. Jim Duensing

    @ Reed – I have no problem with negative comments as long as they have some internally consistent logic to them. Ad hominem attacks with no substance are the kind of thing that I have no tolerance for.

    @ Wolfe – I took no offense at your comments. When I was state chair, I shared your view about taking people’s shit and took a lot of BS on my shoulders that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I eventually came to see that as the wrong kind of leadership. It didn’t help do anything but encourage the kind of behavior I was hoping to limit. If people want to attack me anonymously on a blog with ad hominem attacks, they should be able to handle a few words in response. If you are looking for a libertarian Romney or Obama with a fake smile, plastic hair, and an empty suit – there are other candidates for you to choose from in this race.

    The weakness of the LNC has not been due to too many people calling out the underhanded bullshit of others, but too few. Our national party has been infested with an incestuous group of neo-Libertarians that spend their time attacking actual libertarians to get them off the committee or to make them ineffective in their role or plotting to disenfranchise the membership.

    As for the term masses, what term would you prefer? We are a small party with better ideas than the others. But, most people are unaware of those ideas for a variety of reasons. I don’t think we should focus our efforts – as previous LNC’s have done – on trying to recruit disaffected Republicans. Our target audience must be the apathetic middle of America that thinks the two party system is corrupt and not working in their interest. That’s how we win.

    As far as affiliate and infrastructure support, I think the LNC should organize the national conventions and finance them without a participation tax on the membership. It should work daily to counteract the narratives being put out by the other two parties on national levels, giving the local affiliates national leadership that drives people to them. I don’t want to see any top down efforts out of the LNC. For instance, there has been talk of a common web template with integrated databases for years. I’d rather see that project pursued as a voluntary effort of several states than as a national program that the states are told to join. Bottom up.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,


  14. Jim Fulner

    “Our target audience must be the apathetic middle of America…” reminds me of a line I heard someone use in St. Louis “If we try to make the Liberarian Party appeal to the middle, how will we ever make the middle libertarian.”

  15. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Jim, how would you feel about the LNC keeping this vote for a replacement rep secret?

  16. Jim Duensing

    @ Jill – it is unconscionable for the vote to be secret. I wouldn’t accept an appointment by secret ballot and would hope no one else would. The LNC needs to start remembering they’re libertarians and acting like it or we’re no better than the GOP members who are constantly upset by the acts of RINOs like Madam Senator Lindsey Graham.

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  18. fred

    I consider Jim Duensing a friend, and as such I may be biased. Jim is a very intelligent guy, with a strong work ethic and the ability to both work hard and win support. He is fully committed to liberty and is willing to make personal sacrifices to move toward that end.
    I must admit to my concerns that he has a tendency to focus too strongly on issues that I don’t think resonate with the general public and may marginalize our efforts, but if he willing to focus on campaign issues such as war, the economy, and civil liberties–he will get my vote.

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