Atlanta Progressive News backs 2 Libertarians for Public Service Commission

“The Board of Directors of Atlanta Progressive News is pleased to announce that APN is endorsing David Staples and Brad Ploeger for the General Election for Public Service Commission Districts 5 and 3, respectively.”

“Staples and Ploeger are both Libertarian nominees. This marks only the second and third time in APN’s nearly seven year history that we have endorsed a Libertarian candidate.”

APN Notes that David Staples is the only alternative to the incumbent Republican, while Ploeger faces an incumbent Republican and a Democrat challenger.

In both races the incumbent backs expansion of nuclear power plants, and the Democrat in District 3 also backs nuclear power.
APN notes that “Staples told APN he would not have supported Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4, two proposed new nuclear reactors, and instead would have supported building out Georgia’s solar capacity to meet daytime demand for energy. Staples is a strong supporter of solar energy and renewables.”

In District 3, “APN is endorsing Ploeger mainly because of his criticism of nuclear power. Ploeger said he is “not a fan,” of nuclear power, while Oppenheimer says he believes nuclear power is perfectly safe.” (Oppenheimer is the Democrat challenger in the race.)

The complete editorial endorsing 2 Libertarian candidates @

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