Carla Howell: Blogging our best candidates at

Email from Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell to State Chairs:

Dear State Chairs,

You may have noticed lately more blog posts at of some of our
best performing LP candidates.

We aim to post one on an non-presidential candidates every 1-2 days
from now until Election Day (mixed with news of Gov Gary Johnson,
ballot access, debates and other important news).

Toward this end, we have done our best to cover our best LP candidates based on:

Candidate’s fund-raising success

Level of campaign activity – speeches given, door-to-door canvassing,
advertising, etc.

Well-articulated Libertarian Solution(s) that the candidate is
featuring in his/her campaign and which meets these criteria:

Significant media coverage, including inclusion in debates

Political strategic significance, e.g., race could offset balance of
power in US Senate

Ballot access significance,i.e., if a candidate gets a certain %, the
LP gains ballot access in the state or for that race


If there is a particularly outstanding candidate – federal, state or
local – in your state […] whom you feel is
worthy of coverage at the blog, please send us their name, why
they should be covered and contact info for the candidate.

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