‘Don’t Write Her Off, Write Her In!’ — Roseanne Barr Launches National Write-In Effort

From Darcy Richardson and Tom Knapp at the Roseanne Barr for President campaign:

If you’re interested in peace and freedom, you may feel like you’re out of luck — “major party” presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney don’t seem to want your vote very much.

Fortunately, you DO have a presidential ticket to vote for — Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee Roseanne Barr and vice-presidential nominee Cindy Sheehan are all about both, and are seeking election on a platform of ending wars both abroad (Afghanistan, Syria, etc.) and at home (the war on drugs and the war on civil liberties).

The 44-year-old Peace and Freedom Party expanded its ballot access outside of California during Ralph Nader’s candidacy in 2008, and voters in California, Colorado and Florida will see the Barr-Sheehan ticket on their ballots next month.

Additionally, the campaign has launched a national write-in initiative, and expects to qualify to have write-in votes for Barr-Sheehan counted in 29 states.

Barr, 60, rose to fame as a standup comedienne and creator of the eponymous “Roseanne,” which garnered her Emmy and Golden Globe awards, as well as The Peabody for Excellence in Television, while pushing the social envelope in a progressive direction on issues ranging from the feminism of working class women to disintegration of the middle class to equality for Gay and lesbian Americans.

While continuing her acting career, Barr has devoted more and more of her time in recent years to social and political advocacy. She says, “I won’t give up till it’s over, because the issues I raise need to be part of this election cycle dialogue. I won’t give up on The American People and their right to be informed!” Barr has named Cindy Sheehan as her vice-presidential running mate.

Sheehan became an activist and leader in the American peace movement after her son Casey’s death in Iraq in 2004, and has since planned and executed numerous anti-war actions, as well as running for Congress in 2008, coming in second in a seven-way race versus Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi (D-California).

While most political observers consider Barr-Sheehan the longest of long shots for the White House, Barr is not dismayed. “I’m running to raise consciousness and to keep alive and nurture the cause of real representative options in this country,” said the former sitcom star. “The practice of impugning and trying to repress alternative party candidates because they might affect the Duopoly’s expected and engineered results is elitist emotional blackmail. We need to speak up while we still can!”

The campaign is running television commercials in California and plans to take the ads national later in October, in concert with personal appearances by Barr on the talk TV and radio circuits.

22 thoughts on “‘Don’t Write Her Off, Write Her In!’ — Roseanne Barr Launches National Write-In Effort

  1. Gene Berkman

    A brief history of California’s Peace & Freedom Party @ The Free Venice Beachhead http://www.freevenice.org/Sites/iblog/B1692947617/C1767427881/E20071123185748/index.html

    Note Paragraph # 5
    “When P&F was founded, there were no Libertarian or Green Parties. Many of those who later went on to found those parties began in P&F. In 1974, the party’s candidate for governor was Libertarian Elizabeth Keathley. Finding no other way to get media coverage, she held a nude press conference on Venice beach.
    It was well attended by the press. Because of the wide range of views within the party – from libertarian to communist – discussions naturally ensued as to what united P&F’s members. The majority decided, in 1974, that they wanted a democratic form of socialism. The libertarians left shortly after that to form their own party. “

  2. paulie Post author

    See also paragraph 1

    “In a historic comeback after being off the ballot since 1998, the Peace and Freedom Party has obtained sufficient registrations to re-qualify for ballot status. Riding on a surge of anti-war sentiment, the party’s registration reached an official count of 79,462 on February 10, more than 2,000 over the 77,389 needed. This capped a three-year registration campaign in which more than 40,000 new registrations – including 13,000 since January 1 – were collected.”

    I did several thousand of those, including one crazy day in Riverside where me and two other people went through a box of a thousand registration forms and got 90% of them to register P & F – I did about 300 cards just that day alone. And I was only the second best of the three of us.

    Too bad the LP hasn’t got it together to do something like that yet.

  3. Thane Eichenauer

    There are six registered write-in candidates for President (in Arizona). None of them (at this moment) are Roseanne Barr. To the best of my recollection the cutoff for write-in registration is 45 days prior to the election so I believe Barr is out of luck as far as a write-in effort in Arizona unless a judicial injunction is pursued.


    In addition to ballot printed candidates Johnson, Stein, Obama and Romney voters in Arizona may vote for (and have a 95% likelyhood of accurate tabulation) Samm Tittle, Jill Reed, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, Dennis Knill and Will Christensen (for President).

    Boston Tea Party candidate Charles Jay registered as a write-in candidate for President (in Arizona) in 2008. He received a number for write-in votes of which 16 were tabulated.


    FYI, registering as a write-in candidate for President in Arizona involves finding (currently) 11 presidential electors, having them notarize a form and turning in a related form to the Arizona Secretary of State. I know of the effort in 2008 and I believe it took all of 48 hours from beginning to end.

    While Arizona ain’t perfect it’s ballot access and write-in access is better than many states I read about here at IPR.

    I have heard at least one instance of a write-in vote by a candidate here in Arizona (in this case a Green Party candidate) whose write-in vote was NOT tabulated in our (Arizona’s) primary election. The Arizona Libertarian Party did not receive any reports (that I know of) of that happening in the primary election relative to Libertarian Party candidates. In 2008 the Arizona Libertarian Party via its attorney Michael Kielsky (and 2012 Maricopa, Arizona county attorney candidate in a two way race) did sue the county over its sad excuse for tabulation of write-in votes. The judge found in favor of the Arizona Libertarian Party claim but satisfaction was minimal as the judge accepted the county’s claim that “It’s too HAAAAARD to count ALL the write in votes.”

    In Arizona for the 2012 election there are five political parties that are eligible to participate in Arizona’s primary election system: Libertarian, Green, Republican, Democrat and Americans Elect. All five parties have at least one candidate for some elected office. Americans Elect is the only party which did not qualify a candidate for the statewide office of Corporation Commissioner (which is the only statewide office on the Arizona ballot this election cycle).

    Perhaps somewhat related (or not), Arizona voters have the option this year of voting in favor (or not) of Proposition 121 which depending upon whether or not you think political parties are good is either the worst idea ever or the best idea ever. Supporters of Proposition 121 like to describe it as the “Open Government Act”. This act would replace the party primaries with what I call a “jungle primary” whose top two vote getters would qualify for the general election ballot.



    has the full text of the measure as well as the supporting and opposing statements of all people and organizations that paid a modest fee to be included in the governmental election information mailings.

  4. Mike Jones

    ” voters in Arizona may vote for (and have a 95% likelyhood of accurate tabulation)”

    How did you arrive at this 95% figure?

  5. Thane Eichenauer

    I took the latest 2012 assurances from the Maricopa county election department, multiplied it by 19, added my current presumption of 0% likelyhood of accurate tabulation and then divided the sum by 20.

    Your mileage may vary.

  6. Thane Eichenauer

    Short P.S. I failed to remember that US Senator is a statewide office of sorts. Neither the Green Party nor the Americans Elect Party qualified a candidate for this office. Two write-in candidates have registered in that race: Don Manspeaker of Tucson and Steven Watts of Scottsdale. Neither of these write-in candidates is familiar to me. Based on my reading of a Arizona State Press article it would appear that only three candidates were included in a debate earlier today on the local PBS affiliate:
    These debates are usually made available on the Arizona PBS web site a few days after it is broadcast on TV.

  7. Kyle Kneale

    P&F and the Greens can file by noon on Oct. 29th for write-in status in Kansas if interested. At the current moment only the Democratic, Libertarian, Republican, and Reform (some gathering of incompetence). Stein is still protesting her lack of spot on the general ballot as an independent due to turning her application in 4 minutes late.

  8. Q2Q

    I think at this point, Roseanne should just focus on campaigning hard in CA, CO, and FL. Right now, it’s too little, too late to even attempt to run an effective campaign. She should be thinking long term, start planning for 2016 and build the Peace & Freedom Party. If she did that, the PFP could have ballot access in about 20 to 30 states if they work hard enough, which is an improvement.

  9. MN Indy

    What is this campaign trying to accomplish? I can’t imagine why anyone on the left would vote for her over Stein or Anderson. If she wants to run seriously, she should try for the Green nomination next time.

  10. paulie Post author

    It’s possible that her name recognition could get her booked on some shows that Rocky and Jill Stein can’t get on, and that she has to say she is running a national campaign to get the airtime.

  11. JD

    I really dont know but do you have to qualify as a write in candidate in every state or do some states count non-qualified votes? In Indiana I think they have to be qualified.

  12. Thomas L. Knapp

    MN Indy @ 9,

    “What is this campaign trying to accomplish?”

    I can’t speak for Darcy (or for the candidates) with this comment, only for myself.

    My interest is this: The eggs are broken and in the skillet and the burner is on. Might as well try to make an omelet — help the PFP people get the best outcome they can get, perhaps see a few words gotten in edgewise, etc. — instead of just pouring the mess down the drain.

    “I can’t imagine why anyone on the left would vote for her over Stein or Anderson.”

    The first reason that comes to mind is that they may have heard of her, but almost certainly haven’t heard of the other two.

  13. Steven Berson

    @9 – What I don’t understand is why the true left/progressive/liberal/environmentally concerned/democratic-socialist parties didn’t make more of an effort to field one unified candidate this election cycle. Instead the voters likely to support this are offered 3 candidates all pushing very similar platforms (with minor differences in details of focus and implementation), all with incomplete but sometimes overlapping ballot access, and all splitting up the available resources of volunteer’s time and donations. If I was seeing major disagreements between Stein, Anderson and Barr I would understand this division – but to me it seems that there reasons of ego are at least partially.

    Anyway- I truly love hearing Rocky Anderson’s voice in all of this – because even though I disagree with him on a good number of issues I still think one of his message focuses of reducing the corrupting power of money in government is a very valuable one to have out there. But I still scratch my head as to why there was a need to create the “Justice Party” when its platform seems so close to what the Green Party is doing with no discernible deal breaking differences (i.e. such as the in fact large differences between the Libertarian and Constitution Parties), and that to me knowledge it is not running candidates for other races than the Presidential election this year. To me it seems that he just didn’t want to have to go through a primary election process that might have seen him still lose out to Jill Stein.

    And with Roseanne Barr I really just get a sense of someone being slightly bitter about her loss of the Green primary and “taking her ball” with her instead of maybe campaigning for Stein this cycle while building up goodwill for a GP run in 2016.

    The end result to me is that if the resources of the Green, Justice and Peace & Freedom Parties had been combined instead of splintered – then total ballot access and total votes might work towards advancing a true progressive agenda much farther than what will happen with the votes divided between 3 similar (in platform, if not in personality, resume and style) candidates.

  14. Green_Liberal

    Steve @ 12

    I don’t get it either. They find reasons to rationalize it.

    I know Anderson talked with Stein and the Green party folks and at some point a reason was given why he wasn’t running as a Green. It would be nice if someone would pin him down with this question in an interview. I’ve seen varying rationales from his supporters…varying from 1) the green party is too decentralized and divided to be a good vehicle 2) there are sinister elements in the Green Party (?) 3) the Green Party appeal is too narrow; whereas a ‘Justice Party’ has a broader appeal.

    One more potential reason is Anderson (probably much like Nader) doesn’t want to associate too closely with the Greens because the public perceives them as ecosocialist and Anderson doesn’t want to be associated with ‘the left’.

    Like you I don’t find any of these rationales convincing and would like to hear directly from Anderson and the Greens on the issue.

    Roseanne Barr competed for the nomination as a Green and appeared resigned to losing and endorsing Stein. Then at the last minute the opportunity to run as the Peace and Freedom candidate opened up. Apparently, Barr/Sheehan was more attractive to P&F then Anderson because they are willing to say they are socialists, and because their celebrity can help expand ballot access.

    I imagine Roseanne believes that since neither Stein or Anderson have taken off then perhaps there are people out there who would vote for her but not for them.

    The divisions on the left are silly and are indicative of weakness. As you have noted, there is no substantive difference between the Green and Justice platforms. With the Democrats moving rightward, there is plenty of space for a broad-based left-liberal party. But first people have to get together and get past superficial differences.

  15. Steven Berson

    Green Liberal –
    Great comments and I agree with your assessments.
    The thing is that while being tiny bit more a centrist than Stein or Barr, it seems Anderson still makes “ecosocialist” platform points – i.e. wishing to use government as a tool to mitigate human caused climate change – central to what he is running on – so again I don’t see why he couldn’t have just done what he is doing with the Green Party – because as soon as he starts speaking about this it’s not like he is going to not alienate supporters of fossil fuel industry or environmental deregulation anyway just because he is using a different brand name than “Green”.

    Anyway – when the Justice Party was started I was hoping that it would be able to fill a void between the Green and Libertarian Party where a self described “Ultra-Radical Centrist” such as myself could possibly feel at home – i.e. if a balanced budget and making any socialist programs be funded on a more voluntary basis via participatory budgeting were central platform points modifying the rest of the platform I would be enthused about it. But as it stands it seems like Green Party redux with new branding – which is great in terms that it comes with no “baggage” – but terrible in that on a broader level people simply don’t know anything about it – so it has to replicate the same efforts made by the Greens already in order to get itself into the same position via organization size and ballot access.

    The big thing I’m waiting to see is whether the Justice Party will exist beyond this election. If it runs some candidates for State offices and Congress in 2014 and evolves into a progressive/centrist-reform party that actually fills a void not taken up by the Greens or Democrats – then it might be worth heeding more. But as it is – despite my really liking that Rocky Anderson’s voice is in this race – the Justice Party – as well as Roseanne Barr’s run with the PFP – both seems more like a vanity projects that ultimately will just pull from the Green Party gaining more momentum.

  16. Green_Liberal

    I’m not sure the Green Party has carved out its own space–it’s a strong 2nd to the Libertarians in terms of ballot access, but hasn’t achieved success beyond the municipal level. The area to the left of the Dems is contested ground.

    Some of the lack of unity on the left goes back to 2000-2004. Nader ran an historic 3rd party campaign and was unjustly blamed for Gore’s defeat. The Green Party and the (larger) group supporting Nader became rivals. Around 2004, either “safe-statism” became hegemonic in the Green Party OR there was some kind of breakdown in party democracy.

    a document advocating the pro-Nader position in 2004


    Camejo’s ideas did not win the day. But since 2004, safe state strategy advocates acknowledge it was a mistake. That was an emotional time for anti-war people. Personally, I can’t blame the safe-staters because I was one of them–I was in a swing state canvassing for Kerry in 2004.

    But nowadays I agree with Camejo’s analysis for the most part.

    In fairness to the safe-staters, it was always a problem for Nader to advocate building the Green Party so strenuously in 2000 and then to not join and/or steer the party.

    Getting back to Anderson…to some extent he’s reprising Nader’s role. He’s a better advocate and propagandist then Stein, imho. He was very impressive in the Democracy Now debate and elsewhere. I want to see more of him, definitely.

    As far as voting, I support Stein. She’s on the ballot in my state. Why would I support a write-in candidate when there is a candidate on the ballot that I like? Besides, the Green Party is a known commodity in my state. Stein’s platform is more top-down and less voluntarist then I would like, but I agree with her more then I agree with Johnson.

    I see healthcare and meaningful education as ‘rights’ that each citizen should be entitled to if we want to maintain a free and just society. In addition, green infrastructure and incentives to developing green technology are urgently necessary. We are playing catch-up with the rest of the civilized world on these issues. The bubble has already burst–gas is 4$ where I am.

    If a Ron Paul or Gary Johnson figure could adequately address the above issues in ways that go beyond offering up market utopianism, then we’d have a potential majority coalition in America.

    Gary Johnson is doing a fine job (re) branding the Libertarian party and I think he will exceed expectations. If Libertarians want to attract liberal votes, they will need more candidates like Johnson and less candidates like Barr and Root. It was a big challenge persuading liberals of my acquaintance to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries…they would latch onto any excuse, however absurd, to justify dismissing Ron Paul as a viable option. Liberals tend to associate Libertarianism with Ayn Rand or Paul Ryan or right-wing lunacy in general. Barr and Root reinforced that stereotype, but Johnson upends it.

  17. Deran

    I think the Greens are a dead issue, and the Justice Party is just a vanity project for Anderson, who wants to pretend he is the new Ralph Nader. I realize Barr getting the P&FP nomination is a bit of a vanity project for Barr, but the P&FP are actually democratic socialist, as compared to the Greens who are progressive capitalists, like Anderson. I do wish Barr had gone for the P&FP nomination months ago and then gotten on many state ballots.

    As for splinterism on the Lieft, I seem to remeber a Boston Tea Party, not to mention the Objectivist Party and the Personal Choice Party and the Anti-Prohibition Party (for gov in NY). So the libertarians are not immune to splinterism either.

    And as for the Marxist-Leninist parties, other than some of the smaller Trotskyist sectlettes, most of the MLers are too vanguardist to join with others. And when they do, it’s often more to try and take over a party rather than help build it. Many of them are what is known as “wreckers” on the Left.

  18. Jason Gatties

    I’m one of Roseanne’s electors in Michigan, should she pull off a write in vote miracle.

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