Gary Johnson Campaign Grassroots: Who is Really Sponsoring the CPD Debates?

From Jason Melehani of the Johnson Campaign Grassroots:

This evening, the rigged and biased Commission on Presidential Debates will host a stage show and try to sell it as a debate worthy of our American democracy and freedom. Do not be fooled by this act. When people ask you today if you will watch the debate, regardless of your answer, be sure to educate them on the underlying corruption and control.

Over the past week we have successfully encouraged 3 of 10 debate sponsors to drop off but it has not been enough. Our only hope of disrupting the debate this evening is to convince Jim Lehrer, the moderator, to take a stand.

This call to action needs to be posted on every GJ page and in every GJ group. Every Green Party page, every Green Party group. Every Ron Paul page, every Ron Paul group. Every Libertarian Party page, every Libertarian Party group. Every Tea Party page, every Tea Party group. And on and on and on.

Start with your own state. Saturate it. Then do the states that touch your state. Saturate them. Don’t worry about double or triple or quadruple posts. We need 1,000 emails to Jim Lehrer, and 1,000 posts on his Facebook page, and 1,000 phone calls. Everyone must be mobilized for this push.

We only have a few hours to make as big a ruckus as possible. Enjoy the work!

A suggested post is below this line. Feel free to write your own. Let’s get the job done.
Jim Lehrer will be moderating the presidential debates Wednesday night, but he must be stopped unless we know who is sponsoring the debates. It is NOT the ‘National Sponsors’ the CPD says it is. The CPD’s own tax forms prove this. It is unconscionable for Jim Lehrer to participate in a grand deception of American voters – right now he stands between us, and the truth. It is up to him to act in the best interests of the nation – find out who is sponsoring the debates, or refuse to participate in them.

EMAIL Jim Lehrer at ask him “Who is sponsoring the debates?”

CALL Jim Lehrer at 703-998-2150 ask him “Who is sponsoring the debates?”

POST ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE ask “Who is sponsoring the debates?”

TWEET @pbsnewshour #WhoIsSponsoringTheDebates

One thought on “Gary Johnson Campaign Grassroots: Who is Really Sponsoring the CPD Debates?

  1. Richard

    It all boils down to one thing. They are afariad of a third party. WHY, because we tell the truth and give solutions to the problems.

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