Johnson Polls 5% in New Mexico

The Albuquerque Journal conducted a presidential poll in New Mexico just twelve days before the election. Former two-term Governor and Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson received 5% in this poll.

Since this poll has been conducted only twelve days before the election, it’s highly unlikely that this number is going to drop any more than it already has.

12 thoughts on “Johnson Polls 5% in New Mexico

  1. paulie

    “it’s highly unlikely that this number is going to drop any more than it already has.”

    It often tends to drop precipitously from polls conducted immediately before the election. Some people just can’t get over the trepidation of least evilism/wasted vote fallacy once they actually make it to the voting booth, unfortunately.

  2. Tom Blanton

    paulie @ 3 is exactly right

    In Virginia, there will be folks who insist they are libertarians, pay LP dues, even work the polls for LP candidates, but the minute they go into the booth, their GOP DNA kicks in and God (who is a Republican according to 9 out of 10 televangelists) orders them to vote Republican to prevent the satanic Democrats from winning, and once elected take away everyone’s guns and raise taxes.

    These are the same guys who used to masturbate while drooling over photos of Wayne Allyn Root.

  3. Andy

    “Charles Lupton // Oct 29, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Does anyone know what the best home state % total for an LP PotUS candidate was in the past?

    2 paulie // Oct 29, 2012 at 9:48 am

    11.66% in Alaska, 1980”

    Perhaps I’m not interpreting the question correctly, but it seems to me that he was asking what HOME state had the best vote percentage for a Libertarian Party candidate. This to me means a state where a candidate lives, or perhaps is a state where a candidate is originally from.

    I’m not aware of Ed Clark or David Koch ever having lived in Alaska.

  4. Oranje Mike

    This shows that a combination of the lure of Democrats & Republicans and the lesser-of-two-evils mentality still rule over the average voters.

    Folks in New Mexico have seen GJ in action and know what he can do yet they are opting to support the same ol’ bullshit that rules the roost in DC.

  5. Thane Eichenauer

    As general interest newspapers fail and big uninteresting TV networks implode I am sure that alternative viewpoints will gain coverage as a percentage of the whole.

    Whether that long term trend will ever overcome the non-coverage the news and the history books has of competent elected officials such as Gary Johnson and Grover Cleveland I am still uncertain.
    ^—link to obit of Albuquerque Tribune at

  6. paulie


    Ed Clark ’80 CA -148,434 1.73%

    Not sure if Marrou did better in Alaska? Ed Clark set the higher water mark in Alaska, but Marrou may have beat 1.73% there – I’ll have to check. (Or Nevada, I think he may have moved to Nevada by then). If we count Marrou as Nevada it’s not likely he got more than 1.73%, since the highest percentage there was 1.76% for Clark.

    Bergland, I believe is from California also, so it wouldn’t be him. Highest percentage in Texas was 0.83% for Ed Clark, so it wasn’t Ron Paul. Tennessee never got to even half of a percent, so it wasn’t Harry Browne. Texas already covered, so it wasn’t Badnarik. Georgia high water mark was 1.40% for Harry Browne in 2000, so it wasn’t Barr. Neither Florida nor Virginia ever got above 1%, so it wasn’t Roger MacBride. It couldn’t have been Hospers.

    I think Marrou moved to Nevada before ’92, so I don’t need to check Alaska…looks like Ed Clark is the correct answer.

  7. Robert Capozzi

    The favorite son factor assumes the “son” is a known quantity from that state in that state. GJ would qualify. Barr did. Clark had run for guv in 78 iirc and got 5%, so there MAY have been some favorite son factor in 80, but I’d say not so much, since favorite sons are elected in that state.

    Clark’s national percentages were high by L standards, but were not statistically significant. Tenths of percentage point swings mean nothing.

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