PBS News Hour Gives Coverage to Third Party Debate, Letterman Shows Brief Clips

The PBS News Hour is an extremely popular television news show. Today it showed a five minute segment on the third party debate hosted by Free and Equal. Additionally, David Letterman’s The Late Show also did a brief segment, right at the beginning of the show–poking fun at each of the four candidates present. Of Rocky Anderson, he said “This is ‘Rocky’ someone”. Of Jill Stein he said “Person who talks too close to the mic”. Of Virgil Goode he said, “That guy with the weird voice.” And of Gary Johnson he said “That angry guy”.

12 thoughts on “PBS News Hour Gives Coverage to Third Party Debate, Letterman Shows Brief Clips

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    I was a Letterman fan forever, but I’ve recently stopped watching his show. He’s become downright mean, continually making fin of Chris Christy’s weight, for example. He was horrible about Ron Paul, and Letterman clearly doesn’t have critical thinking skills anymore. I watch Nightline, then half an hour of Jimmy Kimmel, then Craig Ferguson, who is silly but never mean. I’m sorry to hear Letterman could only be a jerk about these people truly trying to make a difference in this country.

  2. Stewart Flood

    Letterman who? Is that the guy who couldn’t cut it on NBC? Oh I remember now…the guy who tries to count backwards from ten each night to put people to sleep…

  3. Steve M

    Sure it was a joke….. but then I always preferred Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong to David Letterman. Cheech and Chong know the best humor starts by making fun of yourself.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    I’ll watch it and report on it later.

    You’re right, Trent, we are too serious sometimes. We need to keep the “party” going in the Libertarian Party–

  5. Joe Buchman

    David Letterman does the Late Show. Tonight is on NBC, the show Leno stole out from under him . . . and Conan.

  6. George Dance

    Correction: Johnson was not identified as “the angry guy.” He was identified as “the pothead,” and shown declaiming: “Legalize marijuana now!”

  7. Jared King

    Letterman has gotten too uppity about his politics lately. And by lately, since 2008, ignoring the tired Dick Cheney jokes. Just don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel’s remarks on the third party debate.

  8. Joe Buchman

    Trent @ 8 . . . no problem. I just think Letterman got screwed by NBC six ways to Sunday. When Carson passed away it was revealed that Johnny was secretly sending Dave jokes to use on his show. Leno, IMO, stole the show that Letterman should have inherited from Carson. Dave earned it, IMO.

    And not getting Tonight, and then losing in the ratings to Leno year after year, has left him too bitter to watch.

    That said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity here!

    The transcript from CBS at



    Romney! Obama! They’re the only ones running for President, right? Oh, no, siree! There’s more.

    And we take a look.

    ART CARD: “Get to Know Your Third Party Candidates”

    ANNOUNCE: “Someone named Rocky,”

    We see Rocky Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City speeching. (sic)

    ANNOUNCE: “The close-microphone talker,”

    We see Jill Stein of the Green Party speaking too close to the microphone.

    ANNOUNCE: “The crazy-voiced guy,”

    We see Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode in his Southern drawl:

    ANNOUNCE: “And the pothead.”

    We see New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson: “Legalize marijuana now!”

    ANNOUNCE: “The Late Show hopes you’ll make one of these people the leader of the free world.

    This has been ‘Get to Know Your Third Party Candidates.’ “

  9. Jill Pyeatt

    Funny–I’m certain Letterman said “The Angry Guy” about Gary Johnson.. Was it edited by the time it got to the West Coast?

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