Richard Viguerie, Former 3rd Party Candidate, Urges People Not to Vote for Goode or Johnson

Richard Viguerie is a leader of the conservative movement and one of the pioneers of direct mail. Viguerie today penned an editorial at ConservativeHQ in which he chided “libertarians and constitutionalists” to not “delude” themselves into thinking they were not voting for Barack Obama.

Conservatives have more reason now to be optimistic than they have had in the past 50 years. The rise of the Tea Party, the election of small government constitutional conservative office holders, such as Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and presumably Ted Cruz, mean our agenda will have a new generation of effective and attractive advocates on the national stage, and most importantly, in Congress where they can actually legislate on that agenda.

The bad news is that many libertarians pride themselves on being destroyers, and when they lose a primary or otherwise don’t get their way, rather than cinching-up their belts and selling themselves and their ideas harder, they try to “teach” Republicans a lesson by causing them to lose.

This is a bad way to sell your ideas in the best of times, it is dangerous to the future of the country this election. Four more years of President Obama will take generations to undo – if the economic damage and institutionalization of a culture of dependency can be undone at all.

If you are a freedom-lover and a constitutionalist, don’t waste your vote on Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode. Join the movement to beat Obama, and however grudgingly, cast your vote for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republican candidates for Senate and Congress. There will be plenty of opportunities to advance the cause of constitutional government when Obama is gone, but very few if he stays.

This is a bit ironic, since Richard Viguerie has spoken at third party gatherings in the past (2007, Constitution Party National Committee Meeting) and has himself been a third party candidate for President. In 1976, Richard Viguerie sought the Presidental nomination of the American Independent Party, losing to former Georgia Governor Lester Maddox.

20 thoughts on “Richard Viguerie, Former 3rd Party Candidate, Urges People Not to Vote for Goode or Johnson

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Maddox’s running mate was a former Madison, Wisconsin, mayor named William Dyke, who I believe is now a local judge. He actually opposed Maddox’s segregationist views.

  2. Steve M

    In my opinion if Richard thinks that there is any difference between Mitt and Barack other then whether the top 2% should pay 5% more in taxes then they do now, then Richard Viguiere is delusional.

    Barack and Mitt are arguing about how to spread the cost of a bloated government out not on whether the cost of the government is proportionally correct.

    Barack and Mitt aren’t arguing about civil liberties, ending the drug war, ending the foreign wars or even global warming.

    If RV is going to argue voting for Mitt he might as well be arguing voting for Barack since the differences between the two are negligible.

  3. Stewart Flood

    Viguerie is just angry that Libertarians are starting to succeed without paying him to help.

  4. Be Rational

    Republicans who vote for Mitt Romney should not delude themselves that they are not voting for Obama.

  5. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Vigurie is Dead, if not he’s SENILE. The SAME people own Rmoney and Obama and prob RV as well! Don’t believe me? Check official FEC records for largest wall st DONERS!

    Always use your POTUS vote to send the CROOKS a message.

    SEVEN {7} Reasons Why Mitt Romney’s Electability Is A Myth –

    Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’? –

  6. Gene Berkman

    President Obama is a pretty typical big government Democrat. Bad as that is, and it should be opposed, Obama is hardly the Marxist wild man that conservatives say he is.

    If there is any rationality to Viguerie’s hyperbole, it would seem he is planning on his fund-raising pitches after Obama is re-elected. Being on record opposing a “Marxist tyrant” or whatever has got to be worth some contributions from the sucker list.

    (Sucker list is not a pejorative; it is a technical term in the direct mail business Mr Viguerie pioneered)

  7. Dan Reale

    I decline Viguerie’s offer to drill holes in my head and set my house on fire.

    Mitt “Assault Victim Disarmament” Romney can sell neocon tax slavery somewhere else.

    We fight.

  8. Gene Berkman

    Let’s put this in perspective. Richard Viguerie has not been important in right-wing politics for 30 years. Ronald Reagan decline to use his services, so he went for the big-government corporatist LBJ Republican John Connolly in 1980.

    Since then he has been in bankruptcy, companies associated with Rev. Sun Myung Moon bought out his business, and he has been trying to get a paying client since then.

    He has not been shy about it either. In 2000 he took part in a “Conservatives for Forbes” press conference, backing Steve Forbes. A reporter asked if any of the 25 conservatives in the group had a paid position with the Forbes campaign, and Viguerie ambled to the microphone and said that he would be glad to take a paid position. AKAIK, Forbes did not hire him.

    There is no reason to take anything he says seriously.

  9. Mark Axinn

    Stewart @ 6 hit the nail on the head: this worthless Republican shill is upset that he cannot make any money on the LP’s dime.

    Particularly disingenuous is his statement that Libertarians are destroyers or try to teach the Republicans a lesson. Guess he does not know how the Republicans treated the LP in PA, MI, OK, VA, IA this year. Can he spell “ballot access”?

  10. Cody Quirk

    Yep, this doesn’t surprise me. The GOP is so desperate to defeat Barack that they have gone out of their way to hurt the LP & CP ballot access efforts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, and elsewhere.
    While Gary Johnson might do ok on election night, I sadly concede that Goode will probably not do as good as Baldwin did in 08′; this isn’t going to be our year- on the federal level, that is.

  11. Mark Seidenberg

    In California (with its 55 Presidential Electors)
    and the other 346 out of this state), the correct
    vote is for Thomas Hoefling for POTUS and
    in California Robert Ornelas fof VPOTUS.

    Do not through your vote away, I say vote Hoefling and Ornelas in 2012.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party of California.

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