Robby Wells Calls Out NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on Gun Control

The Robby Wells 2016 presidential campaign has been busy lately. They finished up a tour of New York, and recorded a video in response to the Democratic Governor of that state.

To read an article about Wells campaigning in New York:




6 thoughts on “Robby Wells Calls Out NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on Gun Control

  1. Dave Terry

    Everything Mr. Wells says is true EXCEPT: The Oath that we Vets took upon our entrance to the military, does NOT extend beyond our tour of service. Now that I have been discharged from my military obligation. I am NOT bound by an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, but I do so simply because I believe it is the best means yet devised by man to insure the maximum of freedom and the minimum of state coercion.

    Following is a letter, I wrote, published in the McMinnville (OR) News-Register on Feb 8, 2013


    I suspect that Editor Jeb Bladine is playing a clever “Socratic” game with readers. If not, I have never, ever seen such an example of being so close to an answer – literally standing on top of it – and still not see it.

    He first notes favorably that an undisclosed writer quotes the Declaration of Independence “all men…are endowed…with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

    Mr. Bladine then muses whether these inalienable Rights would include the ownership of “semi-automatic military weapons”. He then hints that there is more to this hypothetical question than meets the eye, following up with yet another quote from the Declaration of Independence; “it is the right of the people
    to abolish the (form of government) and institute new Government.

    How could the people possibly manage to do such a thing if they are totally disarmed by an oppressive government. Clearly this is the raison d’etre for the Declaration in the first place. Our founders had just recently abolished a form of government that had become destructive to life and liberty and instituted a
    new one. Are we any less deserving of this right than our founders?

    Clearly the Oregon County sheriffs who have pledged to disregard these laws understand the fundamental principles involved. It is equally clear that some law enforcement agencies either do not or simply choose to ignore them.

    It has been stated by a number of gun control advocates that the second amendment was written at the time when the people only had single shot muskets. They should be reminded that this is all the government soldiers had as well.

    When only the police have guns – it is called a police state.


    @4 LOL

    FRINGE ? Why the hell are you on this site buddy? This is home central for any fringe known to humankind. The Rs and Ds rule for their overlords. People like Wells at least try to fight the duopoly. What have you done for FREEDOM today ? Oh you might be labeled on the FRINGE – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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