Clarion Call To Unite Committee (CCTUC) Releases Status Report And Announcement

The following was posted today by Constitution Party activist Cody Quirk on the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC) website ( Several articles about the CCTUC have already been published on IPR. The goal of the organization “is to bring all Constitutionalist and Principled-Conservative political parties in harmony and work towards the formation, and eventual creation, of a permanent and united national party.”

Well, after several months, it looks like we’ll be wrapping up our outreach effortspretty soon; the majority of parties that we have reached out to have already jumped on the CCTUC bandwagon and the few holdouts that we have come across are obviously not going to budge, no matter how many times I, or the others, continue to reason with them, and there are the other parties that are outright impossible to get in contact with at all.

In fact I suspect several of the parties we’ve reached out to are already defunct and simply haven’t taken down the website yet.
However regardless, even if it’s just a handful of people left in a party that we have attempted to reach out to- they still matter, and we still try to include them.

But even to those that refuse to join us, no matter how convincing we have made the argument of unity for them- have rebuffed our appeals in such insulting andhaughty manner, that their absence in a unified constitutionalist party will certainly not be missed, or matter at all to true patriots wanting to restore constitutional government and will work together with one another to accomplish such.

So now, the Clarion Call To Unite Committee will be hosting a national meeting soon that will be held both via online and by phone, for the sake of cost and consideration to those party leaders that cannot afford, or have the time to travel.
When the leaders of the CCTUC, and also the parties involved in our efforts, consider it safe enough, there will be a public announcement about the meeting, which unfortunately will be private and by invitation only. Yet when that meeting itself is concluded, then we will reveal the details of the meeting to the public.

Again, due to the sensitive nature of this national meeting, exact details about it are being kept under wraps for the time being- for fear of sabotage and/or outside disruption. Yet every leader of each party that we have reached out to and brought in will be invited and allowed to fully participate.

But not only have the efforts of the CCTUC gained much traction since it’s founding last November, but are ever inching closer to completion. A unified constitutionalist party is going to happen folks, it will take some more time, and some important hoops that we need to jump through, but we are already on our way there and, with God’s help & protection, nothing will stop us.

Stay tuned fellow constitutionalists & principled-conservatives, the unification of the parties and the eventual restoration of our Constitutional Republic has just begun!

2 thoughts on “Clarion Call To Unite Committee (CCTUC) Releases Status Report And Announcement

  1. NewFederalist

    I just can’t wait to see the complete list of parties who have been contacted as well as those who have decided to hear what Cody has to say.

  2. C James Madison

    It would behoove any consolidating of constitutional parties to remember that there are only 5 political parties that are recognized by the Federal Election Commission, so hopefully there will not be an attempt to start from scratch. In other words, go with the Constitution Party. While I have the mic, and I don’t too often, I would recommend that the Justice Party merge with the Green’s. After watching the first presidential debate among third party candidates, it seemed as if Dr. Jill Stein and the Justice Party candidate, Mr. Anderson I believe, were saying the same thing only Dr. Stein was saying it with more passion and confidence. Not sure for what the Peace and Freedom Party stands, but a merging with the Green Party may be worth considering.

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